running in the dark

It is quite dark around where i run on the wagon way and last night i felt quite vulnerable. I could run on the roads but i think that is even more dangerous with cars wizzing along at top speed. I have a flashing red light which i wear and have two arm bands and a fluorescent bib which i will wear. I am also getting a head light so i can see where i am going. How does everyone else approach the winter months?

I am keen to continue my progress through the winter months and do not want to feel worried when i go out running.


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11 Replies

  • It is a problem as I run in fields and lanes mostly but have to do pavement runs on dark evening runs- keep safe

  • Why would it be more difficult to run on pavements in the dark? I presume you have pavements and street lights in your area, just take more care at junctions - don't run straight across, make sure its clear to cross and treat every driver (and pedestrian) as a moron.

  • they are country roads so stretches with no pavements and lights and national speed limits so cars travel past fast

  • I have a head torch and reflective clothes. I was also bought a reflective vest for my birthday which I'm hoping will help....I just keep to main roads and don't do off- road in the dark. Stay safe :)

  • marc_read - Ah, see what you mean. Yes very iffy, I understand you apprehension.

  • I am quite lucky in that we have a shower at work so I can go out at lunchtimes.

  • Is there a local running group? Perhaps team up with someone else which is also good for motivation. Think there is a site called running buddies or similar - try Google if of interest. As others have said, staying safe is really important.

  • I have the same problem... I like to run in the mornings, but it's 9.15AM now and there is still fog so thick you couldn't see your hand in front of your face...I just wouldn't risk it...

  • Reading this with interest as this is my concern in the coming months and I don't want to end up just not running. Currently I run along the river but there is no street lighting, and through alleyways across the estates but I won't feel comfortable doing this in darkness. I'm going to have to stick to main roads I think.. not as enjoyable (and pretty embarassing!) but much more safe!

  • Thanks for all the responses. I've decided to try running along the roads rather than the wagonway and see how it goes. I have all my reflective gear so will wear that too. Running in the dark is unavoidable because i get up and go to work at first light and come back in the dark. I could though go for a day light run at the week end. I might also try looking for a running buddy. Thanks again.

  • only goes to show you sometimes you have to be a little careful. I don't know if it was a running related incident. A body was found near where I run. In fact i was running there a couple of weeks ago and me and my family were picking blackberries there.

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