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Restarting Week 7 after injury


I’m about to start week 7 again. I’m feeling so exited to get back to running, nervous because I haven’t run and missed this programme but also scared that I would have forgotten how to run

I got to week 7, run 2 and I decided to go out with my dog as I have done previous weeks with a running belt with the lead attached.

But she definitely decided to test me that day, she saw a deer in the distance and ran towards it at full pace which caused me to lunge forward and trip.

The back of my knee was so painful and I could barely walk on it without severe pain. I honestly thought that my running journey was over and I felt so low

It’s been two and a bit weeks since that run and my leg has now fully recovered. It probably recovered a week ago now but I’ve been so nervous to restart

I’m not sure whether I should go out and run W7R2 or to go back to the last interval run at W6R2?

How have people coped with injuries at this late stage?

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Hi I would try and do where you left off ..See how you feel ...I got an injured knee also just after graduating and couldnt run for 5 weeks in total ...Just started back and I started at week 7 ...I had lost my fitness but 5 weeks is long ...2 weeks should be fine for you ...Good luck ..😊😊

Mashedpotato in reply to Myrar

Thanks for the support 😊 did the run this morning feeling super nervous but thankfully I did it and all okay with the knee 😊

MyrarGraduate in reply to Mashedpotato

Great news !! Well done 😊😊


I agree with Myrar start where you left off, take it really steady and see how you get on, good luck and let us know how you get on

Thanks Berksrover. I did it this morning and thankfully it was all okay. I’ve got the buzz and it’s not going to stop me again 😊

Good luck Mashedpotato! You’ll be fine if you remember the tried and tested slow and steady mantra. 😀

So glad you’re back. A podium place awaits you, complete with cheerleading squad! 🙌🙌

Good luck! 🏃‍♀️😀❤️

I had taken around two months gap as well... And was a bit scared if I would have lost my stamina.... But no ... It was alright :) you ll do well.... Good luck

Thanks 😊 it’s so worrying to restart isn’t it? I didn’t know if I would fail or keep going. I did the run this morning and it went well thankfully. Buzzing to be back

Good luck, take it nice and slow 😊

Thank you for your advice. Did the run this morning and it was fine, just kept it super slow 🐌

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