W9r3: I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it! AND I did 5k!!!!!

Can't believe it, but it's true, I only went and did it! *does a little scream*

Woke up this morning thinking I might run, did a few gentle stretches and decided the ancient knees needed another day's rest. Sat down to a nice cup of tea, looked in on the forum and read Miles_Yonder's inspiring post and several others and thought sod it, I'm going to run!! So I donned my Tubigrip and off I went....

It was a day of firsts for me: 1) I've never run in the rain before and I really like it.

2) I've never run without my glasses before but rain and specs aren't compatible so thought I'd give it a go. And guess what? Not being able to see your watch is really liberating. It stops you thinking about your time.

3) I've never run so late before (set off at 7:45am) Didn't really like that too much. Much more traffic and traffic fumes. I'm definitely an early bird.

4) I've never set out to run 5k before. In all my other runs I've just concentrated on finishing, but today, today I thought I'd go for it. I ran with Laura right up to the moment when she said " you've got another 60 seconds," then I swapped over to my favourite band at the moment, Bastille, and just carried right on running.

I am so proud, so unbelievably proud and happy. I did 5.1k in just over 37 minutes before I slowed to a walk again. The ancient knees feel fine and I'm abuzzing like a bee on a lavender bush!!

So what have I learned on this amazing running journey that is c25k?

1) There's always a little bit left in the tank, even when you're exhausted, if you really believe there is.

2) I love running - and that's saying something for a woman who was always terrible at school sports.

3) I'm not ancient! When I first joined the forum that's how I felt- like an ancient mum, well passed my best and physically a bit rubbish. But now I feel like EpicMum, GazelleMum, RunningMum, FabFor55Mum, anything but AncientMum.

4) I only made it because of the support, encouragement, advice and kindness I got from all you lovely people on here.

So thank you very much to you all, my lovely lovely running buddies. Now please help yourselves to a massive slice of cyber chocolate graduation cake. Go on, you know you want to!

Carrie xxx

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55 Replies


    That's fantastic Carrie! Well done on taking that 5K by the ball* and giving it a good kickin'. Super run, super graduation and super program completed. No wonder you did a little scream. Now all you have to do is keep it up three times per week. You will have a slight withdrawal from Laura and the program, so either set yourself small goals and aim for those. OR....start the B210K prog - which I have to admit I didn't do, but some on here have raved about it and like the structure.

    Perhaps you should think of a name change? ....like..."EX Ancientmum"!!

    BY the way, that cake is superb. Loveliest cyber cake I've had in ages!

  • Thank you so much Danzargo for both your good wishes and the advice. I must admit I hadn't thought much beyond c25k, apart from needing to get in some hill practice before my Mo-Running race in November. Would love to go for 10k (there was definitely more in the tank this morning) but, realistically, I doubt I could fit it in in the mornings before work. I'll give it some serious thought over the next couple of days.

    Love your idea of a name change - perhaps rfkaAncientMum? Runner formally known as....

    Glad you enjoyed the cake x

  • Fantastic & we'll done .

  • Thanks Rockette. I'm still feeling mighty pleased with myself!

  • That is so good. I mean really really good.

    I graduated a while ago and am still struggling to do 5k consistently, so really really bask in that achievement -- you are not an ancient mum you are a brilliant runner mum!!

  • Thank you Sweetie that's so kind. I'm doing serious basking right now as I type. In fact I suspect daughters are getting a bit sick of it now! x

  • That's brilliant! Amazing what we can achieve isn't it?

    Oh and many thanks for the delicious cake - just what I needed and very welcome with my recovery cuppa.....yummmmmmm yummmmmm, nommmmmm.......gulp....aaaaahhhhh....


  • Thank you dottymay. It surely is amazing what we can achieve when we allow ourselves. So glad you're enjoying the cake. xx

  • Yay well done :D and yay for 5k

    I'm currently struggling to even stay awake so I am glad I didn't push it and attempt my final run.

