I DID IT! MY FIRST 10K in 1hr 3min (with added pollution!)

I DID IT! MY FIRST 10K in 1hr 3min (with added pollution!)

Whaaaamm.......kaboooooom.......whoooohooooo....are just three of the exclamations that went through my brain as my phone BUZZED, telling me that 10K had been reached. There were fireworks, tears of joy and dancing girls cheering me on my warm down walk........

OK. Back to reality. But get this people. I did it in 1hour 03 mins which aint that bad for a first timer 10K'er is it? I put it all down to the lovely Saharan dust and mainland Continental European industrial fog that's been trying to strangle us all. Seriously though, I don't know how I did it. I'm so happy I could do a mini personal conga!

I'd had a three day rest since my last run. My 51st birthday was on Monday and I had originally planned to have completed my first 10K by this day, but alas, twas not to be. The old legs had been playing up and mentally I just couldn't reach the point in my brain where I could say "YOU CAN DO THIS DAN MY SON!" I'd managed to get three days work (back on the dog film I'd been working on) this week so decided to not run until today and give my legs a three full days rest. However last night when I was peeling myself of the sofa to climb the stairs to bed, I felt the ghastly nagging leg pains which are driving me to distraction. "I don't bloomin' care" I said "I'm going out tomorrow for a run because three days off is quite enough!"

Awoke late, fresh as a daisy. Legs felt oddly fine. Did my hip 'n glute exercises, swallowed a pint of green sludge juice, ate 6 dates for energy, had a point of water to hydrate and I was off. Now the main person in my head this morning were the panthering calming words of JuicyJu - "Don't go fast....keep your speed down....relax and go slower......you stupid great lummox....". I'm one of those men that whenever a woman tells me something sensible, I immediately think I know better - AND I NEVER DO! I should do though, because Mrs Dan is ALWAYS right about things (even manly Dan'ly DIY things that I should be all manly and knowledgeable about) and has made me start to realise that I should ALWAYS listen to women. They know stuff. They're plugged into the World Main Frame and can see through the haze of confusion that men like me just can't work out.

I had not planned to do 10K. No sireee. It wasn't until I'd reached 7.5K that I decided to give it a go, and boy was that mentally tough......

K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 were all unbelievably comfortable. I could have had a relaxed conversation with someone for the entire 7K I was THAT comfortable breathing wise. JuicyJu and her wise "Go Slow" remarks were working. I was hot and sweating like a racehorse, but I was sooooo in control. I kept my cadence regular, made sure my feet ALWAYS landed underneath my body and kept my shoulders relaxed. I picked my feet up for 90% of the run trying to adjust to my new "non shuffle, slip, slide'y" running form. I reached Twickenham and decided to run behind the High Street and then loop back along the High Street, to add some distance to my run. I was at around 5.5K at this point and was feeling good. Got to the A316 and decided instead of waiting for the pedestrian crossing, I'd run alongside the road to the next roundabout nearer home. I used the pedestrian bridge and took a welcome 30 second walk break over it. Continued running until my favourite lamp post and fished the phone out of my pocket to see how much extra I'd added to my distance. If it was 9K'ish, I would run the rest to make up the 10. The phone read 7.5K - OH NO!!! "Ohhh Gawd!" I thought. "I can't do another 2.5K can I? Can I? I'll walk home"

But the SuperDan in me had other ideas. He said "Listen up, you ludicrous lycra clad klutz. Take a short walk break for a minute or two, get your breath back and then go for it. You can do it. Your legs are strong. Your bum is pert. Your feet are craving to get going again!" - HE WAS RIGHT!

"Thank you SuperDan. You're the best!" - I had the mini breather walk that I'd rewarded myself with then set off again and this time had to guess what 2.5K would be. I was running up a road that I don't usually run along, but I was in good shape although I have to say at this stage, my breathing was getting heavy and I was feeling tired. But I pushed on. "Ok. Time to go down there and then return back towards home".......on and on I went. I couldn't resist getting the phone out and looking at each increment of distance I was covering......8.7K........the phone buzzed in my hand...9K....."Come on Dan, only another 1000 metres to go. That's nothing to a man dressed like you!".......9.5.....9.7....9.9......"I'm gonna doooooooo ittttt!!"

