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Stopped in my tracks during week 7!

So I made it to W7 D2 and have had intense pain in my knee since. The doctor says I sprained my mcl and may have some tendon damage. I'm to rest another week and come back if pain doesn't let up. This is so frustrating! I didn't take a bad step or twist my knee while running. Hoping to get back on track soon. I miss running and working out now more than ever!

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Have you had your gait analysed? I had the same knee problem and it turned out to be me over pronating in my neutral running shoes that caused it.


I haven't. I'll need to do some research so I can have the doctor check when I go for my follow up. I've sprained my mcl before but not from running. I took a bad step and twisted my leg. This time I just felt a sort of "pop" while running and the pain went from bad to worse. It seems to be on a fast track of being more limiting. Thanks for your reply!


Daisee - you might like to have a look at shoe fitting on especially the video on arches and the wet foot test. I have shoes for overpronation that stopped my knee pain and I found (much to my surprise) that when my lower back starts hurting if I put my shoes on it helps a lot. Might be the same for your knee and mcl. ? If your arches are down ask your doc about arch supports in the meantime. Anyway, take care and get better soon.


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