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94% Physicians Have Financial Relationship With The Pharmaceutical Industry. Is That Why Everyone Is Pushing High Carb Low Fat?



In yet another analysis, it is found that pharma money is influencing physician prescriptions and the money is given in different forms:


With this in hindsight, one would get the real reason why none would ever suggest a Low Carb High Fat diet to diabetics. If they did, their incentives would drop since drugs sales would nosedive.

For over 5 decades, everyone is trying to prove that saturated fat causes CVD/CHD. They still haven't been able to find any relation. So let's not just blame Saturated Fat for all the CVD/CHD. It is the carbs that is the cause because carbs kick up triglycerides. Diabetics who switch to LCHF diet prove this in no time.

Low Carb High Fat diet is one of the best and quickest way to gain control of diabetes and also fix lipids. I had written a post on this few days back and here's the url:


I am convinced that mainstream is just busy prescribing drugs. They will do their best to keep demonizing saturated fat but without any proof. This is why LCHF has become so popular across all diabetes forum in the world, including INDIA.


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How your lchf diet will cure peoples of Nepal struck with massive earthquakes without the help of Doctors and Para medical staff and medicines,to whom you curse every time? What is the roll of your lchf diet when there are evens shortage of essential food products for daily consumption.

More and more peoples are suffering form high blood sugar and more and more Diabetics controlling medicines are required to control it ,do you feel your lchf diet alone can save peoples in distress?,while they have little food items to eat. Do not to be thankless to these brave Doctors and paramedical staff who are working day and night to save peoples risking theirs own life.

Your lchf diet has no or little roll combating the diabetics without proper medicines and Doctors.in that situation. THANKS TO THESE DOCTORS AND STAFF FOR CURING THE NEEDY PEOPLES IN DISTRESS.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

I had been very thankful to doctors, dietitians, nutritionist, ( who nearly pushed me to INSULIN), for forcing me to be on my own like most diabetics on LCHF. Read my first post.

Many diabetics on LCHF have gone off drugs. As for role of LCHF, those who switch know it better and know it BEST. More and more people are turning diabetic because of USDA Pyramid and Plate - High Carb Low Fat.

I am not going to be dragged into anyone's attempt of inviting FLAME. Nepal in any case is not topic of discussion.

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The mis used funds cunning to other peoples on all professional is common in the world Who will solved Any party govt not to do because the politicians were most cunning and guilty persons so donot blame Doctors only private school ownersedical and engineering college ow ners.First clean politicals and next talk about Doctors Ofcourse se of Doctoray misguided and some of may take higher money Even ib Bangaluru nursery school donation is Rs 100000 and more wothout receipt. Without medical departmen womens can not delivery Also Heart operations kidney dialysis eye proble ms may not solvable wothout operati.o.n Is Lcjhf or any groups may not posdible to opration to the persons

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Only healthy condition any diet may be usefu.l but under critical conditon Doctors only help but lchf or Hclf may not help 200 %

U r free to

Use your own lchf u may not taking the guidance of Doctors U may do delivery to womens in your own method but U r not to criticise Doctors The Doctors were saved count less patients There may be some of cases may misguided so entire Doctors and medical professionals were not responsible If u have anymisguided by Doctors u may go to legal way for justcemay

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

We are talking about MD's and not MS. Drug prescription (dose etc) even Medical Representatives can do. In fact they are the ones who tell the dosage and drug details to doctors. The pharmacists who runs the drug store also knows what the drug and dose is all about. I am just highlighting how money can influence every decision and I have quoted references which are not blogs.

makarim in reply to Hidden

Rksharmakumarji, With due apology , I would like to bring to your notice that Nepal tragedy never come in to the gamete of LCHF. I salute the doctors ,paramedics and all who are rescuing the distresses from debris.nobody forcing anybody to follow LCHF. It is a campaign .Choice is always others.Thanks.

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Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

I thought just yesterday or day before you said you never read my comments. Or was it a convenient lie? Those who speak the truth never have to worry about what they said yesterday or day before. Those who don't, they do get exposed at some stage.


