Tips on running in the dark?

Was really looking forward to getting home last night to go out for my week 4 run 1. I ended up finishing work a bit late and getting the bus which took longer then had to go to the shops etc... so by the time I had done all that it was pitched black!!

Any tips on running out at night? Probably sounds like the most obvious question!

I really don't like the idea of running in a group... but I live in a city center and usually run in the parks (obviously not when its dark!). Was a bit gutted last night, I tried to go for a walk but even that makes me feel a bit anxious at night. There's a lot of pubs etc and I don't want to put myself at risk running around in the dark..

I'm going to make sure I get a run in at the weekend when its day light... worried with the clocks changing soon too!

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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10 Replies

  • Wear a headlamp, watch out for trip hazards, surface tree roots, potholes safe!😊

  • I strongly recommend this over a head lamp :

    Wearing reflective clothing is important.

    Being seen isn't the only issue, however, it is often also one of confidence. I think this often comes down to familiarity - it did for me anyway. The more I run at night, the less nervous I get. You get to know the routes well and I don't run with earphones in, but actually I rather like the peacefulness.

  • Make sure you're visible - lights, reflective clothing etc. Go for a familiar route, that's well lit and with people around (if possible). And I'd second the no headphones thing (or at least, only in one ear, and make sure you have the volume low enough that you can hear clearly what's going on around you).

    I ran last night, about 9.30pm, when it was very dark. There's one cul-de-sac in our village that I won't be going up again in the dark - although it's a 'nice' area, I realised that I felt vulnerable, being all lit up in this one unlit street. So when it comes to it, do remember that your safety comes above fitness!

  • I run in the dark but prefer to get up early as it is very quiet then. I bought an amazing headtorch for twenty pounds which has a powerful main beam so I could easily blind anyone who came towards me. I can see where I am about to put my feet - watching out for trip hazards etc and also move my head to scan ahead or up a dark street. I have not had any issues as most people are totally disinterested in an old lady who runs! Worth always wearing a personal alarm too and taking a phone in case of emergencies

  • Good advice... :) I run early too... love it as you know :)

    I figure too, that I am of no interest, that and the fact I am a blur as I hurtle by... not! :)

  • Where I run is in a park in the middle of a town.. it can feel a bit "STABBY" in the dark.. as though I am in the first five minutes of a slasher flick!! So going to try to find a new route. Does it not get annoying wearing a head lamp? I struggle with my hair bobbing about in a blob-bun i put it in haha.

    Also, I am looking for a new route but all of the main roads near me all have crossings which just completely ruins the flow of the run... does anyone just run in a loop along a street or anything or is that just soul destroying?

    Thanks for all the replies so far! xx

  • I wear my hair in a ponytail to run with my headlamp. It only has an elesticated band that goes around the forehead. It is very comfortable and doesn't move at all. It is rechargeable too, so no batteries required and on dipped beam, it lasts 30 hours. Just twenty pounds too

  • Headlamp... lots of posts and advice about them on here, and a wrist or key alarm too.. got to keep safe ! I have a flashing belt thing too.. great fun :)

    No chance of an early morning run..? It is still dark, but many weirdos in bed at that time :) ( Sorry weirdo things) :)

  • Running in the morning could work... I used to do 13 hour shifts and be up at 6am anyway for work but I do enjoy laying in until 7 nowadays! I might have to try it and see.. I have two weekdays off next week so am going to run on both of them and relish in the sunshine. Haha... we are in Britain so... the wet/grey/wintery weather in daylight hours is my definition of sunshine at this time of year!

    My dad has offered me an old headtorch of his... I had no idea this was the kind of thing people had just "laying around!" haha! And apparently I can get an alarm of some sort through my work (Hospital/university).

    Thanks for all the tips! I really appreciate it!! I managed my week 4 day 1 run today and feel f*cking fantastic!! I have been so grumpy today as I knew I would finish work late and was already feeling sluggish but now I feel full of beans!

    Thanks for being my cheerleaders :)

  • Feels very exciting to run in the dark

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