One in five people will develop heart failure in developed countries

Great. So how healthy is the so called healthy diet which pushes low fat nonsense. Remove FAT and add sugars and carbs and the food becomes healthy? Ridiculous!

Don't ask where is it written High Carb Low Fat. It is presumed as the so called body of experts - Mayo/ADA/AMA/AHA and their equivalents across the globe are peddling the same theory and yet nothing is being controlled or reduced. When USDA Pyramid failed, they came up with Plate. Even the plate will fail down the line. It's just and eye-wash.

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Great. So, the so called HEALTHY and BALANCED Diet is really working to improve the Health -- of medicare business, though. Not the health of Humans. I am sure the percent would still be higher if only diabetics were studied. Don't talk of SEDENTARY lifestyle, as even that theory has been DEBUNKED:

And so also the LOW SATURATED FAT Theory:

So, switch to LCHF diet as that helps not even in Diabetes but also brings down TG which is great for body and heart.

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  • Most of the Non vegitarians consuming heavy meat and eggs it causes heavy cholestrol and also jeavy food consuming not given any pain to body It hapoens bloo circulation slowly and bloo cloting happened So heart problems common in foreign countries particlarly non veg personsmore than 80% Hsve the peoples

  • It has nothing to do with NON VEG.

    80% CVD/CHD issues around the world are in DEVELOPING Countries.

  • It was thenews from 3 famous hospital sources non veg perspns and over wt and obesity persons j have more series cardiac problems Totaly in foroegn countries have more than Indians

  • Actually we tend to find fault with everything but carbs ;)

    BTW, Cholestrol is not the cause of CVD. Out of 100,000 CVD/CHD related deaths, 50%+ had normal LDL :)

  • A good step.Thanks

  • It is the high fat diet combined with smoking and Alcohol which is mainly responsible for heart problems.

  • The ratio is 1:4 in one mid east county where sharia law is followed. Do you think sharia law allows alcohol consumption? How can we be so blind to realities ?

  • Even if Alcohol is avoided,smoking and high fat is responsible for 80%heart ailments in the third world.

  • Yes and third world consumes highest carbs, specially grain centric, the cheapest source of energy. FAT has no relation with CHD/CVD it has been proved again and again so I would not like to post references to studies which have been posted umpteen times.

  • The fat consumed is either trans fat of commercial vegetable oils.


    Butter & Ghee

    Consumption of butter and ghee in India has remained almost static over the last three decades at around 1 kg per capita per year, which corresponds to an average of 3 gm a day. This is too low a level of consumption, especially in India, where ghee is highly valued as an essential component of healthy food.

    In Asia, excepting the Indian sub-continent, there is little tradition of consuming milk and milk products. Low consumption of milk fats in these parts of the world is understandable. In Europe and other parts of the world inhabited by people of European stock, however, consumption of cream and butter is many times more than the Indian average. Average consumption in Europe is around 8 kg and in the former USSR more than 14 kg, compared to the Indian average of just 1 kg per capita per year.

  • Low per capita fat consumption and yet more CVD/CHD in India?

    Oh My God, 3 gm a day is causing heart failures in India. Maybe Amul should shut its shop for butter and ghee :D :D

  • :)

  • Muslims also drink Alcohol ,see the example of Amir Khan who has been convicted for rash driving under the influence of liquor,there may be stringent laws in Muslim Countries prohibiting Alcohol at all,but about India and others democratic countries ,Alcohol is easily available say even in remote villages,even if no other facilities such as proper sanitation ,electricity,health,education have been provided.

    Smoking is another major risk factor for heart ailment with high animal fat diet( especially),red meat which is also responsible for various types of cancerous cells development in a human body.)

    Home made carbohydrates diet has minimal effect for the development of heart disease,it is the fast food which is is mainly responsible for obesity,and other ailments because it contain more sugar and salt, and development of various ailments combined with sedentary life style.

  • @Concerned has already answered about meat and cancer and I have posted a study comparing Seventh Day Adventist and Mormons which counters this "BELIEF" that meat eaters suffer from cancer, so not repeating it again. It all depends on what meat it is and what is the CARB content of diet because cancer cells feed on SUGAR.

    Regarding sedentary -

    Regarding SFA -

  • I am not follower of any particular person or group,i have written here as I am seeing in the society,what are merits and demerits of high fat diet,Smoking,Alcoholism, precipitating of ill health, Thanks.

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