Doctor prescribed 100mcg, I am on 25mcg. So no, hyper is not controlled by that. Get real. It is because of such statements that you couldn't have more than 4 followers in 2 years. Your statement about lowering carbs etc amuses me.

I am not HIS, I am HER. You are basically insulting me as I have repeatedly told you that I am not the one that you think I am.

But, you do read my comments Q.E.D.


The answer is,follow your own pattern of diet,to control diabetes, take the help of doctors also if required(mostly required), and finally do not blame any person,particularly doctors,for any shortcomings inside yourself which brought you and me to the diabetic stage. We are our self responsible for our acts of omissions and commissions.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

If i was being pushed to Insulin, who do I blame?

Now I don't even need oral pills for sugar control, thanks to LCHF diet. Not everyone on LCHF, who has reduced drugs drastically can be wrong. We don't blame anyone for being diabetic but we surely have a right to blame if we are given a diet which only increases drugs for everything.


Makarim your view is agreed similarily this discusdion is not necessary Nepal issue not a topic . Criticising ADA Mayeo and Doctors and drug pharma isnecessary it is irrelevent If u have authe ticated docume t go to court a d seek for nusti e . Similarily without Doctors and drugs how much of person may be lived properly Further heart problems kidney failures and series complications without Doctors a nd drugs they may be alive What r the supplements or drugs insted of Ada and drug pharma prepared or discovered what r research found new medicines of these persons Any complication noticed drugs and Doctors only help these peoples any self decison or blog owner is not solved problems Further some og Doctors may misguided and may give wrong treatment ig u suffer go to court for justice legaly not croticising others in this forum No person have no power to criticising other persons and other blogs

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

Court? Do you think MCI took any action against the doctor who was caught on tape asking for expensive iPad from a Medical Representative in return for prescribing the drugs of the company? I have quoted reference which is not mine and hence worthy of a discussion. I am just tying to point out reasons why doctors don't prescribe LCHF.

I do hope someone doesn't call this also Rhetoric just for sake of opposing. Here it is:


Even Union Health Minister of India -- Harsh Vardhan Agrees!



Court not given justiceDoctors misguided drug pharma making money given drugs What is the sokution to solve Firstly u can ban th Doctors drug industries is it possible by u and your followersAt last what is your solution forthis 400 Members and this blog 5000 members cannot solve this problems Your discussion is not useful for this blog u ca start newblog or wtite these things in public media then it may be work out Use this forum only for discussing healthy problems and also for useful discussionsp

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@Nataraj --

I am so sorry I did not know that I had to take my orders from you for posting. Not sure why people get into this mode on diabetesindia forum. Something similar was posted right here on this site -- check it out:


Compare the response of participants there and here.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

Meetu donot think otherwise please understand my comments

1 u may not believe in Doctors and medicines But similarily entire Indian peoples were not possible without Doctors help whenever health upsets . Either diabetic BP or fever etc any problems

2 I am already informed my discussions that the link between medical reprasentatives Big Pharma with Doctors As per commission and Big gift unnecessary medicines were prescribed by the Doctors .

But what is the solution for this ? How to avoid this ? Iam helpless because Entire Indian peoples dependent on Allopathic medicine system

Any suitable solution at your end please share .

3 U are complete Independent person whatever discussion started or coment posted . If without solution it became only time waste discussion My intention is any person start discussion it must to help all the members and also share their views

4 I am not oppose diabetesindia forum Here so much members also the members of both the forum

5 I am not criticising u as friendly I state that this type of discussions

was not help to solve the problems If u interest and contiuned these type of discussion U are free to do it whatever u like

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@Nataraj --

"I am not criticising u as friendly I state that this type of discussions was not help to solve the problems"

I think we diabetics on LCHF, whatever we share and guide with have helped more diabetics than anyone else's comments and discussions here. This is because we share OUR EXPERIENCE rather than making sure that one particular group is attacked and frustrated by constant pestering. Many just comment, and not share their experiences and details.

We don't hate doctors. We hate those who push a diet that ensures that drugs sales keep increasing. Our thought is backed by the "efficacy of medical reports" rather than just opinions.

Why do you think LCHF has gained so much popularity, despite desperate attempts by few to paint it in bad light? This is because we talk what we have done and achieved and not just do copy-paste to oppose and then insult anyone.