    Now go get your pretty badge and wear it with pride

  • Thanks Spoonie. So sorry you're still not back to running yet but maybe tomorrow.... In the meantime, have a slice of graduation cake and settle down with your super hero of choice for a nice afternoon kip. Get well soon xx

  • Graduation cake was very yummy thank you. Currently on the sofa under blanket and a cat watching afternoon movies that don't require any form of brain power. I am disappointed but I'd rather go out and complete the run rather than risk it going tits up cause I'm not well enough.

  • Quite right too, m'dear. You take your time and finish in style. Meanwhile enjoy the blanket, the cat and the mouldy old movies x

  • Well done! Not that there was ever any doubt... :) You did this and you alone! I bet that first week seems so long ago now... You're now a runner! Special congratulations on doing the 5K too - no stopping you now!

  • Thanks Aussiegtc m'dear. The support and encouragement from everyone on here has been wonderful. It's like running in a big crowd of people who are egging you on, cheering you and occasionally carrying you. All making sure that, in the end, failure isn't an option. x

  • Well done GazelleMum! That was a really good run!

  • Thank you Sweetie for your support. I'm still amazed I did it, but yay, I did!!

  • Oooh fantastic, well done!

  • Thank you catchmeifucan. What an awesome name!! I'm jealous!

  • Wahey. Huge congratulations AwesomeMum! What a great feeling. Happy post grad playtime. X

  • Thank you Jaqs99. Post grad playtime, now there's a concept I haven't come across before and I really like it! Woohoo x

  • Fantastic post! Well done to you! x

  • Thank you Drummond45, I'm still buzzing x

  • Massive congratulations You should be really proud of what you have achieved. Totally agree with Dan - set yourself a small goal for next few weeks to try and avoid graduation anticlimax so many of us have experienced

  • Thank you. Sweetie, I am feeling ridiculously proud tis true. Haven't decided on my next steps yet but your's and Dan's warnings to set myself a new goal have been duly (but not Julie) noted! xx

  • That's fantastic, well done! Graduation and 5K, what more could you want eh! Enjoy your running. Mmm cake was lovely thanks x

  • Thank you no-excuse, your support has meant a lot. As for what else could I want? Well a slice of MissW's fig and chocolate bread would be nice -have been permanently ravenous since I stopped running. Might just help myself to another slice of cake x

  • Aww GazelleMum, that has brought a lump to my throat. I know exactly how you feel, as that is how I felt at the start of this programme. Something that I started in desperation, because I knew that I had a choice: sink into pain-ridden old age and take lots of medication. Or put up a fight, and see where it takes me. Well I practically bounce around now, instead of hobbling. I feel on top of the world, despite being unemployed (lost my job due to ill health- neck shoulder probs) I feel positive about my future, and determined to make the most of life. Well done you, I share your joy and will hopefully have a slice of my own virtual cake to share with you on Friday. Big hugs :) x

  • Oh Treemouse Sweetie, your post brought a lump to my throat too -seems we are setting each other off! You are exactly right- we put up a fight and we see where it takes us. So glad you're feeling so strong and positive now. I can't wait to share your graduation cake on Friday, I'll be cheering you on every step of the way xx

  • What a brilliant post Carrie ! I am so pleased for you, I just want to say a MASSIVE WELL DONE ! to you :-)

    You have done amazing , and an inspiration to those, like me, who have yet to graduate . Fab stuff ! You go girl :-) xxx

  • Thank you my lovely, that's so kind. Your graduation is getting mighty close now I think and I'll be there cheering you on every step of the way. I'll be the one waving the big GO POPPYPUG banner xx

  • Aw thank you so much !, that's really nice of you :-) xxx

  • Fantastic! So pleased to hear you had a brilliant run AncientMum and how well you wear your graduate badge.

    What a cracking time too! I think you really do need to change your name - I favour EpicMum.

  • Thank you Ullyrunner, and thank you for your lovely supportive posts. It's been an amazing journey to get here and I'm so excited to see where it takes me next. x

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You will definitely have to change your name now. Your journey so far has been a really inspiring one, and this is just the beginning. And that cyber chocolate fudge icing is delicious!

