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Perils of running in the dark

Hi to you all... I have not posted here in some time, just quietly lurking and reading through all your inspirational stories. I got over my hamstring injury but had to go back to week 6 or so to become a 30 min runner again. I have now done about 9 park runs ( which I love) and am still running more or less three times a week. I am even going to run ( or more likely run/ walk ) a 10k in November. However running in the dark ( I get up early to do so) has its own perils and I tripped and fell over a loose paving stone this morning. Managed to bruise myself and have a very sore skinned arm. The point of all this drama is this though... last year I also had a fall ( another loose paving stone , yes I am clumsy!) During which I broke 2 ribs and a wrist . This year nearly 2 stone lighter and a dam site fitter all I got was bruises and bit of skin missing. I was also able after a bit of a breather to get up and finish my run.

I think that all the excercise has made me both lighter and tougher. Thanks to you all for the encouragement to keep on going ... this running lark works!

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Ooh ouch!

I also run early morning - sticking to the grass currently and think i may be taking a torch with me soon! Hope that if i do stack it i won't be removing any skin!

Massive congratulations on your journey so far...very inspirational! You clearly have a great mental attitude!


Ouch! But clearly an improvement on how you bounce. I hope you had your phone with you. I have come to realise the Importance ace of always having it with you - well that and having a signal 😀.

Have you got/thought about a head or chest torch?


The path is fairly well lit and used ( clearly I am not the only early bird out there) but I think that what I need to do is pick up my feet!!

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Ouch. I love grass, but little of it is lit... these paving stones are tough. Bones do strengthen along with muscles and ligaments, so that helps.

Great to see you back and you’ll soon be at 10k


Well done for getting going again! Sorry to hear about the tumble. That's what I'm scared of doing, in particular slipping when it gets icy - I have a bit of a slip phobia since breaking my ankle in the snow a few years ago! I'm looking at getting a head or chest torch - though I don't suppose that will help with black ice! Maybe a Michelin-man-style bouncy costume would work! 😁


I thought about a lot more padding on the edges - like a child learning to skate but I think that this will make me look even weirder than I do .!

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Oh that must have hurt Margoblue, poor you! Hope it hasn’t put you off. ☹️

Do you run in street lit areas? I can’t run on the road where we live as there’s no pavement! Would be dicing with actual death! 😳🏃‍♀️


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