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LCHF Diet's Success For Lowering Drugs And Getting Better Sugar Control Speaks For Itself!

Diabetics who come to forum (any in the world) have been to doctors. They come looking for solution and solution based on personal experiences rather than some treatise on diets picked up/copied from some other source. This is precisely where Diabetics on LCHF diet stand apart from the rest. Even my first thread on this forum would highlight what I am talking.


We share "OUR OWN" experiences wrt LCHF diet for managing diabetes and not indulge in confusing by pretending to be experts by relying on some funded research that talks the same old thing that ADA talks.

The success of LCHF as a means of managing diabetes on LESS or NIL DRUGS is evident from the number of diabetics who have switched and settled with LCHF diet. The number has grown from just 1 (in Jan 2013) to 150+ in August 2014 and now is over 400, though there have been few users who have been desperately trying to tell diabetics not to switch to LCHF. This is despite it's success :)

Many have even gone off all drugs for sugar control, LIPIDS/Cholesterol. Those injecting insulin have drastically reduced Insulin and all this happened even without laying too much stress on BMI.

As per a latest research, 40% of people with normal BMI are liable to be impacted by metabolic syndrome and reasons is BAD Diet aka HIGH CARB LOW FAT, thus proving that BMI is a useless number.


High Carb Low Fat Diet -- BROKEN DIET -- is the reason and this is what prompted me to write a post -- TEN REASONS WHY I don't RELY ON ADA GUIDELINES:


The success of LCHF has been so great, that with every article posted on LCHF, few people keep repeating the same old FAILED OPINION that SFA causes CVD/CHD. It has been proved in numerous studies that dietary SFA or cholesterol has no relation with serum cholesterol. If nothing works, then some even get down to personal attacks and insults. They just don't care whether it's a lady or a man.

So, if you are serious about switching to LCHF , learn from those who live that lifestyle and have been on it for more than 4 years now. 400 is not a small number. 3 or 4 opposing it is too small a number to be considered seriously. They haven't live a single day on LCHF and oppose based on what ADA says. It's ADA's diet (Failed USDA Food Pyramid) that got you to diabetes in first place.

SWITCH OT LCHF Diet and see how easy it is to manage diabetes.

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And, if you want to switch to LCHF diet, but are clueless, get in touch with me or any diabetic who follows LCHF diet. They will guide you based on EXPERIENCE.

Those who haven't lived by LCHF diet, know NOTHING about it. They wil just ty and confuse you and force you to continue with a diet that got you diabetes in the fist place.


Reduce carbs and substitute with good fats. Aim for TG < 100. Don't go to ketogenic stage as it is a difficult diet to adhere to. Start practicing intermittent fasting - this should be very easy on a low carb high fat diet as all hunger pangs are gone on that diet.

10 min a day strength building exercises should also help.


Great! If we look at your pre LCHF numbers, your drugs dose is more than 50 lower than what it would have been on the so called healthy -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT -- diet, which is most useless & unhealthy diet for a diabetic.

LCHF works and works all the way, without the need to do starving by way of calorie restricted diet. And, it even works on a diabetic with 25 years of history :)


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