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First run, I did it!!

I found the podcasts this morning, and after reading lots and lots of testimonials from happy runners, I figured that if I procrastinated I'd never go for it... so even though I'm tired and achey today, and generally run-down, I decided to just go for it.

I don't have running shoes yet (they're in the post!) so I just ran in what I had. At the start 60 seconds of running felt like torture. By the third 60 second run, when Laura said in my ears, "It's time to run, are you ready?" I was thinking "Noooooo!!".

At 13 minutes I decided I couldn't make it, I'd try again when I'm not feeling so drained (literally, nasty blood-test yesterday, whole 'nother story) and began running back towards my car when it was my 60 seconds. But when I got to the crossroads between my car and the rest of my route, I took the long path and committed myself to doing this thing.

It was exhausting, and it was a relief when I could stop, but I'm so glad I did it. I made it! And it did get a little easier by the end, which I found interesting. Is that my body loosening up? Getting stronger already? Just getting used to the motion? Hmm..

I'm looking forward to the next run with a mixture of dread and excitement.

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Well done on getting your first run done! especially when you were feeling slightly off side. Just imagine how you'll do when you feel 100%

Good luck for your second run :-)


Well done for taking the first step! I did W6R2 this morning and I can't believe I ran for two lots of 10 mins! In 6 short weeks you'll be doing it too and you'll still have the same feelings of dread and excitement! Good luck and keep blogging!


Yes, well done. It's a brilliant programme and well worth sticking with.

I graduated a few weeks ago (after not having run for years and being out of breath after the week 1 runs).

I'm now running 5K three times a week in under 30 minutes. It's an amazing achievement!

Keep at it!




wel done.. keep going, i haven't exercised for nearly 25years and i'm on W6R3 on friday.. you can do it too


Well done - its a killer shock this running malarky lol, I'm only on wk2 so am a bit of a newby too. I look forward to the aches in a bizarre kind of way because it reminds me of what I had to do to be blessed with aching calves, groin, shins, even my biceps ( what I have of them) are hurting too !!


I just started week 1 also this week and agree that it was hard and halfway through I struggled but then seemed to get another burst because I knew I was at the halfway mark I think. Determined to do this but it wont be easy. I'm overweight & unfit so need to give myself a good talking to. Well done for keeping going.


well done just finished week 1 myself today


Well done, I can empathise with you, I too felt the same this am on my first run.


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