One of my doctors had advised the below. I am confused.

Low Carb High Fat diet is not recommended for Diabetics. Our body needs continuous energy which can be easily available only from carbohydrates. A high fat diet in the long run can raise ketones levels in the blood and cause Keto Acidosis in the patient which is a life threatening condition. Fibre rich carbohydrates will ensure slow and gradual release of glucose in the blood.

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  • Not surprising. Most doctors mix up DKA with Nutritional Ketosis

  • Google ketosis AND ketoacidosis.

    Ketosis is life, runaway ketoacidosis is death.

  • Ketones are produced when fat is burned for energy and it is said that ketones accumulated in the body can lead to ketoacidosis. So, should we- LCHF followers- check ketones periodically ?

  • Ketosis and Ketoacidosis are two different states.

    Whether you are in nutritional ketosis or not, you can check urine through strips available for the purpose.

    In ketoacidosis your blood sugars will hit sky high before ketoacidosis really hits. It's a runaway process and more of a Type 1 phenomenon. It needs near absence of insulin to hit DKA

  • I did testing once or twice to see if i was spilling ketones, but it turns out, i'm not able. The body doesn't allow it to happen no matter how high the blood sugars go for me.

  • What has been the highest sugar levels recorded?

  • Over 400.

  • (1) Was blood Ketone levels also tested?

    "β-hydroxybutyrate, despite chemically containing a carboxylic acid instead of a ketone, is the principal "ketone body" in diabetic ketoacidosis."

    Source: Wikipedia

    (2) Also, with CGMS in use, would it not throw a red flag before those levels of blood sugar are reached?

    (3) Are you insulin resistant?

  • This was years before getting a CGM.

  • Are you insulin resistant ie is there insulin resistance?

  • Haven't been told by any of the doctors that that was a possiblity. Will check into that soon.

  • Just check the TG/HDL ratio, from the last report.

  • Will do!


    Ketones are made only when on long fasts and on VLC diet (less than 50 gm per day). Dangerously high levels will only show up when there is absence of insulin (type 1).

  • Dr's have been trained on this what they have to recommend

    They have Confusion on what is nutritional Ketosis and what is keto acidosis

  • There is no confusion. ketosis is ketosis irrespective of the cause and predisposes to the same metabolic disorder if not corrected.

    rigorous fasting or forced starvation is also harmful for the body

  • Nope. Those who live on Nutritional Ketosis know how great it is. There's a big difference between nutritional ketosis and DKA.

  • Please read more on this

  • Yes I am curious about this because my last medical showed that I have traces of keytones in my blood which I attribute to taking very little the most 2 tablespoons of rice about 3 times a week and sometimes chappati twice a week. I mostly take protein and lots of vegies cooked or raw salads. I am a borderline diabetic . During the day my readings are normal. I suffer from the dawn phenomena.

  • How much FAT and Protein do you take in a day?

    What are sources of FAT?

  • Hi fat content is v low....I dont measure but do practise portion control....I think I shld give you briefly what I normally eat in a day:-

    1. Before Breakfast....500ML water

    2. Breakfast - One piece wholemeal toast with flax seed and olive oil spread

    - Once a week I may take a poached , half boiled or scramble egg

    3. Mid morning - Coffee with milk bt no sugar and a biscuit. Sometimes I am naughty and take a forbidden item like a cookie or a piece of cake but most times just crackers

    4. Lunch - 2-3 tablespoon rice (usually brown rice mixed with Basmathi and sugar free long grain highland rice from Cambodia) plus palm size or slightly more chicken and 2 vegies one of which is definitely green leaf variety. Dessert an apple mostly everyday.

    5. Tea time - Warm water and 3 crackers with lactose free light cream cheese

    6. Dinner - By 7 PM - usually panfried chicken or salmon...with assorted pan fried vegetables. No food or drinks after 7 pm except water. Occasionally I may take half a glass of low fat milk with tumeric.

    I only use mostly Virgin Olive oil in cooking and butter for fish dishes. If I make a dhall or paneer or saag dish I will use ghee but very very seldom . I like to bake my food. At least 2-3 times a week.

    So you can see my fat content is very low. Yet in the morning I will experience dawn phenomena. Of course I do cheat every now and then becos I am only human and I love baking.

    For e.g yesterday my fasting BG reading was 7.8... after bfast by 12noon it dropped to 5.5. It has even gone to 4.8 at times.

    Please tell me what you make of this. I am sorry it is too long but I cant be any briefer....if there is such a word.

    Thank you for listening.


  • Oh one more thing...I take mixed nuts during the day if I feel peckish

  • Hi HarmitK

    (1) Can you tweak a bit, remove biscuits and crackers and replace them with nuts.?

    (2) Dawn Phenomenon is a tough beast to handle. If no change in diet works, then it's better to discuss with the doc for adding one dose of Metformin SR at bed time.

    To give you a hint of LCHF that my life revolves around:

    Too much protein will also convert to sugar.

    Also, not sure if Virgin Olive Oil (VOO) for cooking is the way to go. We normally use Virgin Coconut Oil. All VOO is only for cold use like salad dressing etc.

  • Thanks Anup. I certainly will give your suggestion some thought. In fact I am already looking into buying coconut oil.

    The dawn phenomena reading isnt always that high. Being Diwali I had eaten one piece of turkish nougat which was immensely damaging. Usually my reading is around 6.9. I really have to avoid carbo, fruits n desserts at dinner time. I am against taking metformin as it makes me a little ill.I am trying the natural route by taking cinnamon n will report my progress after I do my medical in Dec. Thanks so much for your response.


  • You are welcome HarmitK

    Morning numbers aim at around 5.0 ideally.

    Do keep us posted.

  • Will do...Thanks once again.

  • Sorry for too many suggestions.

    During next scheduled lab tests, add test for Fasting Insulin. Presuming that FBS and PPBS will be tested.

  • They will only test for FBS in the routine medical examination. I will hv to request the additional tests. Will inquire fm the Lab n cost involved. The PPBS I can do it at home with my monitor....not the best bt I hv gotten used to it. I use the One Touch Ultra Easy monitor.

    Thanks once again for your input.

  • HarmitK

    fasting insulin test can be done at Thyrocare labs....costing is about Rs.400

  • TQ but I live in Malaysia....😊

  • TQ once again. My last full blood medical was done at Gribbles. i am very familiar with them. Will call and enquire...👍

  • i started eating egg /almonds/ cashewnut/ wallnuts sir / fruits sir

    very soon i will start eating other fat foods cheese paneer etc chicken

  • Count carbs and restrict to 100 gms/day max. Replace eliminated carbs with good fats.

  • ok sir i will do as u mentioned

  • 100% true. where is your confusion in this?

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