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LCHF Diet and Diabetes (Things to look out)

Hi All,

This is my first post about affects of LCHF diet in controlling your BS levels.

First of all let me clear one thing about LCHF diet, that LCHF does not mean you can eat unlimited amounts of fat while eating very low carbs.

What is actually means is that the percentage of calories coming out of carbs should be kept low in comparison to calories from fat. But you still should keep track of number of calories you are eating.

Second thing which everyone should look out for while being on LCHF or something planning on switching to it, is the health of your liver. By consuming more FAT, we put our liver to work harder in releasing energy. For people with healthy liver, this is no issue as liver is fully capable of taking care of fat in our food.

But, diabetes and obesity generally tends to liver damage. e.g fatty liver.

And if you were/are obese, then you have good chance of having fatty liver. Since there are no symptoms of fatty liver in early stages, you may not know it. But by changing your diet to LCHF, you are putting your liver under a lot of stress.

So before you jump on to LCHF, be sure to get yourself checked for liver functions. If your liver if healthy then you can safely follow LCHF and see the benefits on lowering BS.

But once again, even with healthy liver keep check on amount of Fat you eat and count calories to make sure your liver stay healthy.

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For a diabetic person whether he/she is on LCHF or not he/she should monitor standard tests like KFT, LFT, lipids, thyroid etc. regularly.


I was having pain while chewing anything and was planning to go for complete dental test, but after switching on to LCHF DIET, i am no more having any pain, i didnt know that it is effect of LCHF diet, now after reading the post from Meetu 77, i can corelate it. Thanks Meetu ji.


The link between obesity,LCHF and fatty liver is mentioned.I have two points for clarification:1)A person may not be obese by BMI standards,but still show abdominal obesity,which is generally considered very harmful.How LCHF relate to abdominal obesity? 2)How much effect does LCHF has on blood fat levels?


Good questions;1) Since LCHF reduces fatty liver by reducing insulin/IGF-1 stimulation, which in turn reduces fat deposition, it is likely that central adiposity is also lowered.

2) A study was done on the Standard American Diet against a carb restricted diet. However the allowed level of carbohydrate was still 175g per day, that would be considered a moderate, not low-carbohydrate diet. The lipid profile was better for the carb restricted diet, though still not ideal.

The actual effect on blood lipids is also affected by the amount of protein consumed; an excess can be turned to glucose.

Then, the type of fat needs to be considered; hydrogenated fats are detrimental in that they lower HDL and raise VLDL levels. Polyunsaturated fats lower LDL and HDL, needing to be eaten in small amounts only, to safeguard cell integrity. Monounsaturated fats Lower LDL and are neutral to HDL. Saturated fats raise HDL, and LDL but not VLDL. So, whilst cholesterol levels may go up on an LCHF diet, the lipid-profile tends to improve in terms of lowered triglycerides and improved HDL to LDL ratio.


Alcohol or fructose have to be processed by the liver, contributing to fatty liver and stressing the liver far more than natural fat ever could, especially on a lchf diet.

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after following LCHF diet my LIPIDS/KFT/LFT improved. My indigestion, constipation and so many symptoms vanished.


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