Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil

.....Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids contain essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that are important for good health. Since our body cannot produce some of these fats, we need to consume them through the food we eat every day.

......… consuming too much omega-6 while taking not enough omega-3 fatty acids could promote inflammation.

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  • VOO, EVOO never to be used to cooking.

    Only good when used cold -- salad dressing, for example.

    PUFA loaded indl vegetable oils : WORST Oil. All sold as Heart Friendly but are most unfriendly.

    My bet: VCO so far.

    For O3 - Walnuts -- 30 grams a day.

  • Hmmm But @anup Bhai

    the web link says coconut oil is not good for the ppl with liver problem...

    Read here what author says...

    Cons: Negligible omega-3 fats content. Its coconut-y taste and odor can overwhelm other food. Unrefined, virgin coconut oil, like other unrefined oils, tends to have lower smoke point than their highly refined counterparts. Coconut oil’s high MCT levels may render it unsuitable for people with liver problems.

    Further he adds in comment section .....

    Alan Ng says:

    15 April 2013 at 11:04 am

    Hi, you mentioned one of the cons for coconut oil is that “its high levels of MCTs may also make the oil unsuitable for people with liver problems.” Why is that? Thanks.


    WP says:

    15 April 2013 at 11:22 am

    Hi Alan, thanks for your question. Medium-chain triglycerides are not digested in the GI tract but are instead transported to the liver directly where they are broken down and absorbed. Hence, the concern for people with liver problem is that the consumption of MCT, or also known as medium-chain fatty acids, may stress the already weakened liver further. Hope this helps.

    What do u say.... is it good for us??? as most of diabetic ppl have NAFLD problem

  • VCO not good for people with Liver problem? How and Why exactly?

    Oh yea they would say drink Canola Oil. It's the high carbs that rams the liver hard. And n-6 PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oil is a double whammy.

    AbhishekAggarwal, one of the many Indian diabetic that I know of, switched with A1C of 10.1 to LCHF. Had all the VCO, Butter, Eggs and landed A1C of 5.X All his liver reports have improved. Not just LFT, everything including CBC is showing improvement.

  • @anup Bhai

    VCO not good for people with Liver problem? How and Why exactly?

    The author has given the explanation... I made it bold....

    But here some more information....

    Essentially coconut oil is a mix of fats and other components:

    Coconut oil:

    Capric Acid 5% C8:0

    Caprylic Acid 7% C10:0

    Lauric Acid 52% C12:0

    Myristic Acid 17% C14:0

    Palmitic Acid 8% C16:0

    Oleic Acid 6% C18:0

    Other components 5%

    C6-12 are defined as Medium Chain fatty Acids or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

    C12 and higher are defined as Long Chain fatty Acids or LCFAs. Please note that Lauric C12 sits on the border of medium and long chain!

    (Note this is 52%)

    What makes MCTs unique is that their tail length is short enough that it allows them to be absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane directly into the portal vein and into the liver. Some of the MCTs do however find themselves taking the long route via the lymphatic system.....

    ......What this means in a normal digestion process, as would be triggered by coconut oil because of its 31% LCFA content, is that all of the C8 would make it through, most of the C10 would make it through and some of the C12 would make it through.

    The problem is that it’s the rapid absorption that allows MCTs to impact the body the way they do and in a tbsp. of coconut oil all the Caprylic makes it, most of the Capric makes it and only some of the Lauric makes it in time.

  • This author seems to be Dave Asprey's Chela. Is he into making MCT like Dave Asprey? Forget all this talk about C12 going to lymphatic system. It's just an OPINION like Guramr regenerating beta cells. Only opinion. Science has defined what is MCT :)

    Just check Abhishekaggarwal's reports on Everything that the author has talked wrt VCO's MCT and NAFLD goes out of the window.

    Roughly 2/3 of VCO is MCT from what I remember.

  • @anup bhai

    he says....

    C6-12 are defined as Medium Chain fatty Acids or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

    C12 and higher are defined as Long Chain fatty Acids or LCFAs. Please note that Lauric C12 sits on the border of medium and long chain!

    is this wrong statement???

  • ......What this means in a normal digestion process, as would be triggered by coconut oil because of its 31% LCFA content, is that all of the C8 would make it through, most of the C10 would make it through and some of the C12 would make it through.

    Tring Tring Dave Asprey :)

  • I really don't know who is Dave....

    Just tell me is he making wrong statements??

  • The guy who markets "Sub fraction" of VCO's MCT as the "REAL MCT". The current author is talking on same lines with some padding.

    As I said, Abhishek's journey in around 3 months proves author wrong.

  • ahhhh....u just tell and are GURU....

