I finally did it!!

Went out a bit later on my run today, but it was still nice, I live in the U.K. So the heat isn't really a problem for me.

I actually did it though! W1R3! I did all of the runs, for 60 seconds each time! I feel so happy! I'm also donating blood tomorrow for the second time! So I'm just really hyped (sort of weird) because not only am I helping myself, I'm also helping others and it just feels good!

Thank you for all of the advice I've been getting and every word of encouragement, I honestly thought about not going out today, but now I'm so happy I did, because I did it! Agh!

Anyway, I have another question for all you runners, do any of you ever get an ache sort of behind your shoulder blades from running? It may just be my back (I hunch over a lot), and does anybody have any good advice on stretches to do before a run? Or a YouTube video showing some?

Thanks everybody!


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9 Replies

  • It's probably the way you run at the moment if you hunch over, have shoulders back and chest out, try not to hold your shoulders up let them relax, arms at 45deg..

    Don't stretch much before running, it's not good to try and stretch cold muscles, just do some dynamic warmup excercise then warmup walk, but always stretch well afterwards.

    Look in the pinned posts, there are run correctly and stretching guides there...

  • Isn't it amazing how one moment you're thinking I can't do this running stuff and the next moment you've completed the first week!!

    Well done and keep up the good running 🏃🏻‍♀️😊

  • It is awesome! Considering the first run I could barely even manage to do one sixty second run and now I've done them all ^_^

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Tension is often the culprit at this stage..holding ourselves stiffly with sheer effort !

    Also, maybe a bit of tension stress because of your donating blood...:)

    Try to relax...and yes, stretches before and after and exercise on rest days will all help.


    You are doing wonderfully!

  • PS

    Dynamic stretches as davelinks says... warm up well too:)

  • Well done on getting out and running and good on you for giving blood however if I were you give yourself a bit longer between your donation and your next run as you may find you feel tired as you are deficient a pint of blood and it takes a while to replenish there are posts about so feel free to read those.

  • Thanks for the advice! I'm probably going to leave it a couple of days before starting week two, and then go back to my regular one day rest between each jog :)

  • I give blood as well and found out the hard way by going out the day after so l now leave 2 to three days between runs and I am quite a bit older than you.

  • I use these warm up exercises from runners world before I set off for my warm up walk. I started doing them after I'd been on the injury couch, and they have made a difference.


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