So I decided to start another MyAsics Plan today. The old "Pre Illness" one had fallen by the wayside owing to almost six weeks of no running. I'd managed two test runs since last weekend - one of 1.5K and the other 3K and came through those with only minor incident. So this morning my plan said "Do a 5K slow jog" I did.

It's still pretty chilly round these parts so I wore two tops along with my lycra leggings. The sun had gone in so no need for shades. I bid Mrs Dan farewell and bounced out the door with my garmin on my wrist (very generously donated to me by Dunder2004 a few weeks ago. Thanks Dunder!) and my phone in my pocket.

I'd only done about 300 metres when I had to stop for a bloody coughing fit. DAMMIT! This bloody chest thing is a pain in the @r$e! Once recovered I set off again, my lungs having cleared and I was fine. I was going as slow as I could, which sounds a bit odd, but I naturally seem to want to go at about 5'45'ish per K and that's too fast at the moment. I settled in at about 6'10-6'15 per K and all seemed well until 2.5K.

I'd crossed Old Deer Park and was heading back into Richmond on the Thames Path when I felt my chest getting a bit weak and wheezy. "Oh Go! Here we go again" I thought and the coughing started. Pretty violent, eye watering style. I stopped, gathered myself and started walking for a bit. Walking felt good and it wasn't long before I felt totally back to normal - breathing fine and lungs clear. Off I went again. Slowly. I reached Richmond Bridge and mounted the steps to the street where I ran across the bridge, down the other side to meet the path on the opposite side of the river. My legs and hips and back felt fine and I wasn't getting tired like I thought I would. So luckily my leg fitness is still good - I just need to get on top of this breathing malarkey. The lungs started to get a bit wheezy again at around 3.7K and once again, I stopped briefly, spluttering and coughing like a smoker, then walked until I felt back to normal. I'd reached Twickenham Bridge and off I went jogging slowly again until Gertie Garmin bleeped that 5K was up. I stopped and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I'd completed the course, like I told myself I would and the time was 31'43. Not too far off 'Super Dan at Normal Fitness' pace which means once my chest is totally clear, I'll be able to easily knock 3+ minutes off that.

My Turks Head 10K Fun Run number came through the post the other day and I'm panicking slightly! I really couldn't do 10K at the moment, but I've got three weeks to prepare for it so fingers crossed I'll be good for it. I've already decided to run dead slow, walk lots and not worry about any time! That way it takes all the pressure off and should ensure I enjoy the run.

Off to visit Mamaaaa this afternoon and to bring her a photo of our two cats which Mrs Dan wants a pencil drawing of. Mum is a really talented artist and loves nothing more that to sit for hours with her drawing or painting utensils at her easel, creating fabulous creations!! Not bad for a sprightly(ish) 88 year old....

Thanks for reading. I shall continue with my My Asics Plan which has me running a half marathon a good 4 weeks before the one I'm doing with my crazy pal in October. Blimey...

Ta ra

Yer pal



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28 Replies

  • Fantastic news Dan! You'll be back to your speed in no time and ready for that HM well before it's due.

    Happy running!

  • Cheers Pigivi!

  • Is the cold air of the morning causing you problems?? What's it like when you run later in the day or perhaps use a scarf around your mouth to warm up the air... but I'm no doctor :-)

  • That's a very good point Andy. I'll try covering my mouth next time and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  • Go Dan go!! With one of them there Buff doo-dahs maybe to help warm up the chilly air :-)

  • Yes. A buff should do the trick. Worth a go anyroad.....

  • Jeez Dan, really sorry that this coughing, spluttering lurgy type thing is still with you.

    With that said, it does sound like you are making progress and that your running legs are still capable of propelling you at a fair rate of knots. Good to hear that your HM is still on the cards (October for me too).

    I hope Gertie serves you well.

  • I know! This is Week 6 of the bloody thing too.....

    And Gertie and me are the best of friends now. Thanks to you!!

  • Did you try absinthe? £20 a bottle in Twonko.

    I do hope you can shrug it off soon Dan as it's been ages!

  • Absinthe? Is that supposed to sort you out? I know Van Gogh used to like a drop.

    I too wish this thing would shift. Apart from anything's exhausting!

  • So pleased you managed to get out there and run, Dan. I'd settle for your ill time if I was at peak fitness! ;) Just take it easy m'dear, you're not in any rush. Your legs sound like they're as strong as ever. It's just your lungs that still need a bit of TLC. Slowly, slowly does it x

  • Thank you AM.

  • Blimey Dan, you take it easy and take care! Welcome to the Garmin club, too :) x

  • Oooh yes! Just got your invite. Which I accepted obvs....

  • Oh Dan, you have had this for soo long now , it seems like ages and ages....

    Dans cough- the gift that keeps on giving :-(

    Glad you managed to get out and show London what its been missing !

    Hope you can get shut of this cough for once and for all xxx

    Keep your chin up Dan :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops. The worst thing about all this is that I'm usually NEVER ill. I tend to shrug colds off pretty easily, but this thing has really got it's tentacles into me for some reason.

  • Good to hear that you are able to get back out there on those legs Dan :)

    Best of luck to you for a fast recovery from your chest infection. Breathing problems are no fun at all.

  • You can say that again! Thanks Zev.

  • So glad you have managed to get back out there. Sounds like you are being sensible with the walking when you need to. And hey that's a 5k time I and many others would be happy with. 3 weeks and hopefully all will be well in Dans world. x :-)

  • O pray that it will N-e. The time is pretty good I guess, but I'd got so used to clocking under 30 mins for a 5, that whenever it goes over I think I must be ill!!

  • Great that you are getting back out there Dan. Build up gradually and all this misery will be a distant memory by the time you do your fun run!

  • I think I love you for saying that!!

  • I love you too Sweetie - but don't tell Mrs Dan or Mr Ully!

  • Dan I can't believe your time considering the weeks you've been off and all that coughing malarkey. That's brilliant! Obviously not to the Dan Standard but I think it's pretty nifty. Lovely to see you back. I missed your posts.

  • That's so nice of you to say! Thankfully, despite my chest thing I appear to be ok from the lungs down. I just need to clear this infection away once and for all. Running again Saturday.

  • Aaaaw man! You poor thing. Sounds horrible when you get coughing fits like that. :( glad you're back out there though. Take it easy pet. But well done on a very fast 5k by my snaily pace!!!!

  • Well done Dan, thats a damn good time for a wheezy run ! Hope you're 100% soon, you'll get there ! 😊

  • Well done Dan. I think your plan of stops for walks on your 10k sounds just right. It must feel pretty good to get a 5k done after such a spell off running. There is nothing we can do about illness apart from let it take its course. I wondered how the hip leg thing felt, good to know that's alright and I guess after a good rest it should be really.

    Looking forward to your next post.

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