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Wedding bells and running feet

Wedding bells and running feet


I did couch to 5k January to Easter 2012, whilst doing Weight Watchers, and lost 2 stone, in 2012 in total I lost 5 stone, and have now kept the weight off since Christmas. Picture is me two Christmases apart in same seat!

I stopped running regularly in the summer, my last post here was July when I could still run 5k! Well since you were a fabulous community I thought you deserved an update:

We got engaged at Christmas, to marry next month (May 25th). This last month I've done Bristol Bootcamp Company Bootcamp, 45mins x 3 mornings /week at 6.30am. This has included timed miles and lots of sprinting in between all the other exercises.

On Saturday in spite of not having "been for a run" since Feb, I decided to run the 3.5km to my weight watchers class. There's a 120m vertical climb on that route, I just wanted to share that I ran all the way without stopping. I also ran (parts of) the way home. Totalling over 5km of running. It's brilliant! I'm so happy that I've still got it and am self-sufficient to do 30mins of exercise chugging along (I am not fast).

This is important as I'm about to move from the city centre to a rural farm location. Think I'm going to need to learn to run on rough field surfaces if I want to keep going. So you may well see me back here asking for advice!!

Anyway thanks to Couch to 5k I'm able to run 5km still one year after graduating. I'm also getting married 5 stone lighter than I was at the start of 2012.

Be encouraged people just starting out!! This is a change FOR LIFE!

Lots of love Anne-Marie

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Such wonderful news Anne-Marie!!!! Congratulations on the weight loss and building a healthy lifestyle. Wishing you two many years of happiness! Gayle


Wow you look amazing!! Huge well done!!

Col xx


What a fantastic blog! Congratulations on so many things - your weight loss, your commitment, your engagement and your encouragement to others :)


Congratulations all round! You must be very proud of yourself! :)


Hello! Can I ask after you finished the program you carried on with weight watchers to lose the total 5 many times did u run in a week??


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