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Week 7 Run 1 done but sore knee


I managed to complete week 7 run 1 on Friday morning. It was much tougher to do than week 6 run 3 though. I deliberately tried to take it slow as I didn't want to up inadvertently up the tempo after week 6 run 3 (as I had done that after the last week 5 run). Despite that and despite my iPhone saying I ran a shorter distance, I have ended up with a dodgy right knee. It has a sort of throbbing pain (discomfort rather than a sharp pain) behind the knee cap. Even with a rest day and taking Ibuprofen and using ice once or twice the pain persists.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? What did you do deal with it?

Running on the knee today (Sunday) seems like a bad idea. When would you recommend restarting though? An extra day's rest later? A week's rest later?

Lastly, at what point did you restart? On the same run? Or did you drop back to an earlier week and work your way back up to where?

Thanks in advance.

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Rest until the pain goes. Ice it regularly and try gentle stretches.


A rest might be enough to sort it but don't run until the pain has gone and then try a walk/run test to see how it feels. If it feels ok then redo W7R1.

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Great advice from IP there, spot on. Always rest up if you have pain.

I had slightly twingy knees when I first started running. Once you are out of the pain zone, consider doing some knee strengthening exercises on your rest days:


Within two weeks of doing these diligently, my knees felt great, so much stronger.

Now I have graduated the programme I have started to do more strengthening exercises- for knees, core, glutes etc. Anything to support my running! The penny suddenly dropped after a recent hip niggle - strengthening your body makes for better, less injury prone running!

Hope your knee heals quickly! Don't despair, injury is quite common, especially of the ole knees - and you will get back out there again!


PS Are you confident you are running in the right supportive shoes for you?


I think as standard practice you should not run if you have any pain before the run.


Thanks for the advice. I will definitely rest & try those knee exercises when it has recovered. The exercises look like the sort that most C25K people should be aware of from the start.

Lastly, I did go to a running shop to get my shoes. They did gait analysis but as that was just before Wk 1, Run 1 and the short runs on the treadmill were absolutely exhausting for me, I am not sure how good the results were! :-)


I’m sure everyone is right about not running when in pain. But when you’re knee isn’t acutely painful it’s maybe worth trying tubigrip or something to support them when you’re running? My knees are pretty shonky but this has made a huge difference for me...


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