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Carrying a little extra weight decreases mortality from type 2 diabetes

"Patients with type 2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese live longer than those who are underweight or normal-weight, according to a study is published in Annals of Internal Medicine."


So don't aim for BMI 19 or 20.

BMI 24 is far better than BMI 20 -- switch to LCHF and you won't even have to bother about BMI ;) ;)

Obviously they have added a small note to keep the mainstream happy.

Researchers slowly are proving what we diabetics on LCHF diet have been saying since long. We don't even bother about BMI as it is a useless number, unless overly obese. It's just a cover up for a BAD diet (High Carb Low Fat) which is called "Healthy and Balanced" by the so called scientists pushing that diet for selling more drugs.

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A good article.Push it on and on.Thanks


BMI is useless and aiming for 20 BMI is dangerous. :)


Something more on same lines -- sciencedaily.com/releases/2...

So don't aim for 19.5 or 20 BMI

;) ;)


My thoughts suggest that these scientists are loco and have been smoking weed. There is no way that someone with additional fat is going to spring to health better than one who has less fat. This article even suggested a lot of variables exists. I think it's just another way of keeping a diabetic happy with staying on medication. Good luck with that!

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There's a difference between being OBESE and being Oveweight. Obese need to come down on weight, but aiming for 19.5 or 20 BMI isn't better than 24 or 25.


There has to be an attack on visceral fat. Keeping a BMI at 24 or 25 will keep fat in the liver and pancreas. There are a lot of parameters associated with this concept. You just can't punch out a random BMI and suggest it is a good thing simply because some "scientists" suggest it is slightly better than comparable. Proper weight management by the use of organic and free-range, the use of whole-food supplements, exercise, plenty of rest, etc., all are factors that these studies DO NOT take into account. I say don't get lazy and compromise your health on some study because I guarantee you when folks hear that they can do good at BMI's of 25, there will be another wave of mortality that these "scientists" hadn't accounted for.


BMI is all based on correlational studies so irrelevant and that's why you have so many conflicting studies. Correlation does not mean causation.

All heavy weight boxers have been overweight by BMI standards and yet carried the least body fat.


"in consequence more food and more insulin."

Not so in case of LCHF. This applies to a High Carb Low Fat diet only.


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