Others attack us with all sorts of comments and insults personally. The agenda of few people here is to attack and insult LCHF followers. We don't even care what they have to say as they don't know anything about what we do, how we have improved. They can keep on expressing their anger through personal comments. Few 70 and 80 years old don't even know what words to use while communicating with ladies.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

Meetu I think this is not applicable for me ?

1 I am not critising LCHF or followers

2 I am not member of any particular group attacked u and your followers.

3 I am always share my Blood test reports whenever necessary and also request some members how their diabetis in cured But no members cannot share their recnt reports

4 I am also not believable in only theory what the Google or yahoo search tells also not completely believed what the blogs says it may general opinion but I am follows only if it suitable for my health and my BS level

5 Any blog works sincerely it improves

6 My intention is by attacking or critcising ADA or Drug Pharma in this forum or any other forum this cannot help

7 share your knowledge by starting new discussions in T2 HBP and Kidney problems etc in detail how it formed and solution It helps to most of members. Every members watched your threads in this blog or any other blog Thanks for respond

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@Nataraj --

My comment as not directed against you. It was based on how certain group spends more time here attacking LCHF and its followers than contributing something meaningful based on their on EXPERIENCE. They attack and cheer anyone ho goes against LCHF, even ti the extent of cheering for a video from a high flying doctor who has been convicted for serial medical frauds.

Just Off Topic:


(1) How many c-sections births are forced these days only because of ignorance of expecting mothers. Shouldn't this be criticized and exposed?

(2) How much commissions are paid by diagnostic centers to referring doctors? This cannot be accepted as perfectly normal. 20-30% commission is norms of the day. Why??

(3) Why is it that certain drugs are available in stores only which are near to the practicing doc's clinic? Why not across all pharmacies? Is there some "Setting" between the doctor, med representative and the pharmacies in given locality even within a city?

When I talk these things I don't care whether someone calls me scrupulous or unscrupulous, because such comments are meaningless and out of place and basically reflects upon the mindset. We discuss merits and demerits and not just yap to satisfy our EGOS. We leave it to the readers to take a call and the manner in which LCHF is becoming popular just shows that majority do not feel the way 2 or 3 people feel here.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

Thanks Meetu Above all things I am already posted in previous discussions ( I am not having links but all posted in this group only )

My comment is everything u posted is agreed I am also known and posted also But how can we solve ?this is main question

Above all doing by the nursing homes and other famous hospitals also ?

this type of is not only in medical groups it was also in education groups Here for kids nursery school they take a fees more than 1,00,000 This mis guided mis useing funds is common in all fields we are not help to solve.

Every persons know this but question is how to solve? How to solve ?

Question became a question and answer i salso the same So writing in this group or anyothe group isnot useful This is my opinion. Good luck we mayclose the discussion.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@Nataraj --

Two points:

(1) Corruption in education is a case of Demand-Supply Gap. Medical admissions are on offer for a donation from 10 lacs to 50 lacs. What do you think will be first aim of a doctor who becomes a doctor after paying 50 lacs capitation fees? Of coruse they will force c-section deliveies and ensure higher drug sales to get back their investment in degree.

(2) As against this, corruption in medicare business is well organized and not a case of demand-supply. Where does a commission of 20-30% (maybe more) from diagnostic centers to doctors need a demand-supply explanation. The commissions from pharma companies (seminar invitations with free flight tickets, paid vacations for full family, expensive gifts, cash rewards for promoting a drug, five star dinner treats) is not a question of demand-supply.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77


1 whatever type of misappopriation and mis using fund is only the same NOT SON -IN-LAE BUT HUSBAND OF DAUGHTER

2 Whatever any body says u wanttojustify your statement

3 O K corruption and misusing moeny of public peoples and cunning toother peoples all are same. Now in society it is common I want what u say to solve it what is your solution toavoid it ?

4 For education for nursery school 1,00,000 Rs and more given as donation medical colleges it is Rs 75,00,000 or more / similarily Engineering colleges also 4 My question is who solve these things what is your answer ?

5 u blame Doctors and labreport adjust ment in medical stores and Doctors It is every person knows but how tosolve no answer given by uand others.

