Week 4 Run 1

Just completed my run and I really surprised myself. I started out with a headache and despite stretching before hand, my calves ached. The worst bit I felt was the first 3 minute run. The 5 minute one I kept wondering what to focus on so I didn’t think about the time. Before I knew it Laura had said “4 minutes up” and I was like, wow and I’m not in pain and I can still breathe :O

I think I had found some kind of rhythm by the last run that I felt like I could keep running (but didn’t)

Still despite all this, I had a sneak peak from the treadmill at the mirror and the first thought that crossed my mind was “you’re not running, you’re walking!” however despite appearances I know I was, my heart rate and calves are proof of exertion!

I’m still somewhat disbelieving that I did it. Also I’m realising the treadmill is mind numbing on the longer runs. I’ll go outside for the next one I think


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9 Replies

  • Outside's good, if a bit wet at times! My activity tracker keeps insisting I'm walking when I know I'm running! Well done for keeping going. Onwards and upwards!

  • Well done! But It's not good to stretch cold muscles before excercise, just limber up to get heart rate up, your warmup walk should be good enough, it's maybe why your calves are aching, so take it easy with that, but stretch afterwards..😊


  • Ahhhh whoops! Will keep that in mind for the next time :)

  • Outside is great, as many here will say. Don't think there's anything wrong with treadmill as a back up tho. A run is a run!

  • Well done, you're doing great!! SO excited that you might try outside! It seriously is the best thing and I haven't run on the treadmill since I first ventured out into the big wide world!

  • I hate the thought of a treadmill but have been offered the loan of one and think we may accept. At least if the weather is really foul I can get my running fix indoors. Come winter I may be able to face rain but not ice or snow. Read some of the posts from Oldfloss , that's enough to inspire anyone to venture outside 😀

  • Ice can be......fun.....different...but fun😉

  • Go out..the world is waiting...😏

    It can be scary..it can be wet, windy, cold,hot, humid ..any combination...but it is wonderful!!!!!

    So....stretch, flex..take a big breath...and go for it...I do not think you will regret it!☺

  • Yeay, Linaka, well done. So glad I saw your post, I did my Wk4R1 last night, I was dreading it, as I felt it was a real step up, but like you, it was easier than I thought. I'd echo the thought that running outside is better, even bad weather is interesting, the only weather I didn't like running in is the heat. My running is so slow too, but I think that's best. Have a good week running. Going to rest today.

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