Hello, I moved to USA last week. I m diabetic from last 2 years, managing diabetes well with 'restricted carbs diet' (not following LCHF) I have understood the concept of LCHF and would like to follow LCHF strictly in USA.. Please suggest me how to do it.. Anyone in US following LCHF diet please help.. I m a vegetarian.. I m finding below problems -

1) I will be staying alone in US for at least a year with my wife has to stay back in India. I need to stay with roommates. This means it's difficult to prepare LCHF dishes..

2) I find only 'low fat' products in the stores with all the fats stripped off and adding sugar instead :(

3) I am not able to find full fat milk as low fat milk is the trend here.. :( back in India I used to buy full fat unprocessed milk from local doodhwala

4) I am not able to find good cooking oils here.. Like unrefined groundnut oil.. I m finding only refined vegetable oil and canola oil

I really don't want my blood sugars to go high on high carb diet here because I m controlling the BS through diet alone -- no medicines.. If my sugar levels rise I will be in trouble as drugs are very costly here.. :(


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  • User difidend (or something like that ... posts here less so can't exactly recall his exact username) is in Cupertino as of now. He is 50+ and off from Statins and Diabetes drugs since ages. I know this as he posted about this on my forum y'day. Else he is Pune based :)

    Yes, US is all USDA gudelines stuff in stores :(

    More sugar, more HFCS, more GMO Soy, more GMO corn everywhere

    You can check this also -

    Even this user keeps shuttling between India and US

  • Thanks Anup for the reply.. The links are really good.. You are such a veteran person in the gruop that you know almost every member!! You rock.. :)

  • Handful people here hate me to the core and want me banned for sure. They are unhappy that diabetics are improving on LCHF diet and if I post a link to my profile here they think it is SPAM. Never seen this level of "jealousy"

    Thanks to moderators, they aren't abusing me like they did in 2013.

    Yes, I am always in touch with people who love to be in touch and do keep taking follow up reports on progress as I love talking based on numbers and not LOPSIDED OPINIONS based on some MYTH :)

    Now onto specifics:

    (1) Get Almonds, Macademia nuts, Chia seeds, Hazlenuts etc as they are available in plenty in the US

    (2) Include Avocado -- whichever way you want them -- to your life. Lovely fruit.

    (3) Get organic Coconut Milk with lowest added sugar and consume as much as you can. Whitewave Foods is one company which is into non dairy milk. Another I guess is HAIN Celestial. Looks for these brands of Coconut milk.

    (4) For variety get Organic Almond milk -- same companies as above.

    (5) Hate all B/F Cereals coming from Kellogg and General Mills.

    (6) Soak peanuts and then stir fry in oil. 50 to 60 grams dry peanuts weight and 2 glasses of coconut milk with added coffee or protein powder can pull you thru for quite long.

    (7) Eating out, look for salads etc and ask for butter :)

    (8) If can take eggs, then Dr William Davis says -- Eat as many as you can and don't throw the YOLK. Eat with YOLK

    (9) Add Paneer to your life. Upto 200 grams a day would be fine.

    Though getting full fat milk in the US may be difficult, not sure though. Try and see if Dean Foods variety is full fat.

  • 99% Grocery stores carry full fat milk as well in milk aisle in U.S.A

    even Seven Eleven stores carry all variety of milk. Seven Eleven stores are almost in every city and town in U.S.A


  • Thanks for the reply.. I will incorporate these things and I will post the progress.. :)

  • I did not follow LCHF while in USA...but have some pointers which can probably help you...

    You can get Costco wholesale everywhere in USA. I used to get full fat milk gallons , butter from costco. We used to prepare ghee from unsalted butter from costco ...once you prepare ghee, put the prepared ghee in refrigerator ...tastes and smells same as indian ghee :) That is far cheaper that indian store ghee. You can get all kind of multivitmains and supplements from costco or walmart like fish oil etc. You can stock up cheese in your refrigerator.

    FYI:You have to get your costco card to shop at costco.

  • You can get virgin olive oil from any store easily in USA for cooking.

  • On the back of Anup's advice look to animal fats; lard, dripping, butter, ghee. Or/and coconut, tree nut, avocado oil, olives if vegetarian. Adjust to your ethical sensibilities.

    So called 'vegetable' oils are actually seed oils and are highly inflammatory. If it has to go through a processing plant involving stainless steel, chemicals and heat it's no good for you!

  • Thanks Mike for your response..

  • You are more than welcome. Good health will follow!

  • I buy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil at wholesale Store called "COSTCO" near my home in California. You can google it to find near your location and also try at Indian Grocery stores nearby your location for the same and Desi Ghee.(Both are good fats.)


  • Here In USA You Get Whole Milk In All Grocery Stores. It's Pure Milk. Same As Full Fat. I Take Organic Whole Milk. For It Has All The Fat. Being Organic No Hormones Have Been Added.

  • Thank you all for the reply.. This is very informative.. I m finding difficulties here in terms of transportation.. There is no public transportation and I don't have car here.. Once I buy one (in another 2-3 months) then I would be able to explore different stores and would be able to start LCHF sincerely.. :)

  • $2000 upfront and $400/month can get you a good car on lease-finance model I think. One can even get a battery powered Model S Tesla for ~$900/month :)

  • We will get good used cars for 2-3000$ but I m just in.. Lots of things to do.. Like bank account, SSN, I also don't know car driving.. I have learn.. So I mentioned 2-3 months.. :)

  • Enjoy your stay.

    Wish you good luck.

    Why pre-worshiped, wish you get a brand new car soon :)

  • Thanks for your reply.. :)

  • After a month, what is the sratus now, @ pnglr?

  • I have managed to buy butter and full fat milk at Costco.. But still not able to completely follow LCHF.. Once I buy car then it will be easy for me..

  • hint: use craiglist and sulekha to find used car...on sulekha you will get many indians selling cars ...

  • Thanks for the information. I am checking Craigslist.. I will check sulekha also..

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