Week 1 run 2 completed

Just checking in with my progress report as I can already see that this will keep me motivated. Felt OK on my rest day other than a very slightly sore ankle that I noticed during the first run, but it felt fine during today's stint, so it was probably just a niggle. I did Aqua yesterday, and Pilates this morning, then ran this afternoon. So far so good.

I just need to work out running days carefully over the next 10 days, as I have to have a steroid injection in my dodgy elbow on Tuesday, and then can't exercise at all for that day or the following one so I don't dissipate the drugs from the site! I've worked out that if I run first thing, then I can have the injection later and not lose a day, then run again first thing Thursday before heading off for family commitments over a long weekend. Will still get final run of Wk 2 in Sun or Mon though. I'm determined not to give myself "reasons" not to run.

Thanks to everyone who posted helpful suggestions for activity on rest days. I'm inspired, and hopefully my elbow will heal soon and give me more scope for variety!


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  • Ooh ouch, not nice those steroid injections. So 2 down, one to go and your first week will be in the bag! I love your positive attitude :)

  • I'm a steroid injection virgin, but a friend at the gym says she has found them helpful, so fingers crossed!

    I am really determined to make a go of this. I have deliberately started at a time when work is less busy in the hope that I will have made runs a part of my life by the time it gets busier in late September. After all, you can spend 40 minutes having a cup of tea and moaning about lack of time! I'm sure I will have my low points, but I think the structure of this programme and the lovely people on here will get me through.

  • Well done, Nailetric, once you have completed week 1 (toughest wk, imho!) you will feel motivated to start wk 2 pretty much straight away! Stick at it, you already seem to have a plan during your injection period, which is great, as you are more likely to stick to it! This from someone who never ever saw herself as a runner and when I was where you are now I was worried about losing motivation as it felt so hard! :) Nic x

  • Thank you, Nic. I tend to think if I have a plan, it is easier to switch it up if I have to, whereas if I don't have one, I won't do anything at all. It has taken me a good two months to actually start week 1, but I have made a promise to myself this year to make more time for me. I think running will work because it can be done at any time of day, whereas I sometimes struggle to book classes at the gym that fit round my job, and then decide it is not worth doing anything that day. There is actually a lake I can run round at work, so I am tempted to do my run last thing while it is still light and then jump in my car and drive home to shower. (There are showers in the basement at work, but apparently there is a ghost too and I'm not that brave!) Laura x

  • Me and my BIG mouth! I should rename myself *spoiler alert*. The injections are not that bad - sorry! And they are most definitely worth having. I've had them in elbows & spine and the relief and difference they can make is remarkable. Apologies for my 'not nice, ouch' remarks, sometimes I forget to engage the brain before the thoughts come tumbling out :(

  • Hey, don't worry about it! I was warned that I might be a bit sore and swollen afterwards, but to be honest, I just want to get the thing sorted. I put off getting treatment for ages, which hasn't helped, and it isn't responding to other treatments, so I have to give it a go. You didn't make me feel any more nervous about it, honestly. I just assumed you didn't like needles.... ๐Ÿ˜€

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