6 For sharing the blood test report u are not also share your recent blood test reports in this blog only few of them share But most of the active members did not like to share their reports in this forum of course it is their personnal matter their will and wish. But by giving suggestion to others first they must give their expereince and report how their lipid profiles kidney function and BS level in control by their food and activity .


7 No members like to continue this type of discussion I am also leave this discussion because

U always says same thing but not to give the proper suggestion to solve. Only u can says LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet sustem and criticisng Doctors activity and drug pharma every one knows but



Further u have share your discussion in this blog only but not share anything in Dlife forum More than 4oo members in this forum but only active members is

less than 15 ? I may not seen your name there ?

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

40000 members and not even 15 active regularly. 15 or 20 active one's are the one's that are doing all the hand holding there.

400+ members and 1414 threads, 7400 messages. 40000+ members here and 7000 posts. So not really sure what you are tying to say or compare. This is how online world runs.

People don't have same usernames on both forums. I am sure you have a different username here and there.

Solution to corruption: Our own little way, minimize the dependence on drugs.

How would my medical report matter to anyone else. I have shared numbers and I don't even need to run to labs every 6 or 12 months.

How many who oppose LCHF have shared their medical reports, drugs & meals ? All they say is their report is normal "as per doctor". All we say is our is far better than that on lower drugs.

No one is forcing anyone to switch to LCHF. Whoever switch, do it after due diligence and not based on HEARSAY. There are many who are literally trying to force everyone not to switch to LCHF by quoting ADA/Mayo/Doctors and by spreading rumors.

Why is your Potassium levels high? What did the doctors say?

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

Thos is not answer for your main discussion and also for my questions I am taking good tips from ever person and e very og and a tive member in blogs I share I loved everyone treated as friendly ot criticised everyone. If not suitable to me I will not accepted that matters it applys all blogs Further u are not share your recent reports just like others I am already says that my Doctor says that lab report may be not correct .Lipids kidney function te test E C G is normal I am again tested after 15 th of this month This is already I may share O k U r not believed any one U can go in your own way further I am not post any thing in this discussion since u do not accept others comment and not giving solutions in your questions itself good bye

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@Nataraj -- Here are three links in addition to the ones in my post:




They haven't been posted in my last 10 posts so I am sure this is not counted as SPAM.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

U are not changed your view since

1 u says some of members attacking u But u are attacking those members in all your discussion before u entered in this forum and now also . So I understand what persons u mentioned .

2 They are always quoted ADA mayo diet etc with proper link in discussion

3 u are always says LCHF and criticising ADA mayeo and other blogs Doctors and drug pharmas ?What is the difference between them and u ?

4 u says that They have 24 hours online in this forum and attacking u and LCHF

5 But what can u do ? U have attacking more than others and given always LCHF and other links against ADA and Doctors

6 By seen your posting i think on joining the same day u have posted and attacking one member . It shows that before u have join this group u have study some of them profiles and start to attacking ?

7 There is no difference between them and u all of them not share lipids lft and kidney function blood test result ?

Further these things may be their personnel It is there will and wish

8 Finally your discussion thread is not answerable. u have agreed only following less drugs. But what about Pharma adjustment and Doctors commission ?

This maybe solvable by U

9 If Doctors and Drug pharma is banned in India what the solution ? Every diseases u have pray for LCHF Cancer heart problems apendicies ulser every diseases LCHF is only solvable ?

10 Finally u are shows your knowledge b y different way by attacking some of peoples and always mention LCHF

in this forum but this type of comment or posting i am not seen in Dlifeindia forum U may another username but posting discussion was not found in this manner

lastly I am not against LCHF system I love all of them in that forum some of members given good tips and many useful matters posted as blog . I am interesting to seen your discussion in that blog can u share your user name either forum or sending message to me. of course if u will and wish share

Finally I want smooth discussion which may help members at least some thing But unnecessary useless discussion posted iwill neglect all that discussion. Your knowledge to be used in good manner otherwise whatever u like u can go ahead I am stop further posting comment.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

Where have I initiated any attack against anyone here? I just correct the MISINFORMATION Campaign being spread by 4 people as far as LCHF is concerned. Some call it white powder, some call it parrot and puppet show. They need to be corrected as they state all wrong things.

dlife.in there's no such activity because there's no such set of users who are seeking attention.

