Couch to 5K

I did the first run of week 4!!!

Last week I decided I was going to repeat the week 3 run a couple more times as I found if so hard. But this morning I decided to try the dreaded week 4 and it's 5 minute runs.

I'm not going to was tough. Very tough.

This morning was terribly cold and the usually soft grass I run on was frozen and frosty.

The first 3 minuter, unlike last week, was not too bad.

The first 5 minuter was hard but it was sooo good to have done it.

The second 3 minuter was very hard, by that point I was getting puffed and my legs were starting to feel so very heavy. I told myself that if I finished this part I'd walk the rest of the way and attempt it again on Friday.

But then the buzzer went off for the last run and I found myself stumbling. I didn't really run the last 5 minuter so much as inch forward in a mokery of the act of running. I took it one step at a time and screamed at myself in my head the whole time. Afterwards I almost collapsed besides a very surprised deer and tried not to vomit.

But I did it. Then I walked the mile home.

I can't express how proud I am!

A friend who is a runner seemed remarkably unimpressed when I told her I'd run 5 minutes straight not once but twice but to me, who has never run further than 200m, who wasn't allowed to run at school, it feels like a milestone!

I just hope I can do it again on Friday...

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Yay, you did it!!!! Isn't it fab when you do something you don't think you can do?! Well done!!


Thank is kind of exhilarating tonight! I'm so surprised at myself ;)


Keep at it! I did the first run of week 5 this morning and surprised myself too :)


It's been a brilliant day all round ;)


Well done for getting it done! When you read posts on here there are lots of us who are just like you. I constantly wonder if I am going to finish and am sooooooo pleased when I do. Don't worry about your runner friend... its a great achievement for YOU!...... and more is just round the corner!!! Happy running..


It is a milestone and you did it! Your friend obviously can't remember how hard it was but we can. Really well done for pushing yourself and finishing the run. No wonder you're feeling proud!


Well done you! A fine achievement indeed. Your friend has obviously forgotten how hard it can be starting out at something new so don't allow that to dampen your enthusiasm. If you did it today then you can do it again. Happy running :)


Well done - and keep going. I never repeated any weeks, because I had a sneaking suspicion they would never feel easier anyway. I think each new challenge was just as hard as the last - but not harder. And nothing was as hard as that first run of week 1!!

As to your runner friend... No comment - except that my inspiration for this was a friend who had just completed the London Marathon in 3hrs55mins - and he and his wife have supported me every step of the C25K way, with comments like "awesome" even for Week 1 stuff. So listen to us, not the friend.


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