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Week 9 Run 2 Redux

Well, I finally did it. Got through run 2 of week 9 mostly with ease. I even found myself speeding up a little on the last 10 minutes and then was able to sprint for the last 55 seconds. It's amazing how listening to your body and not pushing yourself out the door to run if you don't feel up to it makes a difference. Now, I'm resting until Sunday when I run my first 5K. Does that count as week 9 run 3? Can I consider myself graduated from the program Sunday morning? What do you all think?

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I did my first C25K last year and used W9R3 for the 5K Race for Life I did - my own graduation present to myself. Currently using the C25K to regain fitness lost over winter and loving it the second time round.


That's great! I would definately count Sunday's run as graduation run. I did my Wk9r2 this morning. Run 1 was last Wednesday and was worried I may not make it but surprisingly I was even faster! All the best on Sunday!


I would say you can count Sunday as your graduation run too! Well done for sprinting at the end! Good luck!


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