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Week 4 Run 1

So I had to force myself out today for my run, I just really really couldn't be bothered, the weather was lovely and I just felt like sitting on my butt!! Certainly did NOT want to run!! But I was strong and off I set, I contemplated whether to do my normal route backwards as that way I would be going downhill rather than up, however again I overcome this and decided it would be cheating so I went the right way!

I knew that this one contained two 5 minute runs, my head was saying "5 MINUTES, YOU MUST BE CRAZY YOU COULD NEVER DO THAT!!!" But my heart was saying, go slowly and give it a go, you managed 3 mins without needing an oxygen mask so why not 5?? I felt a little inadequate worrying about the 5 mins as some of you guys are way ahead of me but we all have to start somewhere.

Literally as soon as I had completed the warm up walk and started running, my attitude changed, I didn't hate it so much I could go as far as saying I even enjoyed it a little! As time goes on I feel more stable in my running, in week 1 I was struggling to stay upright and follow a straight line, I used to have to stare at the floor in order to stay balanced. Now I can run with my head held high looking in front of me rather than at the floor. This is a big improvement for me. Today I also felt like I got more into a rythm with my running rather than just struggling to place one foot in front of the other. I felt so much better when I returned home and was so pleased I went.

Roll on Week 4 Run 2.........

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Very well done!


yea well done you and how brave to go up hill! keep going:))


Great job. Definitely don't let yourself feel inadequate, you rock!!

All the best for w4r2.


Well done, I'm due to do w4r3 on Friday and I was kinda shocked that I could run for five mins not stopping...twice! Feeling a little bit of trepidation about week 5 but I so far so good will just take each run as it comes. Also know what you mean about having to go a particular route otherwise 'it's cheating'. I have a set route too but I think if it gets too tough I will change it in order to keep me running and I won't beat myself up about it. Better to run my route the wrong way than stay on the sofa. Anyhow keep up the great work!


Well done, sometimes you just need to give yourself a good talking to don't you?

I've really got the running bug now, I feel alive as I run. I'm starting week 6 tomorrow and hoping to carry on my running on holiday in Turkey next week. I shall be taking my running stuff!



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