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Week 4 run 1 made it (Alice Cooper saved the day ) πŸ˜ƒ

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Dreaded staring this run as I had found the 3 minutes of last week quite gruelling, so the thought of 5 minutes was incomprehensible !! The first run of five minutes was hard , I don’t feel particularly out of breath, but my calves really ache , but the second 5 minute run which seemed to appear way too quickly after a 3 minutes run was proving tricky until Alice Cooper Schools Out came on my Classic Rock Work Out Playlist (its my age πŸ™„) and suddenly I could do it !! So god bless Alice !

I was so pleased with myself and more optimistic that I can continue, I keep feeling that somehow I will get found out that I can’t really run and all these previous ones have been flukes , anyone else feel like this , or am I the only crank here πŸ€”

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I start week 4 next week, so is it 5mins then 3mins then 5mins?? gulp!! :)

Kazzey in reply to JGalv

Yes I didn’t know until I started, I prefer not to look ahead , but just go for it , you will survive !

JGalvGraduate in reply to Kazzey

I have not looked ahead up to now, but I knew it would be a bit of a jump up but i am loving it up to now :)


We are all mostly a bit loopy, but so awesome... Keep going take it steady and enjoy :)

Amazing what a bit of music can do for you - rock for you, disco for me (it's my age!), puts a spring in your step! 😁

Yeah Alice Cooper! I have to admit to Billy Idol and Madness to help me run my best... with a bit of Bon Jovi and Lilly Allen thrown in. And then ABBA. I might have to add in Alice Cooper too! Keep going, you are doing great!

Music motivates me to keep going too. . . My playlist is mainly 80's synth/electro - OMD, Human League, ABC... I don't have a run buddy to chat to so I sing along with Andy, Phil and Martin instead ( but onlywhen there's no-one around to hear) 😊


Awesome work! I don't think I could do it without music! I have an odd mix but mostly Elvis and MadonnaπŸŽΆπŸŽ§πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸŒž

I just completed week 5 run 3 which jumps to 20mins from 8!! I thought it was a complete fluke that I’d completed any run up to that point. But as Sarah Millican days to me, your body can now run, it’s just pushing your mind to believe you can !


I have just started week 4 as well, and found it hard . I need to change my music to keep me going


Good old Alice!! What a fab track to complete your run too, big fan of the Coop here (yeah an age thing). My next run is run 3 of week 8 and I still wonder how I got here haha. Helps if you're a bit nuts maybe?

Kazzey in reply to Mand102

Definitely xx


Well done Kazzey, like you I’m week 4, run 2 on Monday. I was exactly the same as you, first 5 minutes were a killer but somehow my last 5 minutes were my strongest. It’s Queen all the way for me! X😊

My go to song is Home again from The Greatest Showman soundtrack - 90seconds in it picks up and so do I!

Used the song on my last three runs - I’m now on W5R2

The music really helps. Some tunes just make you want to run and jump. Funny it was Alice the most unhealthy looking dude on the planet!. I'm still listening to Laura's podcast one of the first that came out. I don't know half the tunes as she is about half my age but they do the trick still. It really does feel weird progressing week by week and yes you do feel that it's not really you doing it. But happily it is. I've been stuck around week 7 and 8 for some months due to various factors stopping me completing. But the fact that I can go out and run continuously for 20 to 25 minutes without actually keeling over is a joy. So if you are able to keep going it won't be long before you will be doing the same and more. I tend to run a bit too fast get knackered and then have to slow down but I have learnt to temper this and can keep running instead of slowing to a complete halt. But a few weeks ago I had to go back to walking /running and that felt really good too. And it didn't take more than a couple of those to get back to running continously again. So hear' s to you and Alice from an arthritic, overweight, 58 old who goes a Deep Purple when it s slightly warm.

Kazzey in reply to Downtwo

Wow I am the same age as you , so hearing you talk about running for 20 to 25 minutes is very inspiring indeed πŸ‘


I have done this programme several times now and always found the 5 minute runs hard, weirdly when the 8 minute ones start, I find the last 3 minutes easier than the first 5. Doing 3 lots of 5 minutes seems huge but amazingly manageable. I walked for an extra 8 minutes this morning so I could start running (slowly) downhill which helped enormously and gave me the confidence to keep going. Now I have to plot the next session (wk5 run 2) to avoid any of the first 8 minutes involving any kind of upward slope, after that I know I will be OK.

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