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Let's face it. LCHF Diet works to a HUGE extent in managing diabetes and reducing drugs to a great extent not just for sugar control but also for diabetic complications like broken LIPIDS (requiring damaging STATINS), blood pressure etc. Lower (or many a times ZERO) drugs and yet far better numbers compared to a High Carb Low fat + Drugs regimen. Check the following URL on a multi-part post that one user is writing on LCHF here:


The success of LCHF is exemplified by the number of diabetics who have adopted LCHF diet and all have reported good things that they have experienced. And, yes, I am talking of Indian diabetics, including yours truly.

One of the things that has rarely been talked of is Diabetes and Oral Health. Diabetics who switch from High Carb Low fat diet to Low Carb High Fat diet also report improvement to various extent in oral health which includes but is not limited to:

(1) Elimination of gums bleeding instances.

(2) Hugely reduced bad odor of mouth.

(3) Near elimination of dental pains of different types.

(4) Healthier gums and no swollen gums, raised tooth problem that comes with swollen gums.

This is based on "EXPERIENCE" of many diabetics on LCHF and not just some theoretical discussion, because diabetics who come to any forum need pointed solutions rather than vague answers or a plethora of copy-pasted stuff which leaves them more confused. That's why I don't do copy-paste.

With a better oral/dental health on LCHF diet, it needs less visits to dentists and hence money saved. Besides, less drugs needed for all the dental/oral health problems that diabetics may find oneself in. And, believe me dentists can be very expensive. All these money saving goes to healthier dietary practice called LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. Healthier because our medical reports prove it so. We don't need any journals to ratify this. EXPERIENCE is paramount. Everything else come below that.

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Keep up the good work.



Just sharing real world experiences rather than discussing the theoretical mumbo jumbo.


Great. I don't think any of us would need any ratification from Harvard or USDA/ADA for LCHF. There's one elderly man around 70's with a long history of diabetes and has had 3 or so bypass surgeries.

His fat intake seems to be the highest (3 TBSP VCO and 3TBSP Butter before lunch itself) and his recent ECG was perfect, his insulin dose dropped from 100 to around 50 and his A1C landed 5.x. He has shared his details on dlife.in

Dietary Fat doesn't clog the arteries, and VCO is best source of saturated fat :)


Thanks again what is lchf?


Low Carb High Fat Diet.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. But you need to get the facts about it: health-care-treatment.quora...


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