Who wants doctors and drugs banned?


Got your self treated from a Highly qualified and experienced doctors who could diagnose properly, Medical representatives,and Chemist cannot tell you in detail,you may have been treated by quacks,as I think.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

I never knew that CHL-Apollo & Bombay Hospital had quacks practicing as diabetologists and dietitians.

Thank you, anyways, for your bright opinions based on false presumptions.

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Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

Great information.

Actually most of the opposition to the post you see is not because of the information posted, but because it is posted by someone who follows and preaches LCHF.

For my younger son who once had asthama attack the IgE and CBC was recommended by one doctor who wanted to start a prolonged allergy treatment. On the prescription, the doctor wrote a note : Deduct doctor's referral fees. We got 20% discount. I am sure any intelligent person would know what this means.

Needless to say, I did not opt for the prolonged allergy treatment, which was supposed to run for around 2 years.

Problem is not with my post, but the problem is few self proclaimed well behaved old guys who cannot resist the temptation to pass irrelevant comments when they see my name and then try to provoke, but they aren't going to succeed in their game-plan. They take turns at insulting. When one is leading the charge the other from the team get busy in hitting Report button. They have been doing this since long, but LCHF is growing. This is more important to me than their diatribes. :)


India crates JI,well said.

Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

What was so well said? He said few days back he doesn't read my comments. So was it a lie, because the comment just proved that he reads my comments. I never knew how some people are so terribly upset with success of LCHF that they can speak even lies, someone bats for LW even without living on it. :)

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Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

@arunkumar3112 --

I am not worried about the insults and personal attacks but what bothers me is how a team of people plays a "coordinated game" here, and do not want that people should switch to LCHF, despite the advantage. They take turns so while one leads the charge at insulting and provoking the others are busy hitting the "Report" button in the hope of getting the person who preaches LCHF banned. They won't mind speaking lies also.

They are so blind to realities, that they don't care what medical reports say. They just want that ADA/Mayo/Harvard manuals should be treated like Bible, as if it is manned by God himself.

Oh as for Anup, one of the team members that I talked of above, called him FRUSTRATED person two years back. What a joke!

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Meetu77 in reply to Hidden

No some will keep ranting. Old habits die hard.

10 ways how doctors in India loot patients : Dr. B M Hegde

Mangalore Today News Network

New Delhi, Sept 10 : A renowned physician Dr B M Hegde has shown how a large number of doctors working in five-star hospitals shortchange patients in order to keep their management happy and enrich their own pockets. Here is what Dr B M Hegde writes:

"Most of these observations are either completely or partially true. Corruption has many names, and one of civil society isn’t innocent either. Professionals and businessmen of various sorts indulge in unscrupulous practices. I recently had a chat with some doctors, surgeons and owners of nursing homes about the tricks of their trade. Here is what they said

1) 40-60% kickbacks for lab tests.

When a doctor (whether family doctor / general physician, consultant or surgeon) prescribes tests - pathology, radiology, X-rays, MRIs etc. - the laboratory conducting those tests gives commissions. In South and Central Mumbai -- 40%. In the suburbs north of Bandra -- a whopping 60 per cent! He probably earns a lot more in this way than the consulting fees that you pay.

2) 30-40% for referring to consultants, specialists & surgeons.

When your friendly GP refers you to a specialist or surgeon, he gets 30-40%.

3) 30-40% of total hospital charges.

If the GP or consultant recommends hospitalization, he will receive kickback from the private nursing home as a percentage of all charges including ICU, bed, nursing care, surgery.

4) Sink tests.

Some tests prescribed by doctors are not needed. They are there to inflate bills and commissions. The pathology lab understands what is unnecessary. These are called "sink tests"; blood, urine, stool samples collected will be thrown.

5) Admitting the patient to "keep him under observation".

People go to cardiologists feeling unwell and anxious. Most of them aren’t really having a heart attack, and cardiologists and family doctors are well aware of this. They admit such safe patients, put them on a saline drip with mild sedation, and send them home after 3-4 days after charging them a fat amount for ICU, bed charges, visiting doctors fees.

