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Is this remission?????

Hey thank you healthunlocked.com and all members....special Thanx to Mr Anup,and Mr Shooter George .....

Today got my blood reports....and on 4th month of getting diagnosed as diabetic with HBa1c 13.1......to day 4th month HBa1c is 6.4 (only 500X2 mg metformin) .

This happened due to inspiration from Mr Anup and Mr.Shooter George.

Here is my progress report.

On 13/02/2016:

Total Cholesterol-167





B12 -553



HBa1c- 10.5

ON -14/03/2016:

Total Cholesterol-168





B12- 383



HBa1c- 8.4

ON -15/04/2016:

Total Cholesterol-175





B12- 426.3



HBa1c- 6.9

ON -27/05/2016:

Total Cholesterol-163





B12- ?



HBa1c- 6.4


JAN 215 39 151 126 3.23 13.1 36

FEB 167 37 117 91 2.45 10.5 28.7

MAR 168 43 109 83 1.93 8.4 25

APRIL 175 42 115 82 1.95 6.9 27.1

MAY 163 45 107 57 1.26 6.4 23.9

During last full month(after last cholesterol tests) I was consuming at least 6/8 whole eggs(with yoke) per week. Plus atleast 2/3 cubes of amul cheese per day .

Shrimps (we call it 'kolambi') without any restrictions.Fish fried in coconut oil.Goat meat....with fats....chicken unrestricted....Lots of coconut meat per day.

Without any negative effect on cholesterol.

Chapatti only made of Khapali wheat.Three chapattis in full day (1.5 at lunch +1.5 at dinner) With snacks as almonds and pistachios.

I tried 'Godambi' But as it is very hot summer season....left the experiment midway.

Besides metformin 500X2 Mg per day......Consuming one full 'Single clove garlic' (this is special variety of garlic) at lunch and dinner. 'Ambe Halad' (curcuma amda)and cinnamon tea.

I guess due to curcuma amda my TG fallen down drastically which impacted on my total cholesterol level.

I think this reduction in TG helped me to over come IR issue and get better HBa1c.

I know I am not yet in safe zone......but I am happy that I could see remission....as Hba1c is coming down....lipids are getting better......reduction in medicines......Yeah.....BP is also normal with reduced dose of medicines. Its 85/130 with Sartel-20(earlier its was 90/140 with sartel-40)

Once again Thank you everyone

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yes sir....

you are right....

Just gone thru your blog....there is lot of useful information

well about Vijaysar....the powder of the bark is avilable here in pune at very cheap rate...about Rs.50/- for 50 Gms.

I want to try same...as it is said it is the only herb which helps in reviving beta cells.

Also about apple cidar vinegar..... I wish you should try Jambul vinegar...it is more useful than apple cidar....but unfortunately Jambul is Indian fruit and hence not much studied in perspective of Diabetes.

Wish to give a try to New castle diet for once for all solution to this Diabetes....

Right now experimenting on various things....


well jambul vinegar is available as baba ramdev patanjali products.....

Very cheap compare to the products and prices given on ur blog....

it is just Rs.60/- for 500 ml.....very cheap and effective...it says 98% jambul juice.

further....you may publish the results....but really speaking I am in experiment mode....really won't be able to answer questions....as how this happened....what gave me such results.....I am experimenting with many things....results are encouraging....I will take some more time to figure out and confirm as what gave me results....

I also want to do 'Shankh prakshlan' just read my post on same.

Hmmm shankh prakshalan is part of ayurvedic procedure call 'Kayakalp'.

Also curcuma amda is very good to control TG.

Like this there are many thing I wish to try......

You may publish my results.....but I really need some more time if there are questions....I have all my reports from thyrocare.....


@ cure, I got some jambul last week and have already started the process of making vinegar. Checked it this week, and it is frothing well. in 8 weeks time, it will be ready. thank you for reminding me about this miracle fruit.


Wow...great.....hmmm guess if you add some undistilled vinegar by end of 6th week...u will. get good results

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Then I will give you pic with total write up in different form.

