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Week 4, Run 1

Chilly evening, but thankfully dry by the time I got outdoors. I expected the 3 then 5 minute runs with reduced recovery time to be problematic, but weirdly I seemed to get on better than I did when I started week 3. Could it be I'm actually getting a wee bit fitter? Surely not :) My legs felt a bit heavy around two minutes into the final run, but, determined to never walk when I should be running I plodded on and made it to the end. 4.3k covered in 35 mins (I didn't turn off Nike+ until I got home so a little extra time was added.)

Amusingly (to me anyway), I found myself in conversation with Laura early on, it went something like this:

End of 90 second recovery after first 3 minute run:

Laura: "How are you feeling?"

Me: "Like crap"

Laura: "Hope you're feeling good because you've got a 5 minute run coming up"

Me: "Just let me die now"

Midway through that first 5 minute run:

Laura: "Well done, you've done 2 1/2 minutes and you're doing really well"


Maybe you had to be there :)

We reconciled soon after and I love her again.

Good luck all, Steve

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Well done, Laura know's best, you just have to accept that, and all will be well :D


Haha! :-P glad you and Laura have made up and well done you for having the grit to see the runs through :-)


That's so funny, Steve! I remember thinking similar things. I also accused her of stretching the time out - I was sure I'd done at least four minutes when she talked about half-way at 2 1/2 minutes! But I blessed her every time she said I could slow down!


Oh, I always talk to Laura - I thought everyone did? No?

I wonder how many people walking their dogs in the park think I'm talking to myself? Oops!


Love your conversation with Laura. I used to answer her back as well - it seems to give a lift when you really tell her what you think of her *lol*

Sounds like a great run. Well done!


LOL! I had a conversation that went very similar to that .. only shorter.

Laura: "just one more run to do"

Me: "oh f*ck off""

Needless to say, I did it anyway :)

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Laura and I have an understanding now, she knows I don't really mean it. And I always do what she tells me :)


Am with Zev,laura is always right :D well done and yeah strangely you are getting fitter :D


I replied the same way when she asked me how I was feeling today! Glad I'm not alone!


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