10K! YESSSSSSSS! And only three days after my birthday deadline I'd set myself too. How's about that? I am so pleased.

I'm almost at my first anniversary of C25K. 12 months ago I could barely run 60 seconds. A year later and I can run 60 minutes. How is this possible? With determination and desire, that's how. So to all you peeps starting out - don't give up EVER. Your body is getting you ready for the trip of a lifetime....

Happy running folks and thanks for reading......


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57 Replies

  • This is so lovely to read after I have just completed my first ever 10k last week. All the feelings and thoughts you described were amazingly true!! Such a great account of your run to read over. An amazing time too!! I need to practice. Well done though. I found 7.5 - 10 the hardest going. I can never imagine choosing to go out to do 10k - my brain would panic! Huge congratulations, you did it!! Keep posting too - loved reading this, its cheered me right up! :D

  • Awwww thanks nextjenn! Come 'ere for a mega hug!!

  • You beat me you g*t! I'm gonna have to do another one now! Grrrrr

    Only kiddin Dan. Well done matey. You did fabulously well. Woooohhhhoooo. Have you come down to earth yet? I had to come home and tackle the ironing after my PB run. Sob! There's a leveller if ever there was one.

    I know that street! You know. The one you don't usually run down. Snort!!

  • Hahaha! Am still buzzing. I didn't do any ironing, but I did watch Mrs Dan do mine earlier. Does this count??

  • Oh my gosh! 0 to 10k in a year! Swoon! My hero!

  • Couldn't agree more. Especially because Dan just makes running seem like so much fun. I know others have said it before but please please publish a book :-) your posts are really good for making running seem so much more accessible. And blimey by the way. Mrs Dan is a lucky lady: you don't look 51 :-) you certainly have an attitude that could put a lot of younger people on their toes.

  • You really are soooo kind! Mrs Dan is truly, the luckiest woman alive!! Hahahaha!! JOKe!

    I wouldn't have the first clue how to write a book though. My blogettes on here seem to make people laugh though which is great - and its nice to share my enthusiasm for running with all you folks too. Stay tuned for the nest one......

  • No....it's SuperDan who's your hero. Me? I'm just a dude.....

  • Hey Dan, update your bio. Also, i see you are on My Fitness Pal, can we be friends there? I have same name both places: Nilzed

    (Anyone else reading this, the more friends the merrier!)

  • Really proud of you Dan, glad you made it just after your date deadline, and a great time as well.

    Paws is not so pleased as reading your post has just delayed his supper - and boy having him parade across the keyboard finally got the message across to deal with him first!

    You have just helped to spur me on again as my 10K deadline is May 11th (albeit I need to know I can do it before that date). I got jealous of my young whipper snapper friend who can run loads signing up for this race (keep trying to tell myself she is 16 years younger) and so she does not know that I have signed myself up.

  • Hooray! I helped spur you on! Thanks c4ts. Tell Paws to behave and stop climbing all over the keyboard...

  • That's fantastic Dan, well done! Its so good for new runners like me to read your posts and realise that it is possible to achieve these goals we set ourselves. Hope you had a fab birthday too! x

  • Thank you - and I did!

  • Dan that's just wonderful, you have worked so hard to reach this goal, well done. Happy belated birthday wishes coming your way. Fingers crossed that those wonderful toned legs and pert bum!! are none the worse for the extra distance covered. :) :) :)

  • Aww thanks OldGirl. You're the best. My legs today are amazingly ok??!!

  • Well done fellow arien , that's fantastic congratulations you deserve it . It's my birthday today but I don't think I'll be reaching 10 k anytime soon . Really pleased for you dan & a belated happy birthday old boy

  • Happy Birthday Rockette! x

  • Thanks no excuse

  • Happy birthday Rockette! From another Arien! xx

  • And a very happy belated b'day to you for yesterday Rockette. You'll be at the 10K mark before long. I just know it!

  • Brilliant post, and what a great result and time. Hope you had a fab birthday on Monday. There must be something more than Saharan sludge in the air at the moment because it's my birthday on Saturday, and guess what I've signed up to run for the first time too, in Richmond Park...

  • Many happy returns for tomorrow TT. Enjoy Richmond Park. I haven't run around that yet.....but I will soon.

  • Well done on your 10K achievement and many happy returns for last Monday. Best wishes.

