Will LCHF suit me ?

Will LCHF suit me ?

Current Diet:

BF: 1 bowl Oats, 1 Boiled Egg, Sprouts, Apple, Green Tea, occasionally 1 brown bread/chapati.

Lunch: 2 Chapatis (whole wheat organic+channa atta mix), 2 bowls Dal, Veggies (Chicken 2x week), Lassi/Dahi, salad.

Dinner: 2 Chapatis, 2 bowls Dal, Veggies (Chicken 2x week), Brown rice (half bowl 2x a week), salad.

Cooking Oil: Extra virgin Olive Oil.

Snacks: Home made mixture of roasted channa, puffed rice, poha, peanuts. Fruits apple, watermelon, orange etc.

Exercise: 30min evening walk.

Medicines: Alfoglip M 500 (1 in morning) for sugar & other meds for BP, Trigycerides, D3 etc.

Last 1 week BG pre-BF,pre-Lunch,pre-Dinner from 290 down to 110.

HB1AC not done, will do in a week.

Fatty Liver Grade-1 (tested 2.5 years ago)

Tests done 3 weeks ago (Figs in Bold are outside the normal range)

BP 92/140


Glucose Fasting 266

Glucose (PP) 369

Lipid Profile

Cholestrol Total 171

Triglycerides 277

HDL 31.9

LDL 110

VLDL 29.1

Non-HDL 139.1

Liver & Kidney Panel

Bilirubin Total 0.74

Bilirubin Direct 0.12

Bilirubin Indirect 0.62


ALT (SGPT) 113


Alkaline Phosphate (ALP) 171

Total Protien 7.6

Albumin 4.51

A:G Ratio 1.48

Urea 18

Creatinine 0.8

Uric Acid 4.4

Calcium, Total 9

Phosphorus 4.1

Sodium 137

Potassium 4.08

Chloride 99



Colour Light Yellow

Specific Gravity <=1.005

pH 5


Protiens Nil

Glucose Present 4+ (2.0 g/dL)

Ketons Nil

Bilirubin Nil

Urobilinogen Normal

Leucocyte Estercase Negative

Nitrite Negative


RBC Negative

Pus Cells Negative

Epithilial Cells Few

Casts Nil

Crystals Nil

Others Nil

CPK 76

Thyroid Profile

T3, Free, FT3 3.05

T4, Free, FT4 0.97

TSH, Ultrasensitive 7.948

B12 509

Vitamin D 48.66

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  • TG shows how bad High carb diet that you follow is.BTW, your blood sugars are dangerously high.

    Hypothyroid patient too.

    A case of FATTY Liver too.

    Yes, LCHF suits anyone who wishes to chose it as a way of life.

  • Cooking Oil: Extra virgin Olive Oil.

    @anup bhai.. is it good choice???

  • NOPE, never.

  • is that the reason for very high TG??

    or is it regular apple consumption??

  • poha, puffed rice, fruits, chapati, oats all a cokctail of high carbs.

    need to get off them completely for one year at least.

  • AST (SGOT) 86

    ALT (SGPT) 113

    GGPT 63

    Very high...this issue needs to be looked in priority...

  • once this is tackled TG will fall down...

  • I would say once TG is tackled all that will fall down.

    LCHF does that :)

    but eating eggs, chicken and nuts with HC will make it worse.

  • His liver needs help.....

  • He needs to go off oats, chapati, poha, and fruits for one year. Also cut off PUFA loaded vegetable oils.

  • Use of ghee is better for cooking than olive oil..also i think economical.

  • For me, VCO ranks on top :)

  • Some ppl may not like flavor of coconut oil.....

    even for me...I enjoy fish fried in coconut oil...but eggs should be fried in ghee...

    Snacks: Home made mixture of roasted channa, puffed rice, poha, peanuts. Fruits apple, watermelon, orange etc.

    For a diabetic...most unhealthy snacks I guess

  • When it's a question of life/death versus taste, I let taste lose the battle. Doesn't take more than a week to get used to taste. Most don't even feel the difference

    On snacks: Taste again. Taste wins Body loses :)

  • Most of north Indians like taste of Ghee instead of coconut oil...

    And Bengali will like Sarson ka oil

  • and I think most of Indians will enjoy Ghee.....

  • I believe in enjoying good medical reports. Taste is immaterial. Food is not for recreation. It's for living.

    I am a North Indian and we switched to VCO :)

  • Food is not for recreation. It's for living.

    A very debatable....most of diabetics enjoy food most...rather they love food...

    So making life easy..at the same time..helping them to maintain health should be the goal...

    Hath yogi ki bat kutch aur hai... :)

  • 1000+ Hath Yogis that I know of.

