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Week 4 day 1 - done!!

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I managed it!!! I was so nervous when starring my run that I wouldn't be able to manage such an increase in running and a decrease in walking, but I actually managed all of my five minutes running.

I had to run in a different place to normal with no inclines and found it a lot easier! Back to running in the normal place from now onwards though so hopefully I can still manage the five minutes with the inclines.

I had a little bit of a problem with the app this time though, my last five minutes running started off great, then after a while I wondered why Laura wasn't talking to me, I thought she would tell me when I was halfway through etc, I ended up looking and I must have muted her somehow because I was into my walking time so had actually run for longer than the 5 minutes!!

I went running with my mum this time and it was so so lovely to run with someone else, I enjoyed it more! I'm really starting to enjoy the running - quite addictive isn't it!!

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Well done ! You are doing well ! Its amazing when you stsrt running how even the slightest incline hurts ! Good luck for the rest of the week

Thank you :)

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Well done ! Keep going , youre doing great !

How fab is that, running with your Mum ! :-) xxx

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Anewrunner in reply to poppypug

So great! She is fantastic to run with as she just stays at whatever pace I am going and chatters away which takes my mind off the pain haha! Unfortunately she lives 100 miles away so not a permanent running partner at the mo! Xx

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Anewrunner

Brilliant ! Aw thats a shame she lives so far away xxx

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Well done, that's great! I also had many problems with the app and in the end had to abandon it in favour of the zenlabs app which is broadly similar to c25k (but with some differences). So if you continue to have problems with Laura check it out :)

and you're so right, running can become so addictive! I was allergic to exercise all of my life until I started c25k and now I can't get enough!

Thank you, amazing how it can change so much! X

Well done you!!! Keep going... I just done week 5 and feel the addiction too!!!

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Well done! Yes, Laura went to sleep for me a few times too. It had something to do with my phone not being active, i.e. whenever I left it alone without swiping away the lock screen or doing something, it would eventually put Laura into standby. If it gets too irritating, you may want to switch to the podcasts, although once I got the last few weeks with the longer uninterrupted runs, I just read the instructions and then timed myself on a watch. Good luck moving on through the programme!

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Anewrunner in reply to dagshar

Didn't think about downloading the podcasts - thank you!!

Well done :D I start week 4 day 1 tonight and I am so nervous! Good luck for the rest of the runs and keep going!!

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runaway in reply to VikxMasha

I start week 4 tomorrow and still struggle with 3 minutes so trying to stay positive about running for 5! Good luck I'll be right behind you

Just done the first of week 4 as well, yippee we can run 5 minutes! Continually amazed by this program 😊

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