  • Cheers Fitmo. I appreciate that.

  • Fanatsic well done and what a great time. A few days off your goal is nothing in the great scheme of what your bodies been through over the last few months. Thought about you on Tuesday as me and hubby treated ourselves to a day out cycling round Richmond park. I was on the look out for a gazelle.

  • Ahhhh, I must get out to Richmond Park and do a circuit. I hear it's totally glorious...

  • AGHHHHHHHHH HOOOOOORAY( screams and jumps up and down in true excited panther stylie!!!!)See....I knew you could do it Mr tight Lycra .....I am so so sooooo pleased for you...I bet you feel amazing...time for bubbles of both kinds ;)

  • Thank you JuJu. I am thrilled to have done it. Weird isn't it how when you attain a goal through sheer effort, how MIGHTY you feel?!

  • Reading this is great inspiration for me that's only been running since January and weight of 12st (was 14st) . I can now run 5k. I have done it twice so far. I've also done a park run. Never thought I'd ever get to do that. Building on my times and fitness - losing weight etc and Hey! who know's I may be able to run 10K myself this time next year!! 10K I can't think that far yet but I know it can be possible with dedication. You're the proof of that. So thank you for inspiring me and keeping this new running lark cheerful for me when at times it can be tough. :-)

  • You can definitely do it and may get to 10k quicker than that! See my "accidental 10k" post from the other day - I amazed myself and I've only been going since January too :)

  • Well done YOU thinlizzy. Running is hard - and it will never be easy, but oh....the joy of reaching a goal is brilliant.

  • Jolly well done!!!

  • I say! Thank you so much!

  • Top notch 10k Dan, and great blog as usual. :-)

  • Ohhhh nextjenn. You're just saying that!! Hahah..

  • Happy belated birthday wishes for dan and rockette!

  • Cheers MW!

  • SuperDan, please can I have a signed autograph :D

    Congratulations on doing your 10k run and in such a good time too. Well done!

  • Merci kickibro. The 20 foot X 30 foot poster you ordered of me is in the post and it's signed too. Thanks for the postal order for the amount of £1000 too. What a bargain eh?!! Haaahaha!!

  • Well done Dan! What a great birthday gift to yourself!

  • I know-werrrr!!

  • Hey you did it!! What a fantastic time! No going back now :)

  • I did it! Yes! But can I do it again?.....

  • Great post as always and brilliant time. Well done.

  • Thanks Windswept1. You are too kind!

  • Brilliant. Well done Dan. Here .... have a manly punch on the arm to celebrate!

  • Thanks Pastyman (what a brilliant handle??) - Yeeahh!

  • Congratulations Dan! Fantastic achievement! 10k is my next target, currently up to 8 :) Fab post, makes that golden 10k seem possible! xx

  • Oooh exciting! I was at 8K for aaaages - which means YOU WILL do it. Can't wait to hear of your success too.

  • Nice one Dan and that's a great time with excellent splits. In fact, that's racing time. Boy done good!!!

  • Ahhh thanks OldNed. Racing time? Do you think? I suppose the next challenge now is to chop off those three minutes......

  • Yeah, I do think. I did the Sheffield 10K last year in 59 mins; you're only 4 mins adrift of that. Next challenge, you're right, is to get under the hour. I'm confident you won't find that too hard.

  • Brilliant Dan, well done and great post too! Amazing what a short recovery walk can set you up for, isn't it? I now need to get to 10k actual running w/o the walks :)

  • Yes indeed. The recovery walk is my new best friend - there's no shame in stopping for a breather.

  • Fan-bloody-tastic! So impressed. I hope the old pins aren't too 'shot'after that epic run.

    Some sound advice in that blog too. A good read!

    I too had set a target to run 10K by my first anniversary of C25K. That passed on Monday this week with a 5.5K run, which is a lot more than I could do a year ago. Can't be ashamed wit that. I am feeling good now, and being 8 days short of my 46th birthday, maybe I should just 'bloody well go for it!'.

  • fantastic you must be on cloud nine!!!!! What an inspiration you are, so happy for you that you have reached your goal.Take care and rest now look forward to your next post.

  • Sorry for being late to the party, but a big congratulations to you Dan, please keep posting your wonderful tales and if you ever get around to writing the book put me down for a couple of copies :)

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