6) ICU minus intensive care.

Nursing homes all over the suburbs are run by doctor couples or as one-man-shows. In such places, nurses and ward boys are 10th cl-ass drop-outs in ill-fitting uniforms and bare feet. These "nurses" sit at the reception counter, give injections and saline drips, perform ECGs, apply dressings and change bandages, and assist in the operation theatre.

At night, they even sit outside the Intensive Care Units; there is no resident doctor. In case of a crisis, the doctor -- who usually lives in the same building -- will turn up after 20 minutes, after this nurse calls him. Such ICUs admit safe patients to fill up beds. Genuine patients who require emergency care are sent elsewhere to hospitals having a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) round-the-clock.

7) Unnecessary caesarean surgeries and hysterectomies.

Many surgical procedures are done to keep the cash register ringing. Caesarean deliveries and hysterectomy (removal of uterus) are high on the list. While the woman with labour -pains is screaming and panicking, the obstetrician who gently suggests that caesarean is best seems like an angel sent by God! Menopausal women experience bodily changes that make them nervous and gullible. They can be frightened by words like " and "fibroids" that are in almost every normal woman’s radiology reports. When a gynaecologist gently suggests womb removal "as a precaution", most women and their husbands agree without a second’s thought.

8) Cosmetic surgery advertized through newspapers.

Liposuction and plastic surgery are not minor procedures. Some are life-threateningly major. But advertisements make them appear as easy as facials and waxing. The Indian medical councilhas strict rules against such misrepresentation. But nobody is interested in taking action.

9) Indirect kickbacks from doctors to prestigious hospitals.

To be on the panel of a prestigious hospital, there is give-and-take involved. The hospital expects the doctor to refer many patients for hospital admission. If he fails to send a certain number of patients, he is quietly dumped. And so he likes to admit patients even when there is no need.

10) "Emergency surgery" on dead body.

If a surgeon hurriedly wheels your patient from the Intensive Care Unit to the operation theatre, refuses to let you go inside and see him, and wants your signature on the consent form for "an emergency operation to save his life", it is likely that your patient is already dead. The "emergency operation" is for inflating the bill; if you agree for it, the surgeon will come out 15 minutes later and report that your patient died on the operation table. And then, when you take delivery of the dead body, you will pay OT charges, anaesthesiologist’s charges, blah-blah-Doctors are humans too. You can’t trust them blindly.

Please understand the difference.

Young surgeons and old ones.

The young ones who are setting up nursing home etc. have heavy loans to settle. To pay back the loan, they have to perform as many operations as possible. Also, to build a reputation, they have to perform a large number of operations and develop their skills. So, at first, every case seems fit for cutting. But with age, experience and prosperity, many surgeons lose their taste for cutting, and stop recommending operations.

Physicians and surgeons.

To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Surgeons like to solve medical problems by cutting, just as physicians first seek solutions with drugs. So, if you take your medical problem to a surgeon first, the chances are that you will unnecessarily end up on the operation table. Instead, please go to an ordinary GP first

Prof. B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS. Padma Bhushan Awardee 2010.Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes,Chairman, State Health Society’s Expert Committee, Govt. of Bihar, Patna.Former Prof. Cardiology, The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London, Affiliate Prof. of Human Health, Northern Colorado

PS: This is a Copy Paste.

Hidden in reply to Meetu77

B M Hegde a famous Doctor I know him well so many years back. he had written so many article about medical problems in kannada

It was learnt he is good and prompt person Above all I accepted and it was well known most of all persons

1 The main question is also how to solve it ? Without Doctor how much person may take treatment by self medication

2. Only some of gugale search and online news papers may not useful for for a all diseases

3 Even If diabetic persons struggling for koma or heart attack kidney problems or heavy fever or typhoid or viral diseases Who will treat ? It may not possible to treat more than 99 %of peoples ?

All corruption misusing funds cunning to other persons Is common and not possible to cure completely in which medical professional and lawyers professional also included Both these are heavy problems to persons But there is no suitable alternative to solve this problems

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