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Bad Knee injury week 7

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I am soooo disappointed- I had been loving the programme but have had a bit of a sore knee throughout ( Inner knee). Apparently Dr Google thinks it might be a tight hamstring which I deffo have. Today on week 7 run 1 it started feeling more sore- but when I finished the 25 mins I could barely walk and I limped home very slowly. I run off road on grassy tracks and it is quite uneven. I bough new trainers for over pronation (flat feet) but clearly they didn’t help. My knee is now totally messed up and walking is very painful. and I just wanted to suggest to anyone reading this not to do what I did- if your knees hurt, slow down or stop that run! And do the exercises. Don’t end up like me. I don’t expect to be back to running- or even walking without a limp- for a while. I am going to wait till it’s better, then do the knee strengthening exercises, then start again..... sigh!! Best of luck everyone on this amazing programme😀

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Sorry to hear that! Hope you recover soon. I've just done wķ7 r3. So know what you mean. My knees seem a bit sore but OK.

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AlysPGraduate in reply to Geggsy

Best of luck with the final 2 weeks- it’s such a great programme isn’t it. Luckily I am a keen cyclist as well so I shall start some gentle cycle rides hopefully in a week or so. No trying to break Strava records 😂😂

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I published a post about the runner's knee today, a common issue that can be avoided. Google is the last place where you should look for the answers, you'll never be able to get the correct opinion without the professional help from a sports physio or an osteopath. Good luck!

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AlysPGraduate in reply to mrrun

I agree- going to get advice from a physio friend today. Can’t help myself on google though!! 😂

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Such a shame - so near yet so far. How about you try either foam rolling or some self massage. When you have an injury you want to do everything you can to help it along, I know about this one! I too spent a lot of time Googling and Youtubing- eventually you'll get to know your body more and what will help. I found this yoga session and really felt an improvement.

Or perhaps this?

It is very important to do post run exercises.

Hope this helps!

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AlysPGraduate in reply to 59er

Thanks so much- I will look them up😀😀😀

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Sorry to read this. I’d echo the above regarding Dr Google. Hopefully it’ll settle with a little rest, and those strengthening exercises really do work. You may be better suited with a trail shoe for where you’re running, in which case they’re almost all neutral. Hopefully running stores will be amongst the first allowed to reopen and when you’re pain free you can get some advice in your local one.

Hope to see you back soon.

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AlysPGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you- yes I am sending back my brooks and buying trail shoes instead- ironically I ran off road to protect my knees as it was ‘softer’!! At the moment though it’s rock hard and uneven😂😂

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to AlysP

Yeah... we need a little rain!

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So sorry to hear about your injury. I bet you'll be back at it just as determined when you've healed. Keep checking in on the forum to keep up your motivation. Hope you are better soon!

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AlysPGraduate in reply to Fionamags

Thank you Fiona for your encouragement - this forum has been fantastic and I love how we are all so different but have that one goal in mind!

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I hope you’re knee feels better soon and doesn’t keep you out for too long. I’m in the same boat with my ankle. Didn’t listen to my body, ignored the slight pain and kept on going. Finished W8R3 in so much pain that I had no choice but to take some time out. Nearly a week on and I’m feeling much better but not quite there yet.

Good luck with it all.

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Thank you - yep you and I sound similar- I had even upped my speed slightly so by end of week 9 I could maybe manage the 5k in 35 minutes as a first goal. I am still hobbling today but the pain is less. Have given myself strict instructions to NOT attempt to run for 2 weeks. My problem is I am ultra competitive against myself and I sometimes forget I am in my mid 50's now and can't do everything I used to and get away with it !!!!!!!

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