Stopped in my tracks

So have had to suspend C25K temporarily. Had a niggling calf injury for a week or so which I thought I'd finally cracked on Wednesday as managed to get on the treadmill and run for 3 minutes with no discomfort. However, then Easter arrived and my gym has reduced its opening hours to 9-4 during the bank holiday, this was a bit of a problem as I was assigned 8-4 as my shift on these two days. Was looking forward to trying to get back on the horse this Tues/Weds but then have finally caught one of the innumerable cold bugs going around our office. Get through the whole winter and get sick one day before summer starts.

Currently feeling pretty sorry for myself, have a very sore throat (right in the middle of my voicebox) and coughing, besides feeling a bit like there's an elephant sitting on my chest... grrrr. Going to take another day off - that'll make 5 without any "formal" training and hopefully be able to do some hill walking or swimming on Wednesday this week...

Everyone's leaving me behind now so I'll have to work extra hard to catch up again... Would be interested to know if anyone's had to re-start due to illness or injury and if so how far back do you need to go, had to stop after W5R2 so should I re-visit W4 or just try to pick up again from W5R1?


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8 Replies

  • Poor you - very frustrating! There have been quite a few people over the winter who had to take breaks for various reasons - after less than a week most seemed to find they could just carry on, though chesty problems might make redoing a few sessions a good idea - it depends how hard you found the ones you did really.

    Go for what you feel you'll probably be ok with - you can always add an extra bit on if it's easy! :)

  • Thanks Greenlegs! I'm hoping that it'll be third time lucky with the program, the worst of it is the sore throat, just trying to talk or breathe hurts! Which is a bit of a nuisance as I work in Client Services... Guess I'll keep on the paracetamol and honey and lemon and then try to get back on the bandwagon. Timing couldn't be worse with the 5x50 just starting... :-( hope to be contributing kilometers to Team C25K soon!

  • Good luck and get well soon. I had a week off due to snow drifts. I wondered what to do but with encouragement from fellow bloggers I picked up where I left off just to see how it would go. I completed W5R1 and managed it without incident. I suppose it depends how your throat feels but W5R1 isn't too different from week 4. Good luck what ever you decide. :)

  • Thanks Helen, didn't have too much snow here in Greater London but with an injury and now a cold think I'll need to back track a bit but hopefully I'll be able to pick up at the start of W5 again, think that's what I'll try, hope to be back in the game next week.

  • Hi Beth. I had to take some time off recently due to health issues - cold/cough then bad reaction to light therapy. I'd only reached week 2 anyway but in the end I did W2R3 three times in all. Never had to go back a week but just repeated the week I stopped on. Hope you feel better soon. I empathise as I know just how frustrating it is. Hugs x

  • Thanks Pam, know that there's been all kinds of bugs doing the rounds so hoped that there'd be some people who'd been through something similar. Think I'll take it easy this week and then try to re-start W5 when I shake off this bug... if W5R1 doesn't go too well then I'll re-sit W4

  • Sorry to hear that things are a little off track at the minute. I myself have just had to go back a week due to a niggling injury but all seems ok now (fingers crossed). Going backward in the programme is a little frustrating but seems a wise move to go back to the start of week 5 when you're feeling more yourself. You'll soon get your Mojo back! Keep on truckin' :)

  • I hope you feel better soon. Depending on how long you have off and how you feel, why not try just picking up where you left off? You can always re-adjust if necessary. I don't think you'll lose a lot though - plenty of people on here have been surprised at how they've managed to retain their fitness. All the best with it, and do let us know how you get on.

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