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Week 3 Run 1 completed, Hurrah !

Yesterday I felt so sore and achy after my gym session in the morning that I was worried I wouldn't manage my run this morning. I've also been suffering with sinus trouble for several months, which doesn't help.

I woke up this morning to find the aches were a lot better but I felt as if someone had punched me in the face because my sinuses were so sore. Time for drastic action. The doctor advised me to try nasal irrigation, using a neti pot - I've been putting it off because I thought it would be horrible. Today I tried it, hoping it would make me feel more clear headed for my run. Not only was it far less unpleasant than I'd feared but it seemed to help a lot.

As a result, not only did I manage the run (although I have to admit that the first 3 minute run seemed to take a long time!) but I followed it up with an hour of resistance training in the gym, and then felt so pleased with myself that I hopped on to the treadmill for another ten minutes, including a three minute run at a very slightly higher speed than I've tried before. I'm feeling really rather bouncy and happy now ! :-)

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Well done! Keep it up. It helps me reading eveyone else's posts. You do seem to be very focused impressive :-)


Well done!

Wow your a powerhouse of energy, send some my way lol.

I done mine today found it hard going hoping it gets easier.


Blimey ! Never thought I'd hear myself described in such terms - thank you, both :-)


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