Just Give me days time.




Can u pl explain how to take this jambul vinegar?



what do you say about his ldl - the bad fat- levels constantly above 100. Hdl levels are also not very promising though in normal but lower normal range. I'd be happy if his hdl is around 55 at least. Better nearer to 60.

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I have my my last 10 yrs cholesterol reports available with me. My Naturally LDL was around 80 some times....but most of the time is was around 100 to 125.

When my doctor prescribed me Statin...I refused...and therefore doctor suggested me to go for stress and 3 d echo

I just took stress test and 3d echo cardiac test last month.....results were very good.. not a single blockage seen.:-)

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What is the harm if you keep your ldl below 100? I have seen people dieing of massive MI within a few days of normal angiography. I'm not suggesting anything but would surely advise all the diabetics to eat lots of garlic.

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Yep....I am eating 'Single clove garlic'. have you seen/used the same???


It is most effective for cholesterol.


any comments on SGPT level??


Yes. But for now ldl small particles have been postulated to be harmful. You may or may not use statins but what is wrong in controlling lipids. Statins are not absolutely useless. Statins are useful to those who have familial hyperlipidemia. So there has to be some importance of specifics here.

It's now been proven that so called heart friendly oils are actually harmful.

Paradoxically you believe in TG/HDL value. Ldl value as of now is still important.



very true... you said ' Statins are useful to those who have familial hyperlipidemia. '

As I told u.....naturally my cholesterol never goes up above 200 mark....Til i get diagnosed diabetic....i lived very uncontrolled life....lots of sweets...lots of non veg.still no effect on cholesterol.

Even looking at last month experiment....when i was eating lots of butter...lots of cheese and shrimps unlimited....cholesterol(both ldl and total) infact went down... where as HDL remained almost same.

Earlier somewhere I mentioned as community we eat lots of shrimps...which is considered very bad for cholesterol.But as community I don't remember many heart problems and deaths.

May be we do not qualify for familial hyperlipidemia


You are not. It's a different condition where there is a history of members dieing at a young age around 45 to 50. And that's how it's diagnosed. Blood reports are supplementary to the family history for diagnosis.


I was reading book by dr Ray on nutrition ....he describes one blood sample with very high TG.....with almost floating fats....and pink color....

Don't know how that person must be surviving.....

But I don't think we cn come across such extreme cases of high TG in India....

Our diet is all different....lots of herbs....lots of vegetables.....I guess its most rare to come across such high TG in India

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@Cure... Exercise increases HDL levels and your happiness hormones too :) ...so be active ...don't rely on fats 100% for your HDL :)

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How about fish???? yar....we diabetic love food....(and so we are diabetic :-))

So...we look all options where we can eat something....LOL...(fats is one of the option)

but yes....i am walking everyday for 5kms...

May be dd some weight training next month.


What i'm saying is that those who have family h/o dyslipidemia die of MI. So there has to be some lipid responsible for it. Which lipid do you think is responsible. Most probably ldl. So as of now no harm in keeping ldl under control.


Sure.....hmmmm....is level below 100 for LDL is good???

In natural course...without any medication....many times my LDL shows below 90 mark..

But then HDL also goes down.

Let me experiment,... I guess i can go below 100 mark on LDL without medication.

Thank you for concern and support.


No. It's not like ldl drops and with that hdl too. Take dry fruits and your hdl will go up. High ldl is not caused by fats in the food but by insulin. Low carb diet will bring down your ldl. I'd go further than lchf diet that carb intake should be around 50 preferably 20 till you have IR.


hmmmm 20??? that is bit difficult....but let me try....

But I want to give try to keto diet some time.....

I guess for me me it is easy...as I have one more option besides normal fish,chicken and meat....i.e. dry fish.....:-) If you like the taste...it is best snack


"is level below 100 for LDL is good???"

Without knowing Apo B or LDL particle no. 100 is not a bad level.

LDL start to become independent risk factor above 150 when particle no is also most probably high.

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any comments on SGPT level??


It has reduced over the period.


