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Week 4, Run 1

I completed my first run of week 4 last night and boy was it hard.  I really don’t know how I managed it all to be honest.  I had to run after work due to the bad weather yesterday morning.

The first 3 minutes were.... ok.  The next 5 minutes were hell. The second 3 minutes were better than the first. It was the last 5 minutes that were an absolute killer.  When Laura told me to finally stop, I almost cried.  I tried to focus on my breathing during each interval in order to take my mind off how much I wanted to stop. It was definitely mind over matter.

I was a lot more conscious of other people being around than when I run in the morning, which I didn’t really like.

I don’t know if it was running in the evening, but I slept like a baby last night! My knees have been a little sore today when walking up stairs; I’m hoping that the rest day will help this.

I‘m still in shock today that I did it!  I just have to do it again now (twice!) I just hope it gets easier :-)

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Well done on completing your run even though you wanted to stop.

I know what you mean, I find running in the morning better and you see far less people. I think the air maybe clearer and it s often cooler in the morning, also I find running on an empty stomach easier too.

Good luck with your next run, I'm sure it will be better. Remember you can slow down a bit, better to run a little slower and finish :-)


Week 6 gets all the bad press around here - and having just finished it I know why! - but week 4 is also a tough one and many here have said the same thing. The interval step ups are pretty big and it's all about pacing. It's easier to run 90 secs at a good pace, but when you try to apply the same pace to 3 and especially 5 minute intervals you're looking for trouble. The biggest lesson I learned on week 4 was slow down and pace yourself better. I got it sussed by run 3 and then it was much easier. Good luck :)


Bless your heart! Each week is challenging for various reasons and week 4 is really stepping up the game. There is no fear of going to slow...go as slow as you need to finish each run. You are building stamina now...speed will come later. I sympathize with you about seeing others. I am very self conscience and just know they are wondering what the heck I'm doing...NOT! They could care less about me! I also realized, when they see me huffing and puffing, they don't know if I've been running 2 minutes or 2 miles. ;-) Hopefully the next two runs will be better!


Well done Clare for staying with it and not giving in. Week 4 is horrible, I hated it. However, once you get through it you will have moved to the next phase. I can't really explain it but for me week 4 felt like the initiation week, get through it and you're into the serious stuff which is not as bad (so far).

Another way to explain it. I once heard it said that A levels were the hardest exams you'd ever sit because they are the gateway to University. Prove you're good enough and you can go on to your degree. In my mind week 4 are your A levels to graduation (or am I just talking rubbish ?).


Thanks for the comments, I have my second run of the week tonight. This rain is starting to get on my nerves as it means I can't run in the mornings. Running is becoming a little addictive, if I can't run as I had planned I start to get really annoyed.

I'm determined to get my second run in tonight... wish me luck!


At least you got through it which is more than I did. But R2 and R3 were so much better. You will find it much easier than you thought.


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