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Week 7 run 1 a success

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Well after a difficult week 6/3 run were I felt very deflated having struggled all the way I have just done 7/1 and am much happier.

Yes, of course, it was still hard, but my body just seemed to accept knuckling down and doing it rather than hating every second like it did two days ago.

I nearly didn't go out as didn't feel so good this morning but knew I felt well enough by lunchtime and looking at the forecast for the next few day, wanted the chance to put the first bad run of two days ago behind me.

I focussed a lot of the fact I felt really good in a new dress I tried on this morning in which I felt much trimmer. May have been my complete imagination but I'm going with the visual 'this is working' factor :)

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement previously. Today I believed Laura..I am a runner.

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Congratulations on your run , glad things are better , it's never easy but you do aquire more & more stamina the more runs you do , that's how I've found it anyway . You will be amazed at what you will achieve . Well done keep up the good work .

Thanks a lot Rockette. The beetroot red look is just beginning to fade :)

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to lemondoodle

That's smug and pink......the C25k look.

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Well done on putting the tough runs behind you. Believe us when we say it will get easier in time and some of us even find it pleasurable! Good luck.

Thank you. Very happy member of the smug and pink club :)

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Well done you. Stick with it now as you're nearly at the end. Like you I was really chuffed when Laura told me I was a runner. I was elated in fact and felt like crying. It's brilliant I think and I could kick myself for never having run before. I'm 56 now but loving it.

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Rockette in reply to misswobble

Misswobble , I was only saying today , I wish I had discovered this running lark years ago , I'm 55

Weirdly I wasn't elated after 6/3 misswobble, just felt flatm but I felt the elation today. I've finally come out of the closet on FB and told my friends and family "Lemondoodle is a runner".

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Hey doodle, glad to hear that the run went well :) I did W7R2 this morning and decided to do the same route as W5R3; instead of 1 lap of the park, I managed to do 2 today! It really helped boost my confidence, yes it's still tough but there is some progress even if I don't necessarily feel it. x

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lemondoodle in reply to P1glet1

Thanks P1glet. I guess there are times we have to trust the evidence of improvement rather than our feelings. To have effectively run twice the distance in not much more time is a HUGE improvement even if if felt really tough.

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Congratulations on getting out there you runner It's great feeling when you look in mirror and think hey I look good I ll keep eye out for your graduation badge as am sure it won't be long in coming

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As old Mr Grace would say, "you've all done very well" LOL

I'm just about to set off with a Sam Murphy week 2 podcast. Boy it's wild and windy out there!

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