Your fatty liver is improving !



You have your own way of interpretion. We all agree that high carb food is harmful.

I can't associate cancer and ldl very easily. Till date nobody is definite on etiopathogenesis of cancer.


Hmmm I got values for VLDL.....will they suffice??

If so I will post them at evening


Hey.....but those VLDL values are calculated....not measured.... they are just 1/5th of TG....

So if TG are going down VLDL is bound to go down.


hmmmm......well but as life style I was following......by this time I should have developed blockages.(at least few?)

But by grace of god....and due to good wishes from friends like you...there are non.


any comments on SGPT level??


Is that shows improvement in liver function??? Improvement in liver health???


Well anup

I salute you for your extensive reading on D. But all what you read on net is just one opinion. Contrary opinions may also be found. We have to weigh all what we read in the light of facts.

You may say that "LIPID Vs CVD is a failed theory?" But just two facts.

1) in FH fats- ldl - levels are high. The people die at an early age of MI. This is direct correlation between hyperlipidemia and cvd/chd. Giving statins improve the life span of people with FH

2) garlic is known since the ancient time to prevent chd. The garlic does this by lowering ldl levels. It has NO effect on tg and hdl.

I just went through another article wherein high lipids were pleaded to be good with citation of some study. They argued that high ldl levels prevent infections in children et al.

Good to read the view but believing firmly i don't agree.

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Thank you very much......looking forward for support from senior member like u



great achievement. Good.


thank you friends....this was all possible because of your support.


this is an excellent progress and reporting also is also very good.

this report has to b circulated in the medical community with dietary ,medicine and exercise details followed by you.

great.keep it up. god bless.


Forget medical community. Doctors are there to guide you according to their training and knowledge. If you are convinced go with lchf or anything else.


Right. I have been repealedly saying a pressing need to improve the system of medicine. Who can do? Surely not us. And who can do are these inept politicans and burocrates. Sorry. We all are helpless. At least i'm.


Good results...carry on :)


Thank u dude.....lot of help from Jambul vinegar and ambe halad .....

Try that....


@cure ...I remember that You are going to make vinegar this season and share your experience and I shall follow that :)

I am using Patanjali Vinegar right now ...but frankly speaking I got more benefits from desi raw vinegar I got from my village than jamun vinegar from Patanjali :)


hmm yes..i really want to try....but I have to travel next week...next full month I am not in town....and by then season for Jambul will be over..:-(

Let us see.....

Shashikantiyyer is using patankar vinegar.....I guess it is very near to Desi vinegar....he may be able to throw some more light.

But yes....desi vinegar must be having much more useful flora....so more effective.


Add Amla in your daily diet ...this is very good source of Vit C and overall good to control BS ...as per my experience ....along with curcuma amda (close cousin of turmeric)...use black pepper ..."Black pepper, or more specifically piperine in black pepper, works synergistically with turmeric to increase the bioavailability of curcumin by as much as 2000%."

source :



wow.....great...nice info....hmmmm have u noticed something here???? all thee herbs which we are trying are herbs which works of 'kapaha' dosha in Ayurveda.

I am also taking 'c' vitamin tablets.

Have u ever heard of vardhaman pipali yoga???


Hmm...But Diabetes is a problem of Pitta ...not kapha...do you see any relation between Kapha dosha and diabetes ...I am quite new to Ayurveda and learning now a days...

I did not hear about "vardhaman pipali yoga"...I am asking to google at my machine about it :)


I also don't know much about this.....but there are many type of described by Ayurveda.

We really don't know which one is affecting us.

But whatever herbs we talk are all for Kapha dosha.

Few like kadechirait...kalmegh are for pitta.

Hmmm guess what?? I always think my diabetes is due to fatty liver. And many of us are suffering from same. So I submitted SGPT values....any comments on that???



dilipdksingh indicated that due to using arogya vati (neem, tulasi, giloy) his liver enzymes got elevated...I guess because Tulsi,giloy works like antifever medicine ...so it is hard on liver like other antipyratics ...



