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W3 R1 - I did it!


W3 R1 - the one with the 3minute runs!

I did it. Two weeks ago I could barely run for the 1 minute - I really didn't think I'd manage 3 minutes (twice) plus 2 lots of 90 seconds. I did find the 2nd 3 minute run really tough, but I just kept going and now I'm so glad I did - and I can chill for the rest of the weekend!

The interesting thing was that at the end of the first 90 second run I recovered and could speak and breathe normally much more quickly than I managed on my last run - so things must be improving/progressing.

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Well done - I'm W3 R2 this morning and feel the same! Complete non runner and cannot believe I've managed 3 mins in one go!!

It's amazing! on W1R1 I didn't think I'd manage the minute! - and I barely did!

The thing is liked about the run this morning was that there were only 4 lots of running to do!!!

Yeah it does feel like it's over quicker!


Well done you. Little by little, day by day you are getting fitter and stronger. Each run counts towards the next. Enjoy the journey!


Well done! You are going to be continually amazed at what you are capable of whilst following this programme- and how good it makes you feel!

Thank you all!

You spur me on to do it - I didn't want to come on here and say I hadn't done it, I wanted to be able to shout "I DID IT!!!"

That's amazing! Well done!


Really Well done !

Take the rest of the weekend off, you've earned it :-) xxx

Fantastic, your recovery time will get faster as you get fitter.

It feels tough now but it is surprising how quickly your fitness levels will increase & you will look back and be amazed at how far you can run. Keep going & let us know how you are progressing, we are all cheering you on x


Fabulous, well done!

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