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getting back to fitness after a cold

Hi all. I've had a bit of a cold and a week later am still full of snot - at the moment there's no way I can run as even going upstairs makes me dizzy. However, I am sure one day this snot will get bored and go. Do I need to wait until I'm totally back to normal or can I just go for a short run when I think I'm up to it?

Are there any interim exercises I can do to stop me losing all my fitness (although I am just wallowing in feeling sorry for myself at the moment).

I'd forgotten how miserable the common cold can be :(

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Just start from where you left off when you feel better, a week or so shouldn't knock you back any :)


Hope u get better soon. I had a cold a while back and kept going out of sheer stubborness but I do feel I didn't get as much out of them as I would have done had I rested properly- I found myself being really slow and having a thoroughly miserable time. My advice would be to rest properly until u feel 100% better and then get back on it.

I ended later having a whole week break between runs and much to my suprise I was still able to complete the runs where I left off.

Good luck!


If you feel up to it, try and do some gentle stretching and strength exercises. This should help keep you supple so that you are less likely to hurt yourself when you start running again. Start off gently when you feel better. It's ok to run with a cold if you feel up to it but don't be afraid to cut your run short if you decide it was too soon after all. Airwaves chewing gum helps with the stuffy nose ! Hope you feel better soon.


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