    I don't want to go what abhishek did and what Dave speaks...we will just talk what is fact....

  • And the fact is that author is wrong wrt VCO and Liver at least on LCHF diet that we follow and watch our medical reports. EVOO/VOO is never to be used for cooking. 500ml bottle of Borge's VOO goes rancid even before one can fully consume it.

  • We are just talking science??? not what some one said something...or anecdotal experiences.... what dave said or how Abhishek landed....

    I just want to know what is truth..

    As GURU you should tell me atleast this....

  • I have spoken all the truth in 101 posts :)

    Yet, some lady finds that I exaggerate.

  • Hmmm well then what is truth????

    C6-12 are defined as Medium Chain fatty Acids or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

    C12 and higher are defined as Long Chain fatty Acids or LCFAs. Please note that Lauric C12 sits on the border of medium and long chain!

    is this wrong statement???

  • As I said, Dave Asprey :)

    I thought molecules are a binary state. Either this way or that way. Never heard of "border" state. So, sitting on the border statement is meaningless. Concluding yet again

    Dave Asprey, the man who sells Coffee plus author's version of MCT for Bullet Proof Coffee. He has reduced the window far more than this author .... all for money :)

  • So c 12 is MCT????

    Sure, anup???

  • Long-chain fatty acids are those with 14 or more carbons.

    C12 is MCT

    Not sure what the author means by "sitting on the boundary" Difference of a carbon atom is not boundary. One atom can change the entire periodic table in Chemistry :)

  • So @anup bhai then author is right....

    If MCT is shunted to Liver directly then using more MCT will harm already weak liver....

    Is that true???

  • NOPE. At least I haven't seen it happening.

    Also, what is the author trying to sell and for which diet?

    VOO/EVOO for cooking. If yes, he lost the plot.

    Do a little experiment:

    Buy a 500 ml dark green bottle Borges EVOO. Store in fridge.

    Take 1 TBSP a day.

    By the 15th to 20th day the balance oil would have turned rancid.

    This is the reason that I dumped both flaxseed oil and VOO and got in walnuts 30g/day.

    If the oil doesn't go rancid, then it's surely not Virgin.

  • hmmmmm well original question was is MCT good for already weak liver or not....

    Nothing about if it is virgin or not....

    But anyways....

    here is some more information...

    Manufacturers of MCT oils advocate using 100% C8, 100% C10, or a combination of C8 and C10 because they are most rapidly metabolized for energy. C13 is considered a long chain fatty acid, and since C12 is close, it may not be metabolized as efficiently via the portal vein like C8 and C10. Some experts have argued that C12 lauric acid is referred to as an MCT purely for the sake of convenience.

    Upon investigation, longer chained fatty acids require carnitine for cellular transportation, but MCTs are passively diffused. Over 70% of lauric acid is thought to be absorbed through the portal vein. In comparison to other MCTs, this percentage is not as significant and therefore may be a less efficient way to obtain energy (or less valuable MCT).



  • Short Answer -- YES it is good for liver on the diet that we follow. This C12, being on the boundary is all marketing gimmick by commercial MCT sellers. Commercial nonsense.

  • Bhai....

    forget commercial talks....

    Let us understand science....

    What is what.....

    If it is transported to may not get processed properly if liver is weak...or you may be burdening already weak liver...

  • I have already detailed.

    If you eat VCO with half a loaf of bread (perhaps the author has that in mind), then author is right -- but it's the loaf that's doing the bad work and not MCT. So no, we are not burdening the liver. We just can't view one thing in isolation.

  • he is talking about work liver has to do with dose of MCT....

    Nothing about other digestive response.

  • Has he talked about TG? Glucose, Insulin? If not, it's just a fluff pc.

    What work? MCT's need least enzymatic support of all. Ghee would need far more support and work.

  • Hmmm here we are not considering Ghee

    Yes no enzymatic suport liver has to process the same... right???? the about butter from Goat milk???? :P

  • On LCHF,

    VCO for me and Amul Butter for butter.

    No complications. Goat and Camel, no idea. There's a belief that Camel's milk works like insulin in lowering blood sugar :)

  • nah...

    read here....

    Medium chain fatty acids contain between 6 and 12 carbon chains [1]. They are:

    C6 – Caproic Acid

    C8 – Caprylic Acid

    C10 – Capric Acid

    C12 – Lauric Acid

    These medium chain fatty acids are known to have tremendous health benefits.

    C6 through C10, although found in coconut oil, are more predominant in other places in nature, such as goat’s milk. This is reflected in their names, taken from “capra,” which means “goat.”

  • And?

