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Running in the dark!


As I got in from work, tea was nearly ready - I couldn't really upset the 12-year-old daughter who'd helpfully got it ready, and leave it while I went for a run. But for once, instead of writing off the evening, I resolved to go out later. So I did.

Running in the pitch dark is definitely a different experience. I have my LED shoelaces and an LED armband, so can definitely be seen clearly, but there was one cul-de-sac that k decided I'm not going round when it's this dark. I definitely felt vulnerable, so decided discretion is definitely the better part of safety - or something like that! ;)

To add to the challenge, I decided I wasn't going to try and work out a route that meant the inclines were while I was walking, but would just start by heading down to the bottom of the village, and see how it worked out from there. Fortunately, the warm-up walk got me down to the bottom and back up to the level (it's a Very Small Village!) before I had to start running. Time to run, said Laura, so I did - round the first cul-de-sac, then round the second one - then, phew, time to walk. That went remarkably quickly for eight minutes!

The walk seemed to last too long - for all that I was very out of breath at the end of the first run, I felt as though I'd have been ready to run again sooner - but didn't! Off we go again, second eight mins. Down to the bottom, turn round, back up the steepest bit (which takes all of a minute to run up, and is just me being wimpy!), relief getting back onto the level, and ooh, either it flattens properly or perhaps even slopes down a bit, gosh that suddenly felt easier! Keep on going up to the further road, half way round that and yay, finished running!

It's very odd, not being able to see clearly - I hadn't realised how much I apparently rely on visual cues to pace myself; having to go purely by how it felt seemed very alien! But I did it, and it felt GOOD!

Run 3 next time... :/

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It is certainly an interesting experience, but one that is quite peaceful I find. You feel quite alone, even when there are others walking etc.

I've found I run quicker in the dark but I'm not sure why 😀

OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldPossum

You sense the things that we are told, don't exist, when we are children.... and run like the wind :)

That's brilliant, always good to do something different like night running with winter determined to close in on us all. I manage to get out on lunchtimes so haven't done night running yet. Well done would you go again in the dark?

RainbowCGraduate in reply to emskihammer

Definitely! I think I'll have to, otherwise I face a winter of not running. I was wondering why it was never such a problem before, but have realised I was working part time until this spring, so could go after work before it got dark. But yes, I did enjoy it. There's something lovely about it, for sure :)

emskihammer in reply to RainbowC

Where did you get your night lights for running from thinking I'm going to have to invest for the winter

RainbowCGraduate in reply to emskihammer

I have LED shoelaces from Amazon, and two green LED arm bands from 7dayshop (

My daughters can't believe I'm still using the light-up shoelaces which I bought for the Glow in the Park run a few weeks ago - but I claim they're an important safety feature :D

I don't use a headtorch as the one I have isn't great, and I can just imagine faffing with it the whole way as it trid to fall off. I quite like the look of the chest torch which was posted on another thread here, so might have to add that to my Christmas list... ;)

* Other suppliers are also available :)

emskihammer in reply to RainbowC

That's brilliant thank you and yes a subtle nut important safety feature :)

RainbowCGraduate in reply to emskihammer

Not exactly subtle, with bright blue, red, pink, green and white lights on my feet! :D I love them though, and am sure they make me run better!


Just bought a headtorch a few weeks ago and it only cost twenty pounds. The main beam is really bright and it has other settings. I have been able to go for early morning runs (feels much safer then) in complete darkness at times and I can see the ground so no trip hazards. It is rechargeable too. How about wearing a personal alarm?


Very well done, on all levels, I have this wonderful image of you with your glowing bits!!!

RainbowCGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

If I could run wearing fairy lights, I so would!!! :D

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RainbowC

Oh yes totally...:)

If you people must run in the dark., try to find a route on pavements, not on narrow lanes. I stopped a jogger the other day. Black track suite, no pavement, no lights no arm bands. I said "Please at least give motorists a chance." I do not think he realised how vulnerable he was up to then.

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