  • अब आपका गंडा बांध लिया है तोह उनको हठ योग के बिना कोई रास्ता हि नही ... आप तोह हमारे भी गुरुजी है... :)

  • The amount of glucose that one's body needs is equal to the amount which it makes in the absence of carbohydrate!

  • "Food is not for recreation. It's for living. "

    Perfectly said Anup.

  • @anup

    suggestion for VCO brand ? links ?

  • Check PM

  • Hello sir please can share your lchf diet if possible and also your calorie count

  • I don't believe in calorie count.

    Pl check my old post by clicking my username.

  • cure


    Yet another and the best link for your query.


  • Dave Asprey :)

    He markets MCT so finds all the reasons to bash CO as he has to sell MCT of this brand :D

  • @Anup

    I don't think dave bashes co. But well forget him. Grass fed butter is also as good as vco / co for cooking. It's a question of taste and practice.

  • Butter has at the most 15% MCT.

  • @Anup

    Sct 17%.

  • MCT+SCT =?

    What about PUFA?

  • @anup

    Per 57g ghee

    Fats & Fatty Acids

    Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV

    Total Fat 46.0 g 71%

    Saturated Fat 29.2 g 146%

    Monounsaturated Fat 11.9 g

    Polyunsaturated Fat 1.7 g

    Total trans fatty acids ~

    Total trans-monoenoic fatty acids ~

    Total trans-polyenoic fatty acids ~

    Total Omega-3 fatty acids 179 mg

    Total Omega-6 fatty acids 1548 mg

  • suramo

    @anup here is one nice link...


  • cure

    Good link. Par dimag ka dahi 🐒. Nhi buttermilk 😜😜

  • Bhai suramo

    HU jo dimag ki batti jala de...ya fir dahi jama de.... :d

  • 😃😃😃😃😃😝😝😝😝

  • My question to Anup sir that as am from east we take sarso ka tel(mustard oil).Thougj I use ghee in roti(one only) ,please comment on mustard oil in cooking.

  • I prefer oils with highest SFA and lowest PUFA/MUFA when it comes to cooking medium.

  • Thanks sir.

  • @Anup

    Ghee is fine for cooking. I don't see ghee causing any health problem. Or does ghee have any adverse effect on D ?

  • @anup any comments on mustard oil and Ghee???

    as you know I use lots of ghee and butter.

    Also mustard oil in form of pickle...some times in lunch I consume about 2 tea spoons of mustard oil.

    My cholesterol is normal...

    never used olive oil in my entire life...yeah coconut oil for fish frying...

  • cure

    Evoo was considered the best oil on the earth even for cooking until the properties of co and vco got approved. Evoo is a good source of omega 3 so essential for brain.

    I think i have already talked about mustard oil. I too am using it in my pickles.

  • There are few for and against write ups on net about olive oil...

    Some says olive oil is not good for Indian cooking...as it is extensive high flame cooking...

    However celebrity chef Sanjeev kapoor says it is good even for Indian cooking...

  • cure

    Kya bade bhaiya ! Sanjeev kapoor is a paid chef. He may speak anything

    Well there are broadly two types of oils - be it olive, mustard or til. 1) rbd. Can be used for cooking but chemically treated. Should be thrown in garbage.

    2) kachhi ghani. Natural. The general rule as i said is any mufa pufa not for cooking. Evoo pufa. Can't be used for cooking. Not only loses its properties but also becomes rancid producing toxic substances which are potentially carcinogenic. Ye jo subah se sham ek hi oil and taavade mein pakode talte hai that oil and custom is very harmful and a criminal act.

  • Bhai

    suramo harmful....yes...but tasty....Raipur darwaze ke bhajiya toh khaye hi honge apne kabhi...:d

  • cure

    Yes. Bhajiya at raipur darwaja. But i rarely eat such food. Yes. Tasted but frankly didn't like much. It's has earned name from kaamdars /workers of nearby mills in olden times. Not so hygenic - not now nor ever before.

    Even chandravillas lodge ke fafada and jalebi on gandhi road. Very famous but so unhygenic that i returned from it without eating.

    But one or two items i'd recommend are nonveg kabab and samosa of famous at mirzapur near laldarwaja. Though i'm veg i tasted the items when i was in college way back in 80s. And lucky tea and maska bun at laldarwaja a short distance from famous. 😜😜😜😜

  • I would never niss that Lucky tea & bun maska when i was in Ahmedabad & nearby

    Also Raipur Bajia...

  • cure

    A very interesting link about indian oils. Mustard oil, buffalo ghee and cow ghee have right proportion of omegs 6 and 3


  • cure

    One more link as to what i say about mufa and pufa.


  • EVOO is a marketing gimmick.

    How much does Sanjeev Kapoor get for saying that?

    He also promotes aspartame loaded sugar free on TV.

    Page 3 celebs can get away with any nonsense. Rujuta says eat sugar as sugar is natural. That's great ?