I remember ...Swami Ramdev once told about Amla Kapl...the same type of kalp as we do with Pipali ...In Ayurveda people say that If you do the amla kalp for some days...one can not die from any disease :) ....and surprisingly Mr google does not know any thing about that :)


hey vardhaman pippali is there....


besides this there are many rasayan yoga in ayurveda.




but ayurveda also says that there is no definite remedy for D


Ayurveda says....there are three main type....

Sadhya-----the which can be cured

praytna sadhya----those which can be cured with difficulty

and asadhya----those can not be cured.

Type1 is not curable



i'm not sure but kapfa means swelling. Pitta means fire - burning sensation and vat means pain.

D is a disease of inflammation means swelling kapfa. But i'm not an ayurvedic expert. My interpretation may be wrong



Ayurveda is really vast...see how they have classified emotions in different types of category:


I have seen the miracles done with Yoga and meditation ...but condition is : have faith in your body to respond and God to give you back :) ...and that faith part is not everyone's cup of tea :) ...You can watch the videos of Ramdev Baba's camp and see common people without any resource heal themselves with their will power and Yoga...they are really poor and can not afford any supplement , medicine...only hope they had was Yoga....I can tell you some stories which we hear from our neightbourhood...

My wife had a bad accident and she got her ankle fractured badly...doctors operated very well(really thankful)...joined it ...but they said its 30% chances that foot can fully functional ...the main nerve which supply blood to foot got ruptured and she was not able to move her fingers ...But she did yoga 2 hrs daily without any gap with good diet ofcourse with full hopes of getting back what she could lose... doctor checked after 6 months and every doctors was surprised to see the kind of recovery she had ...She joined her job after 6 months :) and finally in a year she was able to track on the mountains of MP...She can run all day long now :) 100% recovered

So I think DT2 is just like a hurt in Pancrease...body has amazing healing power ..it heals wounds even if you don't use any lotion ...get over from deadly infections without antibiotics...all we need is readiness to be healed...I believe our soul goes sick first and then it is manifested in body later on ...so first heal the soul ...body will reciprocate that :)...

Long story............feeling bored ?? :)



you are very right. We normal individuals do not use our lungs to their full functional capacity. We use roughy 70% of our lungs capacity. Yoga helps our lungs to expand to nearly full capacity. Gradually we use almost 90% of lungs capacity. Obviously we are absorbing more oxygen into our blood. Oxygen is the best antioxidant rejuvenating our body. No surprise yoga cures so many diseases.



Dr ray tells something different....black side of oxygen.....


I'm not talking of oxygen therapy. I told you the basic of yoga. More natural oxygen in blood >> neovascularisation i.e. development of new blood vessels >>> more tissue oxygrnation >> rejuvenation i.e. antiageing.

Let dr ray tell what he likes. Western people who were ridiculing yoga so far are now crazy about yoga. And why west only the whole world now believe in the power of yoga. With yoga you can avert your bypass surgery.

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suramo ....you are right ...it is westerns who made our Yog "Yogaaa", ayurved, "Ayurvedaaa" and so is the buzz word for rest of world ...miracle therapy...you will find more videos of westerns on Yoga and chakras, Geeta than Indians on Youtube...and we forgot all that is originally ours and running after west...you will see more foreigners dancing in ISCON USA than Indians...they feel more attracted towards Krishna and his teachings of Geeta than Indians


suramo ...

Its beyond body...lungs...liver ....

I told once...Ayurveda says everything is medicine ...your faith in God...somebody's words ...food...somebody's expressions...exercise. ...Fresh air...nature.....Not just food or just modern medicine

Yoga is not only a exercise...its a way so that body and soul both are resonating at same frequency :)

Its beyond scope of forum ... :) :)


I remember somebody mentioned in forum sometime back...Vit G (God)...I guess we have to take Vit G along with Yoga to get healed :)


yes it was cjuan

god knows what happened to him..... not seen now days....

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Don't tell me that he is banned for some x number of days in the forum :D :D


lol...don't know....Just sent him msg....waiting for his reply....hey meanwhile this is something interesting I was reading.....

