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The Times: Low Carb Helps to Control Diabetes


Here’s the front of today’s The Times – fantastic news for low carb. A big pilot study of 120,000 people signed up for an online low-carb program at Diabetes.co.uk found big improvements in weight and blood sugars (not surprisingly). This by totally ignoring official high-carb diet advice.

Most of the Times article is behind a paywall but you can read more about it here:

•The Telegraph: Low-Carb Diet Helps Control Diabetes, New Study Suggests

•Mail Online: Thousands of diabetics adopt high-protein low-carb diet in backlash against official NHS eating plan

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Low carb diet is very old theory ,diet being practiced by our ancestral s,it is new for western and others ignorant peoples .

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No anup

in next 5 yrs they will have to revise their diet advice.


It's not as simple. In the past the scientists interpreted the findings wrongly and the whole medical world took a wrong path. Now the voices of dissent have arisen against the management of diabetes and D food advises. They can't trade on this wrong path for a long time.

Frankly before i came in touch with you great guys i knew that carbs are harmful to me so i had cut down my carbs to a great extent but i dreaded fats - faulty knowledge. So i avoided fats. Coconut oil was the worst for me then but then i listened to you guys, fathomed the net and now i'm advising others to take vco et al. I was misguided but you all have put me on the right track. Thanks to you all.


Sorry navinsinha

there is no right carbs for us. We can't assimilate carbs so no question of right carbs. I believe that carbs are poison for us. We should take as much less carbs as possible. I'm a vegetarian. So whatever i eat - cereals, legumes, vegetables, milk, curd etc have carbs in them - a safeguard against extreme ketoacidosis. As such also we t2d have not to worry about ka if not eating excessive uncontrolled carbs.

At present i'm on extremely ketogenic diet. Hardly any wheat roti, no rice, no sugar, pulses too very less. I take dry fruits, vegetables with cheese on them and very little snacks made from low gi and little glycemic load. Frankly feeling Different. Taking extra ghee and vco.

Really now i feel that wheat, rice and sugar are not very essential for us- for everybody. I feel a surge of energy as against feeling tired all the time


Anup, frankly. I have been on keto for last 3-4 days. I have stopped taking the only roti made of oats, grain, flex seed and almond flours. I was taking in dinner. Although my numbers are very bad, my body sings a different tune. My body is singing pleasantly saying now it gets what it wanted for a long time. Too early to come to any enthusiastic conclusions, but I've decided to continue my food plan without getting depressed by my bad numbers.


Thank you arunkumar. You gave me a lot of inspiration to continue with my grain free diet plan.

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would appreciate you outline your diet ingredients, just curiosity, purely for our inference/comprehension; grain free diet? pls mention what constitutes your diet, all 3 meals, thanks a million in advance, your info, could be of interest to all on this platform;


Ok. Can ketone bodies be tested in running urine or do I have to dip the strip in urine?




Low carb theory was/is being practiced in India form the centuries . Although these were/could not propagated due to absence of requisite platform.

See the teachings of Baba Ram dev,he teaches ancient forms of exorcises ,now ads on television globally, which was not possible earlier.which are very helpful for eradication/controlling of various diseases es. He has laths corers of his followers. From where he has taken,only from the ancient books written by our Rishi"s

The contribution of western world in this is very minimal.




what was practiced in India for centuries was not low carb diet . It is reduced food intake in general . If any body eats huge and enormous quantities he was ridiculed saying he was eating like a beast.


He may be allergic to grains


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