Getting back after being sick

Hi there, first time posting and I need a bit of advice! I have completed Week 5 (I thought I was dying in run 3 but turns out I'm not dead so I'm guessing I did the all the right things!) but I got very sick right after and was unable to go running at all for a whole week. I am wondering were I should pick up now! I'm thinking of re-doing Week 5, what do you think?


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  • sounds fine. If you are recovered, go for it.

  • Thank you!

  • Yes, I think I would re-do week 5. Far better at this stage of the game to err on the side of caution than to over exert yourself. So go out and prove yet again that you can do it :)

  • thank you very much! just went for the first run, let's do this :)

  • yes i would. I did after illness an holiday I redid week 6 and think it prepared me better for what was to come! Well done though - that first long run is such an achievement x

  • Thank you! I felt very dead but very proud :) x

  • It's common for people to find week 6 tough after the elation of completing the long run at the end of week 5. With that in mind, I think doing week 5 again would not hurt and you'll then be confident that you can move on to week 6.

    Happy running!


  • Thank you! I was just reading about week 6 and it did comfort me into the idea of doing week 5 again before going on. Just completed the first run :)

  • Personally I would continue onto week 6. It is a little more challenging but u could go at a slow steady pace. Repeating week 5 to me would be de motivating when it took a lot to achieve it. Week 6 is just 5 more minutes which I think u can do if ur legs are ok. Julie

  • thank you for your advice :) I ended up opting for week 5 again, mostly because it was my lungs that were at fault last week (asthmatic bronchitis) and, although I think it's over, I wanted a compromise between keeping on running and not pushing too much in case I wasn't exactly fully recovered. The motivation luckily isn't lost as I am just happy that I want to keep on running and haven't used this as an excuse to give up (which I would've before)! But I'll keep that in mind if I get sick again before the end of the program :) x

  • Thanks for considering different options. The most important advice to take is your own as you know ur own body, strengths and limitations. Well done, I am sure you will go from strength to strength ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I'd move to week six too.

  • thank you, I'll keep that in mind :)

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