Serum Glutamic Oxalocetic Transaminase(SGOT) or AST is an enzyme found primarily in the liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and muscles. Its normal reference range is Normal Adult Range: 0 - 42 U/L Optimal Adult Reading: 21.

Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase or ALT is an enzyme found primarily in the liver but also to a lesser degree, the heart and other tissues. It is useful in diagnosing liver function more so than SGOT levels. Normal Adult Range: 0 - 48 U/L Optimal Adult Reading: 24

In your case,SGPT levels are greater than SGOT. Alcohol is one of the most important offending agent for liver, but it typically causes a rise in SGOT which is more than SGPT (SGOT/SGPT ratio is more than 2).So in your case,alcohol is not the offending agent. Important causes for elevated SGPT are viral hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, certain hepatotoxic drugs, and autoimmune liver diseases.Pls get your self evaluated for these conditions from a gastroenterologist.

Itchy rashes may be due to liver pathlogy or even allergy to constituents of alcohol.So complete stoppage of alcohol is necessary.


Trikatu works on LDL, HDL and good for digestive system organs...apart from very good medicine for kapha doshas :




remember I told you about vardhaman pippali yoga??

Pippali is one of ingredient in this trikatu churna.

it says:

Trikatu is experimentally proven for liver protection activity against liver damage. (research). Its Deepana, Pachana effect (Carminative and digestive) can be understood as, it stimulates liver to produce enzymes. (Pitta = digestion capacity = digestive enzymes. Trikatu increases Pitta.)

Its one ingredient – Pippali (long pepper) is especially used in treating hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.


congrats, your progress is amazing. keep it going. Wish you well.


Thank you friend....


Hmmmmm here is one url i came across...


Ben Greenfield is author of the new book “Beyond Training”, in which you learn how to be healthy on the outside and inside, how to interpret your own biomarkers, and how to achieve amazing feats of physical performance without destroying your body or mind.

It says....

Carbohydrates are necessary for the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone to active thyroid hormone, and if you’re on an extremely strict low carbohydrate diet, then you may actually be limiting this conversion. Your TSH is what tells your thyroid gland to “release more hormone,” so your TSH rises when your thyroid gland is underactive, or conversion of inactive to active thyroid hormone is inadequate. A high TSH means that the pituitary gland is releasing its hormone to try to get the thyroid to respond and produce more thyroid hormone. Because of inadequate carbohydrates, TSH will often elevate in a high-fat, low-carber – indicating potential for long-term thyroid and metabolic damage. If I see a TSH above 2.0 or a trend towards higher values in someone who is testing repeatedly, I get worried – and prefer to see TSH at 0.5-2.0. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you begin to shove carbohydrates indiscriminately down the hatch. However, it means that your high-fat, low-carb diet should include thyroid supporting foods rich in iodine and selenium, such as sea vegetables and brazil nuts, and should also include carbohydrates timed properly, such as before, during or after workouts, when the carbohydrate is more likely to be utilized for energy and less likely to spike blood glucose levels.


Exactly anupjee .....

That part I made it bold...." this doesn’t mean that you begin to shove carbohydrates indiscriminately down the hatch. However, it means that your high-fat, low-carb diet should include thyroid supporting foods rich in iodine and selenium,"

What I mean is that on LCHF we should be careful and take other supplements....

Further ,it is also observed in my thyroid reports that TSH is going up...still under normal limits.

I already started supradyn.....which contains selenium....

One more point.....is that more proteins affects TSH level???

Cause At moment my protein consumption is more.....

Again you are 100% correct in suggesting 20% carbs.May be extreme ketogenic diet in long run will be harmful.

And that is why I am always worried about you.....as you go on experimenting keto diet often.

But again my question is what happens to Eskimos?? what happens to ladakhi ppl?? do they face same problems???or do they consume some carbs??? what quantity???

It is also said that on LCHF ppl do gain weight......

hmmmm is that we are understanding LCHF in wrong way???

