Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond)

Nothing has succeeded like LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet here on this forum for managing diabetes on lower or zero drugs and also lowering or eliminating drugs for LIPIDS/Cholesterol. There were more than 150 INDIAN diabetics on LCHF by August 2014 and the number has swelled to 400+

This is a great news for any diabetic (except for countable few here)

The most important aspect is that we share OUR OWN EXPERIENCE when it comes to dealing with Low Carb High Fat diet. We don't cling onto some 5 day research on mice in lab or some ADA funded one week study. We listen to practitioners and not theoreticians because no Textbook knowledge can ever replace "EXPERIENCE"

However, those who have never understood LCHF start bashing FAT. I say never understood as they never ever lived by that diet. The FAT bashing starts and when they do they aren't even prepared to look at positive trajectory of MEDICAL REPORTS that diabetics on LCHF share.

Here are 7 MOST common reactions that come from such critics and here's how to respond to them -- because LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET is SAFE:

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So unless a diabetic on LCHF is telling you that LCHF has ruined his/her numbers, better not believe all the "propaganda" against LCHF. There's no proof to what they say.


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  • BTW, I have already written a post on --

    Ten Reasons Why I Don't Rely On ADA's Guidelines On Diabetes Management Anymore.

    To add to this, I don't rely on any literature that peddles the same ADA diet. I have had enough of them for initial two two years of my diabetes wherein I was on the verge of being pushed to Insulin. Now I am DRUG free as far as diabetes management goes.

  • Good post march on and on.Let us try our efforts to spread the message of LCHF among common man .He can be saved from purchasing medicine (high cost) and can manage diabetes better.Thanks .

  • Within a month or so I statted LCHF and ended up with my Hba1c at 5.9 I left amryl m 1 amd joined the "metformin only club" I was guided by www by Anup and his wonderful team

  • Anup was the guy who started talking LCHF here and was chased away by few who still make it a point that they do the same to anyone who preaches LCHF. In fact his posts here were called "SPECULATIVE" blogging. Yes is doing a wonderful job.

    Good to see that you are YET another Diabetic who benefited out of LCHF and dropped the pancreas WHIPPING drugs. Aim for A1C < 5.6 and spread the LCHF message considering it a social service. No one talking LCHF is doing for money.

  • What to do if you are Metformin intolerant?

  • Try and increase insulin sensitivity by getting your TG/HDL ratio to < 2, lower the better, with below 1 being ideal. High CARB Low fat ADA/USDA diet will never let you achieve this, by and large.

  • count me in the club :)

  • Welcome to the club :)

  • thanks :)

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