  • cure

    Kya bade bhai ? Evoo for dressing only. Any oil like groundnut, mustard, sesame etc having mufa and pufa not fit for cooking. On cooking they become oxidised / rancid producing toxic substances. Only saturated oils good for cooking 🐒🐒🐒

  • Very true suramo

    Further as I said ghee has acceptability on pan India basis...

    I always trust that whatever is locally available and our ancestors used it for generations is good for us..our body is adapted with those things.

    Further economics...and adulteration are also the issues.

    One can make ghee at home...which is safe...and one can be very sure about adulteration.

  • So that explains why I rank VCO higher :)

  • these diet is for all?, First of all understand that there is no diabetic decease. these are all created by corporate pharmaceutical companies to make profit ,Change your life style . Follow . Have look @anatomicfoundation.org /Anatomic therraphy.org. Then you never take medicine

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the responses.

    I am following the diet mentioned above for last 3 weeks after the lab tests came in.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil using since last 7-8 yrs.

    First indication of high BG was 8 years ago which was controlled till now by diet & life style changes & exercise swimming in summers/walking winters; High TG since 15 years.

    Q: With high TG & Fatty Liver, will the High Fat diet work for me & wont hurt the liver even more ?

    Also even b4 fatty liver was diagnosed I was not eating high amount of ghee/oil/butter, does this mean my body's disposition is towards high TG, even when I take precautions ?

    BTW I am 48 years old.

    Wt loss 8% in 3-4 months.

    Sugar Med started 2 weeks ago.


  • EHEH

    Your main problem is diet. @anup is right in saying reduce carbs to a great extent. Your fatty lever will revert to normal.

  • EHEH ok...it is very natural that you may have sort of fear in your mind about fats..so initially you may go for low carbs low fat diet..

    I also had same sort of fear in mind when I got introduced to this concept...even my family members were very against will consumption of high fats.

    Further you fatty liver is due to your fruits consumption (if alcohol is not culprit).

    Once your body gets sufficient carbs..and then you fill your body with fructose ...liver tends to convert it in form of fats.. which is harmful.

    Reduce carbs and fruits and look how TG will fall.

  • Q: With high TG & Fatty Liver, will the High Fat diet work for me & wont hurt the liver even more ?

    HIGH CARBS & FRUCTOSE will hurt the most.

  • Here in USA -- extra virgin olive oil is highly recommended - for omega 3 - also I have read that sesame seed oil is good .. ??

  • For omega 3 it's fish oil, ghee , flax seed etc

  • I did NOT know Ghee ahs Omega 3 -- yes _ i do take Virgin Flax seed oil - two teaspoon with cottage cheese- some times add to smoothies - also add two tea spoons flax seed powder in smoothie --- Fish Oil- no - so many low quality - best is Creel Oil -

  • Thank you so much.

  • I just checked link by Dr Joseph Axe - and saw his recipe book and super food list - which includes olive oil and sesame oli

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Excellent link.

  • champak045

    Nope. Bad 6/3 ratio. In addition to what Shashikantiyengar says omega 3 in evoo. No to pomace oo. It's rbd perhaps.

  • what is pomace and rbd ?

  • champak045

    Pomace is olive oil extracted with the help of solvent.

    Rbd / refined bleached and deodorised.

    Oils are rbdised to remove smell etc and make them suitable for cooking. Rbd oils have high smoke points but they are not good for health

  • Okay - but here - Health Nutritionist - Natural Therapist recommend - Cold Pressed - Unprocessed - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    and Flax seed oil--its expensive - but healthy - better than Fish Oil - where else can vegetarian get Omega 3 and Omega 6 -- except walnuts ?

  • EVOO turns rancid too fast.

    So despite what the Americans say, it's bad for cooking.

    Also, most of EVOO is adulterated.

  • Not using for deep frying - Indian foods like puri or Bhajiya

    Only used a s salad dressing or add two teaspoons to smoothie - or stir fry vegetables

  • Experiment: Buy Borges VOO

    No matter how carefully you store after opening the bottle, after 15 to 20 days, the oil turns rancid. Same applies for flaxseed oil too. This is the primary reason why I dropped both oils and switched to walnuts.

  • okay -thank you - have NO choice than throw away after 20 days - never finish whole bottle in 30 or 45 days -

  • That's why I dumped VOO/FSO and switched to walnuts.- - around 30gms a day.

  • Lab Glucose Fasting = 113 ; (contour TS = 106)

    HB1AC = 9.4 !!!!!

    Edit: Fatty Liver Grade II = 1.33 (2 years ago Grade I =1.17; Upper limit for Gr I = 1.29), still reversible.

    Rest U/S all OK.

    Carbs now down to only one bowl of Oats. VCO started slowly.

    Letz C ...

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