  • Thank you TT Sweetie, so glad you enjoyed the cake! Yes, the name change. What to pick....... x

  • Fantastic. Really well done.

  • Thank you Paul

  • Thank you so much KK, my lovely wonderful running guru. Thank you for all your advice and encouragement. I swear I wouldn't have, couldn't have made it without you!

    Yes, Tubigrip Curly Wurlies sounds might fine to me xx

  • So glad the knees held up and thrilled to hear you have graduated. Wishing you many happy running hours. P.S someone seems to have eaten all the cake....

  • Thank you Henpen, that's so nice of you. Sorry all the cake's gone but guess what? The suns's over the yard arm, so help yourself to a glass of champagne. Cheers! x

  • Woot woot!

    A very well done


  • Thank you Chris, Woot Woot indeedy!!

  • Absolutely brilliant. No one is 'Ancient' on this, by some miracle we are all runners. Still don't know how it works but it does. Onward & upwards xx

  • Thank you Windswept, I don't know how it works either but it's fab xx

  • GazelleMum! Firstly, please allow me to proffer my apologies to being late (again!) to the graduation party. I did read your post earlier at work but I was despatched to Halifax, Leeds and Durham and only saw your marvellous post at the end of my break, so didn't want to quickly rush a reply through, and wanted to take the time to reply properly. I got home late and have only just got online; again, my apologies!




    Really, very, very well done. It's a fantastic achievement and I agree; the name AncientMum certainly is not appropriate; TurboMum, perhaps! You did brilliantly today; that's some going. It sounds like you had an amazing graduation run; I'm touched I made such an impression with my post for you to go and tackle your big run today!

    The running world is indeed your oyster now! More races! 10K - and beyond - anything is possible! :-) Any more thoughts on what you'll do now?

    Running in the rain is brilliant, isn't it? A bit tricky when holding a slippery water bottle, but it's really nice, running in the rain. I haven't yet ran as late as that, but I can't imagine it being fun. I will soon, but at least much earlier on there's hardly any traffic about. There's places here that at four in the morning you can cross most roads without problem at all; later in the day it becomes deeply hazardous!

    You do yourself a disservice with the name AncientMum; quite evidently you are not ancient! Very very well done; it's nice to see your graduate badge too! Now, I think a slice of this cake you speak of is in order! :D

  • Thank you my lovely for both your good wishes and for all your wonderful encouraging and inspiring posts. Not sure what comes next, apart from serious hill training before November. Think I'll listen to some of the follow-on podcasts to see which one I like the sound of most, or maybe I'll do a combination of them. In the meantime, I'm looking into getting a Garmin and contemplating a name change but can't decide what to - IndecisiveMum maybe?

    Can't wait to read your graduation post, it's going to be fab!!

    Sorry there isn't any cake left, but Henpen and I cracked open the champagne about an hour ago, so help yourself to a glass


  • Fabulous! Isn't it amazing what us old mums can do?? I am so pleased for you and your knees - reading your post has inspired me to get out early tomorrow morning, so thank you! Happy running xx

  • Thank you Spanner, we older (but definitely not ancient) mums are truly awesome. Enjoy your run tomorrow morning xx

  • Congratulations! And well done on the time! You are in no-way ancient when you can achieve all that! Awesome stuff xx

  • Thank you Peiginthecity, I am feeling might proud I have to admit.

  • Well done I think you're Epic, just Epic. I suppose you can't put "just" with "epic" it doesn't go & you certainly went. Loved the buzzing bee bit.

  • Thank you Walett, I'd settle for 'just epic' any day of the week! x

  • Missed this one - HUGE congrats to you!! :D

    Now get that name changed! (If you're able to??) EPICMum is my favourite! :D x

  • Thank you spiky_moss, that's so kind. Sadly don't think a name change is possible (or at least I can't work out how) so will have regard it as an awful reminder of how I'll feel again if I stop running!!

  • Absolutely fantastic you graduate you :-)

    A well earned CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

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