Is anyone else running less now it's so dark?

I've gradually gone down from 3 runs a week to 2 and this week it is so dark in the mornings I'm thinking I'll only go out on Sunday. I feel uneasy about running in the dark mornings and don't have the time/money or inclination to run on a treadmill at the gym. I wonder if one run a week will keep me going until the mornings lighten up a bit. Anyone else tailing off at this time of year?


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13 Replies

  • If you can find well-lit roads or paths, then you can keep running!

  • Now that I've started again after a bit of a break, I can only manage 2 runs a week because of the dark evenings. I'm lucky that I can usually work from home on a Friday so I run before I start work and then have another one on Sunday. And this Sunday was a struggle as it was so icy, I couldn't get out until 2 pm. I am going to the running shop on Friday to make my first investment in kit and might try a head torch so I can run on our country roads (I already have a pink hi-vis jacket!)

  • I like the dark nights, makes me think folk won't look at me LOL I run down a bypass which is well lit. I like getting out at night, blow away the days cobwebs :)

    Gutted i couldn't get out tonight mind, snow and ice everywhere MUST try tomorrow, hope it melts a bit :(

  • My running has definitely tailed off because of the lack of light in the mornings and it's too late to run in the evenings once I've got home from work and played with the kids / dinner / bath time etc.

    I'm currently down to one run a week at the weekend. I try to make this a long run but the sad fact is, for me, one run a week isn't enough to keep my fitness up. Where I used to be able to run 4-5k non stop, I'm now down to stopping three or four times in a 5k run to catch my breath.

    I keep thinking tomorrow morning, I'll get out there and run but at 5am, the though of getting up and going out vs staying in bed for another hour means the bed usually wins!

  • Yes, this is a real problem for me. Running on a treadmill makes me feel dizzy (don't know why), so that's not an option. The roads around my house are unlit and have no pavements and I really wouldn't feel safe even with hi-viz stuff and a head-torch. I suppose I could drive to the local town and run around the pavements but I don't really fancy this either. It's so icy this morning that although I had the time I didn't want to go out, so things are looking grim here until the spring. Will I still be running then? Who knows :(

  • I'm also down to about 1 run a week due to dark nights, dark mornings and extra busy at work. Have thought about going to the local grocery store parking lot in the evening once it shuts and running round that - at least it's lit, flat and they grit it if it gets icy :-)

  • I've only started the programme so I guess I've still the eagerness of the complete novice but I set my alarm for 5.15 and almost can't wait to get out of the bed, extremely (and I mean extremely) unlike me. I run along the beachfront and sections are dark, the rest has some illumination, it doesn't bother me though and I quite enjoy having the place almost to myself.

  • I run in my lunchbreaks. I'm lucky there's a shower at work! And it breaks up the working day quite nicely. When I'm feeling really keen I also park a bit further away and run into work in the mornings and back at the end of the day, but the streets are all well lit.

  • I run in the early morning. Go out just after 6 and run on local (well lit) pavements in our suburban area. I wear a high visability vest. Starting to recognise the early morning regulars who are dog walking, waiting for a bus or running (faster than me!)Sunday is a luxury run day as I don't go out until half seven and it is getting light. :-) Big advantage of running in the dark is that my beetroot red face is harder to see to the onlooker....

  • Yes Really struggling to fit in runs during the week. The dark and icy conditions put me off and I find it much harder to do 5k/30min on a treadmill. Will try to keep doing a run at the weekend and fit one on at some stage during the week. Just trying to keep things ticking over during the winter and get back to a more regular pattern in the spring.

  • I'm finding it hard too and had dropped down to two runs a week I've early morning (6am) during the week and the other on either Saturday or Sunday morning. This week due to a muscle strain and cold weather I've not been out at all since Saturday and do feel a bit naughty

  • Hi still running 3 times a week unless there is ice or snow. Started running in the evenings at the moment as there is frost every morning here for a week now.

  • I'm lucky enough to be able to run in the day. Usually get out mid morning.

    In the summer it will have to be early as I'm no good in heat (if we get any).

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