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Week 9 and in agony...why?

I got to week 9 and was loving it, then knee pain hit!

I have had knee problems in the past but thought that building up slowly had worked and my troubles were seemingly over..NO!

The pain in my left knee goes down the outside and across the front and starts like an elastic band being tightened and pulled and progresses to a pain like being kicked by a horse everytime my foot hits the floor. My last run after 2 weeks rest and ibuprofen ended in a hobble home in tears.

I miss running so much and I would never had said that. I was feeling great and toning up a treat.

Should I go to the doctors or am I a lost and suggestions please as I REALLY want to start running again.

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You'll have to rest up for a few days and take it from there.

I got knee pain fairly recently, which I'd never had before, so it took me a bit by surprise.

I have been doing strengthening exercices at home mind you and I think it's really helped me. We need to build our running legs up, plus our shoulders, arms and abs to support our running. Our skeletons need to be up to the job!

With my knee pain, I got ankle pain in the opposite ankle, which although a nuisance was fortuitous as I meant a total running break for me. I think we need to take time out regularly to let things heal. I've had no knee pain since.

So, hopefully yours is just a niggle and it will be healed with a rest. If after a few days it's not getting any better than you will have to seek help.


It has to be worth going to the doctors for a check just to make sure there are no underlying issues. Have you changed anything recently (new trainers?...). Could be worth getting a gait analysis done ) but not until you have recovered from current issue!)


Get yourself to the doctors to check it out - you don't want to risk more damage. Doesn't mean an end to running but a physio might be able to give you some strengthening exercises


Definitely go see the doc or a physio. If your knees are so painful and RICE isn't sorting it out, then you need help to avoid further, lasting damage. Good luck Sausagepot, it may only take a couple of weeks of the right exercises to sort you out, good as new :)


Physio I think as first point of call then maybe GP. Lots of RICE. Just go easy on yourself - you will get there, but you dont want to do yourself any more damage in the process.


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