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Yipadee do dah. I did it. I DID IT :)


I marked it in my diary. August 23rd 'Started C25K'.

I was struggling with coming off the anti-depressants, and know that activity keeps the demons at bay, I decided I'd better 'get off the couch' and get something motivating and regular in my life.

And today, I RAN FOR 30 minutes (and 19 seconds!). I am SO happy. I have battled with calf muscles that objected to the activity, but I seem to have them tamed now... (Lots of stretching - and regularly).

Today I set out feeling pretty grotty, but had in mind to run for 30 minutes for a week or so, so set a route that I guessed would take that time. I tried to go a bit slower than my last run so I would have the stamina, the but RunKeeper lady said I was going as fast as previously. A few gates and a level crossing held me up but I was TRYING not to run fast.

Got to 25 minutes, and thought I was around 5 minutes from home so did a slight detour...(to allow for a warm down walk) and then... boy, was it a long wait for her to tell me it was 30 minutes! But hey, worth it or what!?

Hoping to celebrate by running my first Parkrun with my daughter(s?) on 21st December... when I will be 55.5 years old! I feel like I won't disgrace myself now.

Thanks to all on this forum for your support. I couldn't have done it without you!

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Congratulations well done . Enjoy your running .

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to Rockette

Thanks Rockette


Well done you, congratulations and I see you already have your wonderful Graduate badge, nice one. :)

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks. Yep, childish really, couldn't wait for the badge!


Nothing childish about it ! You should feel proud of what you have achieved Well done


Congratulations its a great feeling. Ive done it today too no stopping us now and yes like you I'm off the anti_depressants. Onwards and upwards

turnturtleGraduate in reply to LUVLEEJU

That is amazing NewlifeLil and Luvleeju. ! You have encouraged me to come out of the closet too. No anti-depressants for 6 weeks now after more years of dependance than I care to admit :)

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to turnturtle

that is great to hear. I haven't found it easy, but running really helps. Very best wishes to you. Take care

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to LUVLEEJU

Congratulations too. As you say... onwards and upwards :)


Amazing how this programme can affect your mental health as well as your physical. An amazing journey for you Lil. Heartfelt congratulations! :-)


Great news. No mean feat. Well done getting out there when you didn't feel like it. Makes the finish feel even better. (Good looking badge that.)

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to waletta

:) Thanks


Congratulations on graduating. It really is energisin, and to finish a run successfully makes you feel elated. Well it does me, and I hope it's the same for everyone else.

Happy running

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you. Yes, pretty good isn't it..


Well done! It is a lovely feeling. Savour it ... And keep running and posting!

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to deb54

Thanks Debs


Well done savour the moment. I believe it helps mentally too.

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to DH164

Thank you


What a lovely post to read, your achievement shines through! I look forward to reading all about your first parkrun, the last one before Christmas is great fun - be sure to wear something festive.

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to notbad

Thank you! Oh yes, good tip. Hope it's cold enough to wear the Santa hat :)


Congratulations amazing achivement keep at it =D x

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