    ~700mg < C12 in 100 grams goats milk

    So, How many ml of goat milk to drink daily for 30 gm VCO equivalent fat? Someone will not like the "taste" of goat's milk and may also complain about the "smell". Not naming that someone :)

    Additionally, how much lactose etc comes in to make up for 30gm VCO equivalent from Goats milk? VCO gets in no carbs.

  • Jane de....I was just kidding....

    So free next week???

  • :)

    Are you coming to Indore next week.

    Till 27th I am in Indore.

  • chalo Xmas manyenge.... It will short a days visit.... will be staying at Ujjain... morning to evening will be at Indore.

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    Will PM you my number.

  • sure....

    Bhai Pine walon ko pine ka bahana chahiye.... ;)

    on same lines....manane walon ko...manane ka bahana chahiye... waise yar aap jaisa GURU milega woh din mere liye kya Diwali se kam hai????

  • Hum bhi shishya hain us guru kay jissay mulakata ho chuki hai aapkee :)

  • jo bhi se mile wo din diwali se kam nahi hai bhai

  • So Bhai anup does this means Bapuji was also on LCHF???

    he use to drink only goat milk....he was aware about MCT then... :P

  • Well, he had many other luxuries ;)

  • HAHA....true....

    yar sab logo ne maze liye....hum hi aise rahe gaye.....

  • cure

    MKG had weak digestive power. The goat milk is easily digestible. Mct ??

  • cure

    "Hmmm here we are not considering Ghee

    Yes no enzymatic suport true"

    Would you please explain.

  • Anup

    seems you have some grudge against ghee. Ghee contains 17-19 % sct. Also mct. I put ghee at par with vco. I'm not talking of amul ghee or any other commercially sold butter/ clarified butter which is salted. Perhaps you have bad experience from such products.

    Ok. Buy gir ghee and eat it. Or take some pain and get 7% fat milk may be amul gold or diamond and make ghee from its cream. I assure you you will find it tasty and surely would lose weight. I take at least half a katori homemade ghee. I'm more than happy.

  • I only carry data.

  • Anup

    😊😊😊. Frankly i prefer ghee to vco. The reason being process of fermentation by adding microorganisms involved in making ghee But both have similar uses.

    Fermentation process used in making vco is not adding microorganisms to it but allowing coconut milk to settle overnight or more. I think ghee is a bit better.

  • cure

    Just read this post

    I had fatty liver

    Been taking 4 to 5 teaspoons of VCO daily

    In addition of frying eggs using 1 to 2 teaspoons

    Liver function has only improved over a year

  • so guess that is effect of coconut oil...are we sure?

    is it due to mct..and shunting????

  • No idea

  • yeah .... there is need for more study on subject

  • Can you please remind me what VCO does, Shashikantiyengar, again?

  • VCO is Virgin coconut oil

  • Thank you!

  • cure

    Too much dissection. Pistipeshan. 70% of lauric gets absorbed via blood. Liver is never totally dysfunctional even if there is severe hepatitis. Easily metabolised substances put less strain on liver. Co and vco getting burnt off soon provide instant and good amount of energy to fight the morbid condition. So mct is still better if there is a liver problem imho.

    Someone should come up with a good study with vco and mct on cirrhotic patients.

    By the way vco and mct are different. Mct having more c 8 and 10 is better than vco. A commercial hype as anup says !!

  • As an LCHF diet follower, Coconut -- milk, oil, gratings -- is on top of my list always :)

  • I like home made butter and ghee...ofcoz I like coconut meat as snacks...

    Hmmmm @anup bhai I think consuming coconut/coconut grating is better than coconut oil/ vco is costly... further coconut grating will enhance the taste and also supply us more fiber and other nutrients???

  • Nothing is more costly than bad health, visits to doctors and popping pills for life long :)

  • very true @anup bhai... but what about loss of important fiber and other nutrients???

  • We get from 100g carbs limit :)

    Obviously where oil is needed we cannot use coconut meat.

  • do coconut meat got some resistant carbs???

  • Don't think so.

  • so all coconut starch are digestible and harmful??

    can we avoid some other starch and keep room for coconut meat..which is taste enhancer and full of other nutrients???

  • Avoid Wheat :)

  • great...yes...we can have some room for coconut then...instead of wheat we can go for coconut..

  • Have wonderful day....

  • Can I use CBC brand cocunut oil because vco not available

  • zakir-375 I am not aware about brand from Pakistan...

    Further coconut oil that I use is local cold pressed non refined coconut oil....nothing branded.

  • zakir-375 Bhai....I never used branded coconut unable to tell you about same.....

    Sorry friend...

  • Thanks cure Bhai for help.

  • cure,

    What price do you get co at?

  • They are essential because they go rancid easily, even in the body. We shouldn't have much though; less than 4% of energy according to the Perfect Health Diet.

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