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Oh my GOD I did it!!!!

I did Week 1 Run 1!

I started looking into C25K in April 2012 to lose weight and tone up but didn't ever do anything about it because I always hated running SO much and I have both agoraphobia and sociophobia and spend most of my time stuck in the house. Then I started having recurring dreams that I'm running and it always feels so amazing and I decided to seriously give it a go and see what it feels like to run without gasping for air and dragging my trainies along the pavement shouting "I CAN'T LIFT ME FEET!"

It was NOT NICE I have to tell you. It was REALLY hard to get over the double fear of going out and the fear of feeling physically bad! Then, even though I stretch and warmed up, I get shin splints and the lactic acid always builds up in my leg muscles really quickly (during the warm up walk!)

I also have some physical issues but I'm just going to have to be careful with them.....They cause me grief even when I don't exercise so...ya know.

I have gone out for about four 3.5KM walks recently and tried a comedy jog which lasted about 20 seconds so I didn't literally jump off the couch and run...So I know from that experience that even if I feel exhausted and totally unable to walk out that door - if I do it, I WILL feel so proud of myself for doing it and I will feel better. I even actually enjoyed one of the walks! And I definitely enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment I have still now the morning after and I want more of it.

The first run I did about 50 secs with a few brief stops, then I did 60, 60, 50 60, 70, 60 and 30. I then picked up a cat's big programmable feeder that I'd left at his old house and carry it home and it was quite heavy and my legs felt like lead near the end of the walk home and I had to keep stopping....but I did it!

Hahah! I literally cannot believe I did this.


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WELL DONE! The first step has been made - and your post proves that the psychological benefit of nailing it was well worth the effort :D Keep it up - you can turn that dream into reality. Boing :D


That is fantastic - well done, I admire you and you show a great mental strength by going out there and do it. Please keep coming back here - the support of this virtual community is amazing!

Take it slowly, and go at a pace that feels hard but comfortable enough so that it doesn't completely exhaust you.

I know how hard it can be to open the door and go outside, but - just the fact of being outdoors can have a considerable positive effect on our mood.

Again well done for W1R1! x


Well done, hC! Not so hopeless, actually ;) That first run is one of the biggest hurdles in the entire programme, and you did brilliantly. :D


Alas, it's often the first step that is the worst. Now you have proven to yourself that you're capable, so from now on it's going to be less intimidating, and it won't be long before you start to actively look forward to get out there. Well done you! :)


Well done you. I'm just starting out again after not running for a while and currently off work with anxiety and low mood. I did my first run last night and it's the first time In ages that my mind was clear of worries and I just concentrated on running. A bit stiff today but feeling a sense of achievement. Keep on running!

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Thats brilliant, ! Sounds like it took all your strength in mind and body but you did it! Excellent start, you should be pleased with that! 🐇😊


Well done for getting out there. U will feel the benefits from this. There will be times that will be tough but dont give up. ☺


Well done - great news and a great post. You've done the hardest part, now you can start to enjoy it. Boing!


First one is the hardest one - it does get easier from here. Well of course it's a challenge but it's a fantastic challenge and worth every step for the feeling which you are having now! Congratulations on getting out there and doing it, you can do it! Keep posting for support! :)


well done !


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