Week 3, Run 1

Well, I did it. I cheated. I read the synopsis of the run/walk schedule of week 3 prior to starting. It freaked me out a little, the thought of running for 3 minutes, twice! But, I psyched myself up for it and ventured out into the 97 degree summer evening heat. I stretched a bit before I started and it seemed to help. I didn't experience as much pain in my shins as in past runs. To be honest, I found myself ready to skip past the 5-minute warm-up walk because I'd worked myself up mentally for the 3-minute run. I did not find the first 90 second run/walk portion to be unusually dificult. It wasn't easy, but it was over relatively quickly. However, when I began the first 3 minute run, I was disheartened when Laura came on and announced that I was half way through the run! I'd hoped that she was preparing to tell me that I'd successfully completed it. But, I carried on and finished the first run, followed by the subsequent 90 second run/walk and 3 minute run/walks. The last 3 minute run was difficult, I'll admit, but I was proud of myself for finishing. I'm convinced that if anyone were to see me running, they'd wonder why the older, overweight, sweaty man is walking so funny. I'm not sure my run is much faster than my walk, but it's my run and I'm proud of it. I'm also convinced that much of this is mental. I find myself reciting my favorite bible verse, Phil 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength," in the darkest parts of my run. It helps me to stay positive. Also, I try not to think about how much longer I have to run, but focus on my posture, breathing, and stride. I'm looking forward to my next run tomorrow night. I am determined to finish this.


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  • I know how you feel TexasDad and you made me chuckle with the comment about wondering why he was walking funny. I've got the 3rd run of week 3 in the morning and I'm looking forward to it but I started the week feeling the same as you.

  • Way to go, Chewy. Good luck! I'll be right behind you.

  • The idea of stretching before a run was something that really put me off running as it's not something I especially care to see other people doing (I know, I know...) So the warm up walk was one of the factors that told me that C25K might be the right programme for me. And I gather there is some debate about whether stretching pre-run may actually do harm. The walk is a bit of a drag if it gets you to somewhere it is hard to start running (probably doesn't much matter if you walk round in circles or even on the spot although again then you're into the whole "How does this look?" thing.

    I am right with you on the slow mo' "It's my run and I'm proud of it"

  • Thanks for the response, GoogleMe. I see you've graduated. Congratulations. I hope to join you as a graduate some day. God willing, I'll complete this.

  • Well done on completing the run. I just finished week 3 today and felt exactly as you did on run 1. I found it by far the hardest run so far but each one since has gotten a little easier and todays was the best of the bunch. This programme really works, it's amazing!

  • Thanks, Fraz. Congrats to you on finishing week 3. I agree with you about the programme. I take comfort in knowing that each week gets a little harder but that I'm better prepared for it due to the earlier runs. 30 minutes of running still seems like a pretty big mountain to climb. But, I'll keep at it and work my way up to it.

  • I love that Bible verse also. Great job on making it through! I cheat too, I use a program popular here in the States but I listen to Laura the day of my run. She is so much nicer then the grouch on my program that shouts "run now" wishing you much success over the coming weeks!

  • Thanks so much!

  • I didn't 'cheat' (though it's hardly cheating and I've done so since as it took me until week 4 to find the 'cheat sheet) for W3R1, but I do remember the verbal outburst. W1 was 60 secs/90 secs x 8, W2 was 90 secs/2 mins x 6, so I was thinking W3 would be something like 2 mins/2 mins x 4 or maybe 5 or 6. I was horrified that it stepped up so drastically to 3 minutes! Well done!

  • Thanks, Beads. W3 R2 tonight. I'm ready.

  • i also am convinced that there must be people wondering why this fat sweaty fat woman is walking with a funny gait but hey I am embarking on w3r2 tomorrow too, feeling so much better than I did a month ago.

    Good luck - but dont risk an injury by not following the programme . I have done this before got injured and effectively sabotaged myself .

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