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Where 2 years running has got me!


Well this week is the 2 year anniversary of me starting couch to 5k! I started on a Sunday morning after the clocks went back bright and early hoping everyone else would still be in bed as I didn't have much confidence and thought people would think I looked silly running. Well I've learnt since then that most other runners are too busy following their own schedule or programme to worry about how anyone else looks and we all have to start somewhere! I was 4 stone overweight & hadn't done any exercise apart from walking for the past 2 years because of a chronic health problem that took another year after that to get diagnosed.

This week I also hit 50 pound weight loss :D One third of it I lost mostly with running over the first year and a half, but at the very end of August last year I injured my foot and took a 6 month break. After a bit of down time I started using the myfitnesspal app and lost the rest. I still have a little bit more to go to get rid of on my belly, but I'm in no rush as I'm a healthy weight now and a size 10/12 (mostly 12!).

A lot people start this programme to lose weight and it does help, but it isn't easy unless you change your diet also. A lot of the time I ran I didn't loose or gain any weight at all, it just never changed. I never thought I ate unhealthy, but it came down to portion size for me when I wanted to cut back on calories.

I am definitely fitter, healthier and happier when I am running! I am very proud that 2 years on, even with mini breaks and a big break I am still here! I finished week 6 yesterday so starting week 7 at the weekend :) I hope in 2 more years I will still be going!

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gracious me, what an absolutely fantastic blog about an amazing journey!!

well done you and thank you for sharing :-)

i hope that you carry on - onwards and upwards!!

ali :-) x

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to AuntieAli

Thanks ali :)

Inspiring to see you are right back in there with the running after being laid up for so long. Congratulations on the weight loss, I can imagine the change it must have made to your life as I've lost some weight in the past which has changed the quality of my life also.

Good Luck with Week 7!

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to OlsBean

Luckily I found it was like riding a bike, it all came back once I started back again :)


Well done you on both achievements, your weight loss and running. Its not easy getting back into it when you've had a break due to injury so I wish you all the best. Your doing it the right way, slowly and steady it should get you back to where you were without any injury. Good luck will be on the look out for your blog saying your a graduate again. :)

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Slow and steady indeed! My injury was from an accidental fall, but I never want to be laid up again :)


Happy Anniversary - and well done you! :)

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks greenlegs :D My smile is getting bigger the further down I scroll...

Inspirational! I remember reading your blogs when you started out. It's great to have you still here, encouraging and running and doing so well :)

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Back on the old message board! It is good to know there are familar faces still around, we've all done so much since then!


Hi. 50 pounds is a big achievement but losing it over a longer period should mean you're much more likely to keep it off. I've lost a lot in the last year, hit my target weight and started to, shall we say, relax. So easy to put a few Kg back on! So for me it looks like I'll be having to keep watching my diet for the foreseeable future. I hope you're finding it a bit easier - in any case you're absolutely on the money about diet being more important than exercise!

Well done once again, and keep up the good work!

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to Malcy

It is tough when temptation is all around and what I have found hardest is people wanting to tempt me, out of the kindness of their hearts. Hopefully running will help keep our minds and therefore what we eat healthy :)


Thanks for writing that didntrunthat some really interesting and important lessons in there. :-)

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Thank you PatsyMan :)


That's such a great blog - congratulations on your anniversary! My one-year anniversary is on Wednesday, but I haven't achieved the fantastic weight loss you have. You've done amazingly well :)

didntrunthatGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

It's crazy...week 1 you never think you'll be having anniversaries or loving running so much you want to mark the occassion! Well done!

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