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Getting back


Somewhere along the way in amongst all the health gremlins I lost my running mojo. I may have spent two hours on Christmas Day and two hours on Boxing Day on exhilarating Cornish walks but was finding the excuses gremlin winning every time. Worries about my ability to run with frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and IBS, added to my general lack of self confidence and self belief, and the fact that I do find it incredibly hard work possibly due to a heart murmur I've had since birth.

I realised that I've found my way round all these difficulties before and just needed to identify what it was in particular which kept stopping me from getting out the door and running. I also realised that the duration of running had been daunting me ever since my running was disrupted by these health matters. Also, trying to keep up with other people's progress doesn't make any sense and I have had to consciously let go of any comparisons / competitiveness.

I decided to just try and enjoy a small amount of running, which might help to conquer the health issues as well as the mental downs. So, I ran W6R2 a couple of times, which proved challenging due to IBS but I did just make it without disaster (emphasis on 'just'...).

Yesterday on the spur of the moment decided to step it up to W6R3 and I made it :) and no IBS issues at all- no plantar flare-up- and no slips, trips, falls or having to dodge past anything, all of which are very, very bad for the frozen shoulder. I'm thrilled to be slowly getting back to some sort of form, even if it is still very much way behind where I could have been... I was out for 42mins in all, covered 5.33km including warm up and a long warm down, and a very slow pace of 6:51 / km was my fastest split. I am trying not to be competitive with myself though and just be glad my body is allowing this much running - of course I feel so much better for managing to get out! The lovely thing is, W6R3 is when Laura says 'I reckon you're a proper runner'- a wee bit emotional for me to hear that again yesterday and so strangely comforting and reassuring, even though I know she doesn't actually know me and my own battles! Oh, and this morning the scales say I'm down 2lb, even if it goes back up to only a 1lb loss I am thrilled to be on the move downward again!

Moral of the story, I guess, is don't give up, enjoy your running, and remember that when you do get out and it's good, it really is worth it :)

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Congratulations and well done rainshine :)

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to bunty65

thanks bunty :) I felt such a fraud after completing the C25K in fantastic form and then two parkruns later it all started to fall apart. Good to be getting back a little at a time :)


RS, well done!

No! Never give up! have a little lay off maybe, but seems you had to regarding your health problems. Just think of the benefit's and how you usually feel after running. Great to see you back into it.

I'm out running this morning in the sunshine😀

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to davelinks

Thanks Davelinks :)

Glad you got a sunny run- it's sooo chill now here! But you're right, the benefits are worth it :)


Well done! :-)

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to dagshar

thanks Dagshar! It's been such a struggle- mentally as well as physically!


Good to hear from you again Rainshine. Lovely that you're back out there running again and regaining your confidence. I'll just say one thing - 6:51min/km is NOT slow. 😀

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Hi Ancientmum, the system seems to have eaten my reply to you so here goes again- thank you so much for your encouraging words- I'm so grateful; it makes a huge difference to have that support. Hope all's well with you :)

AncientMumGraduate in reply to AvatheGardener

Cheers m'dear, I'm ticking along slowly but surely, thanks 😀

I DREAM of a pace that fast!

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

aww useitorloseit- thanks (*blushes*)- seriously though I believe your health concerns are a bit more serious than my minor difficulties- for example the worst today is that putting clothes on and taking them off is tough due to the shoulders (sports bras have to be front zip style and even then getting them off the shoulders is a struggle- oooops! TMI!)

Seriously though, it's comments like that, from someone so tough as you, which really do make me realise how lucky I am to have the bod and health that I do have- and make me all the more motivated to keep it as well as possible :)

useitorloseitGraduate in reply to AvatheGardener

I feel like a fraud! I'm generally well, but thank you for those kind words! That's part of the problem with things like MS and IBS - a lot of the time we are completely well, so get accused of swinging the lead, which in turn leads to other problems, often mental health related. Running is most certainly brilliant for building self-esteem. Look what we're all achieving just by getting out there while lots of completely able bodied people languish in front of their tvs and playstations unaware of how fortunate they are not to have to deal with faulty bodies! Oops that turned into a mini soapbox lecture - sorry one and all :)

Nice one cookie :) It's always the getting out there then the first 10 min which are hardest. Bet you felt good afterwards. Frozen shoulders and bras don't go together at all. Ouch! I remember it well. It's such a crappy condition to have, for me it took about a year but did clear up. How long have you had it?

Hi bop! I've had it since the start of June. Pretty much, it came on the same time I had shingles. Bah. I'm on meds to help me sleep- and can't drink alcohol, so I'm a bit of a social pariah (until it comes to driving home of course!). So on the plus side, I'm not drinking alcohol which is healthy!

How long did it take for yours to clear up?

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to AvatheGardener

About a year I'm afraid but 6 months for the excruciating pain to lessen. You know the pain when you forget and reach for a high shelf... Still haven't regained backward mobility completely. Forwards and to the side is normal and pain free. Can now do up a bra strap behind my back but if I do a yoga stretch on my good side I notice what a lack of range I still have on the bad side (2 years on now so might be permanent).

Shingles too? Boy you've been through the wars. Keep your immune system strong now anyway you can. Hats off to you for running with all this crap to deal with.

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