I guess LCHF means 20:20:60 carb :protein: fats to your total calories requirements.

This is to total calories requirements......very important I guess.....

If we consume more fats....just for satiation....we may end up gaining weight.

there is one wonderful message from Ayurveda

अति दानात् बलिर्वधो ह्यति मानात् सुयोधनः

अति लौल्यात् रावणो हन्तः अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत्


Bali met his end due to his extreme charity, Suyodhana (Duryodhana) was killed due to his excessive pride, far too much lust brought the end to Ravana.

(Hence) give up 'excess' in everything.


that is the good observation .Too little carb food affects the health in many ways .In the long run . The takers of such food may end up with new diseases and new complications with new names and new cures .


body does not need more than 30grams fats either.


hmmmm....it all depends on calories requirements......if u reduce ur carbs and proteins.....to make up the calories deficit you have to increase good fats....there is no option.


Diabetes is metabolic disorder and one wrong can't set right another wrong.When the intake of carbs is drastically reduced naturally it has to be replaced by some thing else in order to maintain the energy levels. But resorting to high levels of fat is not the correct solution.It is like setting the house on fire when a menace of rats hits the house.


What is supposed to be a scientific theory to day can become a mere statement tomarrow. It happened many times . I stress the point --many times not always , pl note it.


35 years. Why 35 years and why can't it be 3500 years.What about many theories which went wrong by these scientific studies.Everything has its own pace and place.


Type one diabetes is different , its causes , its remedies , its needs are different.


There is a saying that old patient is better than a new and inexperienced doctor . That is true at least in the food intake of diabetes .


If an observation supported by experience is labled as opinion and a statement given by some scientific body, mostly funded by public money as scientific report , it is difficult to convince


What is science ?Observation , experiment , verification confirmation and formulation. If that is branded as science , age old practices as far as food habits are concerned can be included in that category.


very true saswathy.....

Diet was good in olden days....ofcoz they use to take balanced diet..

Plus less pollution...less contamination....more work...less stress..

Now we can't help but we have to face present situation.....we have to adopt to what is around us.

However.....I always think....if less carbs and excess proteins are really harmful then how caveman survived???

How Eskimos survive???How Ladakhi ppl survive??

Do they get more kidney problems??

I agree that there is less pollution around Eskimos and in Ladakh.

To cavemen grains were not available....only few wild fruits with very less sugar/carbs....still they survived....

I guess nature helps us to adopt the diet we take.

Whatever.....I appreciate your fighting spirit and make your point in discussion.

Thanx for reply


Man is product of environment . The habits , customs , traditions all develop with the availability or suitability of the things wit reference to a particular region . The body gets attuned to the demands of the nature . So we can't compare our food habits with those of Eschimos or people of deserts


Remember ...we eat meat of animals who eat greens and vegetables in the food chain...so by eating meat we can cover up your deficiency of vitamins related to all vegetables and then all various kind of animal meat based nutrients like iodine(sea animals) , selenium , Vitmain D( fsh), Zinc, Vit B12...so its tough to be fit while being vegan/vegetarian without supplements, but its easy to get full nutrition from animal protein based diet


karch human is omnivore...so human need both...meat plus veg.

But here is one link where two brave men survived full year on meat....without any adverse effect on parameters.


Also plz go below in comments u will find many useful other links about Eskimos diet and ketosis .


Excess intake of proteins is not good either because of it's impact on kidneys.In the olden days food was taken in right proportions of carbs , proteins and fats and they enjoyed relatively healthy lives . Now almost everything has gone out of hands either food , air , water , sound , life pace literally everything.Why can't and why don't we attend to some of those issues . It may be difficult but not impossible.


We all can go for kitchen gardening and get our daily requirements of vegetables and greens . We can cook all the dishes in the house with out adding any preservatives and colurs . We can go for rain harvesting and get all the water in the house itself with out depending on public sources at least for drinking and cooking purposes .By having roof gardens we can have atleast reasonablr amount of fresh air. These steps are not at all tall demands


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