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Week 7 completed!!!

This morning I have completed week 7 remained feeling happy and fresh for the rest of the day.

It was a bit hard the first run of this week, but this gets easier despite the fact that I have a pain around my shin. the pain around my shin starts since I start C25K, but I am too excited to stop running. I never achieved this in my life. I always used to think that Running is impossible for me.

Any advice for the pain around my shine. The pain is on my left leg below my knee, but the worst part is the inside part at around the middle from the knee to feet.

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Well done! Yes, that happy feeling is unimaginable at the start. It's great when it arrives. I had shin splints earlier on. I just ran with them, which is probably not the ideal way to manage. Actually I had some mild calf pain today again, but it's been a while. Hopefully one of the Graduates will know something about shinsplints?

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Great running - and great that you're enjoying it.

I'm no great expert on shinsplints but I do know that they are one of the most common reasons for putting runners on the injury couch. As I understand it, you want to minimise the effects of the running impact as far as you can. That means:

Rest: Make sure you take your rest days & don't push too hard too fast.

Pace: Don't try to run too fast. Faster is higher impact and you tend to stride further. If you need to run faster try to take faster short strides rather than longer ones at the same rate.

Stride: Be careful not to over-stride. If your foot is striking on the heel or is ahead of your body when it strikes then it puts extra pressure on the shin. Try to land softly on your whole foot if you can.

Do keep an eye on the shin pain and if it becomes significant then take some extra rest before it becomes a real injury - you'll lose much less fitness for a week or two off than you will taking months to recover from a full-blow injury.

Good luck! Take it slow and stay injury-free!


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I will bear those points in mind. My next run is planned to be taken place on Monday.

That is right it is better to spent few days for rest that months for recovery.


Another point you might consider is whether you can run on softer ground rather than pavement all the time. If you have a local park or woodland you can run in then it might be softer on your shins.

Good luck!



Oh! thank you!

I do run on pavements from home to work before work.

I run last week at the parkrun , That was also on the pavement.

That is great point I will definitely try it

Thanks again


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